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[[folder:Seasons 1-3]]
* {{kablammin45}}: Yes, I know that Timmy's parents are supposed to not care too terribly about Timmy, but (referring to the episode "Scary Godparents") giving away all of his most important stuff? [[DarthWiki/WallBanger That's stupid!]] That was one of those few times that I got a little [[GoshDarnItToHeck ticked off]] at Timmy's parents' negligence and stupidity. I mean, didn't they just used to be overworked and busy instead of [[TheDitz stupid]]? Especially jarring when compared to certain episodes like "Super Bike".
* fluffything: ''Fairly Oddparents'' is one of those shows that has moments that are terrible, but usually they're not downright offensive. I say usually because this is one of those downright offensive moments. Namely the (in)famous episode known as "Twistory". Why is it a DMOS and why is it offensive? Because it manages to insult two (Count em! Two!) countries at the same time. The episode basically boils down to Timmy wishing he could interview some of the Founding Fathers (In this case George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson) for his report on the American Revolution. It starts out funny enough (Though, Washington's obsession with chopping wood was nothing short of obnoxious), but it gets ugly when Timmy's wish changes history. And, here, folks, here is where we enter the DMOS zone. The alternate history Timmy accidentally creates is pretty much a world where the USA remains a British colony complete with stereotypical Cockney accents, bad hygiene, and no advancements in technology since the 1700s. Wow, I didn't even make this episode and I still want to go up to every British person in the world and go "I'm so sorry this episode exists". It's no wonder Nickelodeon rarely (if ever) airs it during reruns of the show.
* "Relaxing Teen": I've always loved the Fairly Odd Parents, but the worst episode I've ever seen was "The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker". It was the worst episode of Season 3 that I've ever seen. The first 7 minutes were painful and frightening to watch and Timmy goes back in time to make Crocker less evil and miserable, one time when Timmy goes back it shows how Crocker was humiliated in Dimmsdale college and it's also devoid of humor. But the worst part was when Timmy actually stops Crocker from being miserable for a while for turning off the microphones, but "stupid" Cosmo turns the microphones back on and reveals Crocker's secret to the whole town, and because of this, Jorgen wipes out Crocker's memory in a scene that is painful to watch and has no humor, then Crocker loses his fairies and Dimmsdale chases him "ForTheEvulz". What's worse, you say? Timmy tries to go back to yesterday, but Jorgen stops him with help from his 70's counterpart just because they think Timmy was meddling and [[UngratefulBastard banishes him to the present]]. This is my Dmos because Crocker's my favorite character and they treat him like a loser. This episode is horrible for anybody, no matter who's side you're on.
** Tropers/{{NTroper}}: Even worse, Crocker is also a [[{{Understatement}} fairly constant]] threat to the Fairy World, and successfully conquered the entire world once. Had Timmy been successful, not only Crocker would be happier, but the Fairy World would be also safe from one of it's hugest threats. And Jorgen thinks that was meddling? Now that's grasping the IdiotBall firmly.

[[folder:Seasons 4-5]]
* Tropers/MichaelJJ: "Just the Two of Us". It is the point where the show pretty much said "We're no longer going to care if these characters are likeable in favor of {{Flanderization}} and CharacterDerailment." Trixie's insane behavior is a far cry from the wonderful character development she got in ''The Boy Who Would be Queen,'' Timmy casually wishing everyone out of the universe was about as {{Jerkass}} as he got, and Cosmo's jarring switch from being clingy with Wanda to wanting to avoid her was just too painful to watch. Add to that the fact that FridgeLogic tells you the wish should have been impossible to grant (because it presumably involved killing people, which is against the rules), and you have got, without a doubt, the absolute low point of the series.
** {{Ecclytennysmithylove}}: I agree. Even worse, this episode looked like as if the writers were telling the viewers "Screw Timmy x Trixie! We like Timmy x Tootie better!"
* Tropers/{{Cliche}}: The episode "It's a Wishful Life". It consists of a plot full of ContrivedCoincidence towards an inverse DeusAngstMachina to show how everyone would have been better off if Timmy never existed, which, by extension, since Timmy is an audience proxy, basically encourages children's insecurities about how their parents would be better off without them. [[FamilyUnfriendlyAesop Yeah, that's a great message to send to kids, isn't it?]] This takes ThisLoserIsYou to a ridiculous extreme, but really, the person that penned this story is the one that really sucks.
** Tropers/{{dubledolix}}: Timmy tried to impress people and do good deeds for others and never gain appreciation for any of them.
* Kishou: "Nega-Timmy" has two for me. The Turners find out that they're the bad parents the Bad Parent Hunter is after (especially after they just gave Timmy a beaker of acid to play with and shoo him off just to watch the show), but instead of genuinely reforming as good parents, they become even more obnoxious. That's the first DMOS for me. This prompts Timmy to wish to do the opposite of what they want him to do. When they say "be good", he becomes evil, and is out to destroy Dimmsdale, or at least the powder factory and their way of life (which came out of nowhere). The second comes as Timmy's dad, excited at his laser, telling him to be "as evil as possible". It turns Timmy to normal. My problem? Since the wish makes him do the opposite, it means he has to be as good as possible. And his jerky, selfish, Aesop-forgetting, dimwitted self is the greatest amount of good he'll ever be. I understand it was a convenient way to fix the problem, but it just rubs me off the wrong way.
* Tropers/JohnnyNevada: "Timmy's 2D House of Horror" was pretty wretched for me. Not only did we get more of Cosmo bad-mouthing the idea of being married, but we get a heavy dose of Vicky's parents being more cowardly than [[ScoobyDoo Shaggy Rogers]] and afraid of their own daughter. Yes, Vicky's evil, but terrorizing her own parents seems pretty far removed from the earlier episodes (such as "Homewrecker", where she's concerned about getting in trouble with her parents after Timmy trashes her house). It also comes off as annoying versus funny...if push came to shove, I'd think two middle-aged adults could easily take on an annoying skinny teenage girl, Vicky's use of weapons or not. Adults have easily beaten Vicky up before in the series... see the ending of "Miss Dimmsdale".
* ilovedededeAGAIN: "Fairy Idol". It's the one of the only episodes on the show (among others) I can't bear to watch. Norm the Genie returns and sets up a plan to get rid of Timmy's godparents - by first showing up at Chester's house to make the wish of Chester hanging out with Timmy, then create a Timmy clone that harasses his godparents to the point where they quit, and a special episode of "Fairy Idol" is held to see who will replace them (evil or not). Among all the other contestants (including a Japanese fairy and a bunch of Pixies) is Norm who becomes the winner and gets to be Chester's fairy godparent. Meanwhile, the real Timmy attempts to get o Fairy World to get Cosmo and Wanda back - and after roughly 20 minutes he finds them in the hospital and cries about it, prompting Cosmo and Wanda to forgive him. Unfortunately, now that they quit, they can't return to Timmy, so what happens next? Chester wishes Norm to be with Timmy, and Timmy tries to wish his original godparents back - before Norm quits being Timmy's godparent and being a fairy, which ruins all hope of Cosmo and Wanda returning to Timmy. And for the climax, we get the lamest excuse for a climax possible: instead of some miracle happening, Chester simply uses his last genie wish to revert everything back to normal before the lamp was discovered, and Cosmo and Wanda are back to being Timmy's godparents (of course, Timmy still remembers the outcome and gives his godparents the day off), and that's the end of the episode. This episode is probably the worst episode in the series, even worse than other entries such as ''It's a Wishful Life'', because of it's unbearable plotline, terrible outcomes, and one of the most ridiculous and lamest excuses for a climax I've ever seen for an episode. Also, when Norm was a fairy, why didn't he destroy Canada using his new fairy powers? Like, seriously? Wasn't that what he wanted to do in "Genie Meanie Minie Mo"? Yes it was! Too bad poor Norm misses his chance on getting even with Canada before he quit being a fairy. And this was before Season 6! Shape up, FOP writers!

[[folder:Seasons 6-7]]
* Tropers/anoni: To be honest one sign that this show has overstayed it's welcome is "Open Wide and Say Ahhh!". Basically, Timmy has to get his tonsils removed. For the mandatory conflict, Vicky is the doctor operating on him. Instead of a Tonsilectomy, he's getting a ''Twerp-ectomy'', which apparently not only removes his tonsils, but his will to live! That's right! Vicky plans to perform a surgery on Timmy that will kill him. Timmy's parent, even dumber than usual, sign him up for it because it will give them 5 nights in Hawaii. Have fun mourning your dead kid in Hawaii. There's also the fact that what kind of hospital will allow such a procedure to be performed? By the way, remember when Vicky's best weapon was blackmail and actually became concerned if something may have happened to the kids she babysat, just so she wouldn't get in trouble? The writers don't.
* [=TotalDramaRox97=] In "Hair-icane", Timmy's dad reached new levels of mistreatment. He tries to get Timmy's hair with a chainsaw. And at one point he said Timmy's hair shouldn't be unlaughable. So he's basically saying he wants his own son to be laughed at.
* ading: Originally, I posted "It's A Wishful Life" as my DMOS, but then I remembered the episode that convinced me the show really had jumped the shark: "Vicky Gets Fired". Timmy's parents fire Vicky, which would have been interesting, but it was done in an incredibly stupid way. They see a video of Vicky torturing Timmy, and what do they do? Completely ignore it, until they see Vicky erasing a tape they wanted to watch. Just... why? What happened to this show?
* [=IAmATropist=]: My DMOS would have to be the TV movie "Fairly [=OddBaby=]". For starters, almost all of the humor comes from OverlyLongGag[=s=] such as "Too much [[Music/TheBeeGees Bee Gees]]", "It has that new baby smell", and Cosmo barfing on Timmy that weren't funny in the first place. Then, we have [[DudeNotFunny Cosmo and Timmy's dad forgetting Timmy's name]] and calling him Tommy just to add ''another'' OverlyLongGag. However, the biggest problem is that it ([[CaptainObvious obviously]]) introduces [[CousinOliver Poof]], who began to [[SpotlightStealingSquad steal a lot of]] [[TheProtagonist Timmy's]] screentime, to the point of having an 11-minute short ("Spellementary School") and a 22-minute special ("Love Triangle") ''starring him'' and having Timmy appear for about 2 minutes in each. Add in the possibilty of those two episodes becoming BackdoorPilot[=s=] for a spinoff all about Poof, and I just FacePalm. Season 5 had quite a few bad episodes, but I consider this movie to be where the show [[JumpTheShark jumped the shark.]]
* DarthWiki/{{Baronobeefdip}}: "Take and Fake". Why? Because Crocker is thrown what may be the most [[DarthWiki/WallBanger wall-banger]] inducing IdiotBall in the series. Long story short, Crocker (in a fairy costume, no surprise there) criticizes Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof ([[ForHalloweenIAmGoingAsMyself dressed as themselves]]) on their so-called "fairy costumes". Uh, Crocker, shouldn't you of all people know what a fairy looks like? Furthermore, why isn't it that he recognizes Poof especially. In the earlier episode "Bad Heir Day", Crocker had formed a close bond with Poof and is well-aware that Poof is a fairy (and is perhaps the only fairy he genuinely cares for) and that Cosmo and Wanda are Poof's parents. Psst... Earth to Crocker, [[strike:Denzel Jr.]] [[strike:DJ]] Poof is floating right in front of you.
** Tropers/{{stewyworks333}}: What was just as bad as blowing a once heartwarming moment with Crocker, was the treatment of the LoveTriangle between Timmy, Trixie and Tootie. Basically, Timmy wishes that Tootie was gone, thus sending her flying away ([[FridgeHorror to likely land painfully on the ground]]), while he awaits to see [[AlphaBitch Trixie]], who sends him off in a similar way. How does Timmy respond? He's still in love with her. It's like the writer (who is [[SarcasmMode surprisingly]] the same writer of "Squirrely Puffs" and "Lights Out".) is really dedicated to [[ShipSinking sinking the Timmy/Tootie ship.]]
* Tropers/MadMan400096: For me, the aforementioned "Lights Out" was where the show [[{{Pun}} went dark]] for me. Basically, Timmy ends up getting annoyed by Poof's need for a night light (which was pretty justified because of the solution-using a very bright night light), so he wishes for eight hours of complete darkness. The result? Cosmo and Wanda turn into man-eating monsters, Tootie provides yet another reason for me to hate {{Shipping}} in general, let alone the Timmy X Tootie ship, Timmy's parents being their usual retarded selves at the usual expense of Timmy, and lots of "[[AmusingInjuries Amusing]]" [[AmusingInjuries Injuries]]. Basically, [[SadistShow eleven minutes of torture for poor Timmy]]. But what really cements it as a [=DMoS=] for me is when Cosmo and Wanda revealed they set everything up just to make Timmy feel bad about complaining about trying to scare Poof. ...[[BigWhat What]]!? You mean to tell me that they'd torture their own godchild, just to get teach them a lesson!? Even though all he did was ask for it not to be so bright!? This nearly ruined the show for me, and that's a shame, because the creator is also involved with [[WesternAnimation/TuffPuppy a far superior series]].
* Animeking1108: I know "Bad Heir Day" is considered one of the [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments better episodes]], but Timmy's [[TheChewToy Chew Toy]] status made [[WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants Squidward Tentacles look like]] [=SpongeBob=]. After Poof went missing, Timmy went through hell and back to find him. Even though it was clear that Timmy had been through hell and was remorseful, Cosmo and Wanda didn't think Timmy suffered enough, so they [[CrossesTheLineTwice poofed Timmy to the Crocodile pit]]. There's being a PapaWolf[=/=]MamaBear, and then there's being an unforgiving [[AbusiveParents Abusive Godparents]].
* Kereea: "Crocker Shocker", the episode where Crocker is cured of his fairy obsession. You'd think it could make for an okay plot, maybe with Timmy getting reckless without Crocker being so suspicious and maybe someone else getting crazy instead and Timmy going back in time to undo all of it or something, but instead the plot is thus: Fairy World is now powered by belief in fairies. That's all well and good, several episodes and specials have shown there are thousands of godkids out there all over the world. Except for some reason, Crocker, just Crocker not believing shuts down all of Fairy World's energy. And the only way to fix things is to turn Crocker back into his miserable, fairy -obsessed self. Fairy World is literally [[PoweredByAForsakenChild Powered By A Forsaken Former Godkid]]. None of those other godkids, not Timmy, the kids from wishing boot camp, Remy, or any of the other godkid cameos matter. If Crocker is not obsessive about fairies, Fairy World is doomed.

[[folder:Seasons 8-9]]
* Supernintendo128: "Fairly Oddpet" (AKA Fairly Odd Puppy). Timmy wants a pet because everyone else in Dimsdale has one. So his fairies poof him to the fairy pet store where he adopts a fairy dog named Sparky. The second day he has him, he starts causing trouble and Timmy forgets to sprinkle him with magic flea powder and the fleas start biting the citizens (except Timmy), turning them into dogs. Timmy cures everyone using the flea powder by spreading it through the town with a crop duster. [[WhatTheHellHero But Sparky took the last parachute to "test it"]] when Timmy loses control of the plane but luckily lands in a pool. He then decides to give up Sparky which makes him decide to run away. But then, [[PlotHole for whatever reason]], the dam decides to burst which is in Timmy's backyard. Sparky, wanting to say goodbye in song, is in the backyard where the dam bursts, floods the town, and kills Sparky. Just kidding, [[{{Immortality}} fairy dogs can't die.]] Timmy decides to keep Sparky and wishes the town back to normal, the end. First, the story has PlotHoles. Why does the dam want to burst? And did you know that Sparky's previous owners left him? What do his old owners have in common? [[PunctuatedForEmphasis They're! All! Human! Adults!]] How did they adopt him!? Second, all this episode did is add another character this show doesn't need. These people must be desperate because this isn't the first time they done this. Fairly [=OddBaby=] was better then this. This, however, was just 30 minutes of stupidity!
** SaiyanWarrior006: Seconded. Ugh, this was bad. They might as well just named the mutt Scrappy. Just lay the show to rest already, it's lost all its charm and humor.
** hyp3210n: Third. Calling him Scrappy would be [[InsultToRocks an insult to]] [[TheScrappy Scrappy]]. At least Scrappy isn't completely retarded, just stupidly over-confident. Sure DogsAreDumb, but Sparky just is so retarded. He even makes Cosmo [[UpToEleven act stupider]] when he is around.
** LadyScarlet: Fourthed. Did you know if you rearrange the letters in Sparky, you get Skrapy, which is an odd way to spell Scrappy? This cannot be a coincidence.
* Mineburst: I would pick "Force of Nature". While the episode itself had a good message, there's just one thing about it I don't like: They've completely ruined Crocker. You all know Mr. Crocker to spaz out at the slightest sign of fairy magic, but this episode screws it beyond belief. You see him spying on Timmy with very obvious signs of magic, yet he thinks that's normal. The next thing you know, he thinks average stuff (like a candy bar with both chocolate and peanut butter) are signs of FAIRY GOD PARENTS! How could Butch Hartman have gotten this wrong?