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-> ''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis "THIS! ISN'T! FUNNY!"]]''
-->-- '''Leonidas,''' ''during a Film/ThreeHundred sketch.''

Considering that ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken'''s a show that bases its results on many random sketches that can last from a few seconds to a few minutes, you're more likely to find a sketch or two that you didn't like on an episode that you pretty much enjoyed otherwise. With that in mind, is there any reason why those moments of suck are the definition of the trope AndThatsTerrible?

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* Tropers/DonEast: The final skit of the episode ''Kramer Vs. Showgirls'' was another follow-up to Michael Moore's "where are they now" skit. This one was about 90's cartoons and boy does it feel like they have something against the decade. ShallowParody doesn't even begin to describe the scene with ''WesternAnimation/{{Daria}}'', the ''WesternAnimation/PinkyAndTheBrain'' part was disgusting beyond words. But the thing that pushed me into writing this entry is what they did to ''WesternAnimation/DarkwingDuck''. Long story short, financial issues force DW to sell his body to a Chinese restaurant (just roll with it) and gets cooked in an oven alive, and on top of that this all happened in front of his daughter, Gosalyn. If that wasn't enough, at the end of the sketch, Michael Moore and Gosalyn were at said restaurant and the cook served them the now cooked Darkwing, with his head still attached. It then gets chopped off in a gag that they ripped off wholesale from ''Film/AChristmasStory''. You know what? Fuck you, ''Robot Chicken'' writers. You don't mess with a man's childhood like that. This is one of the worst skits in the history of the show and that's saying something!
** @/SuperSaiyaMan: It's because the ''Robot Chicken'' writers grew up with 80's toons, and hold them up with reverence and respect (hence why they give good satire on them). However, by the 90's they had grown out of cartoons and despite the quality of the stories and animation, they thought they were kid stuff. They thought that we who grew up in the 90's would feel the same way; hence instead of making good satire of the 90's toons like they do with the 80's, they do spiteful crap.
** Tropers/{{fairygirl567}}: The jab they took at Daria was really uncalled for especially when they started out by calling her gross and then depicted her as an overweight man because she decided to get a sex change, then having Micheal Moore puke after hearing her explain why she decided to do it. Daria wasn't the most attractive character, but she didn't need to be because she was known for her wit, sarcastic tone and dark outlook, but she continued to go about her life. They've made jabs at other 90s and 80s characters, which they've done well at, but this just felt way too mean-spiriuted and unfunny.
%%Somewhat ironically, those who grew up around this period and don Nostalgia Filters may think the same of 2000's cartoons... and then mock them, causing those who grew up on those cartoons to be offended like those HERE! - BlueGuy
** Tropers/TheZMage: While the show has always been a bit dark, the entire episode ''Kramer Vs. Showgirls'' was nothing but unfunny mean-spirited joke after unfunny mean-spirited joke. In addition to the "where are they now" segment mentioned above, we have ComicStrip/{{Garfield}} dying from diabetes (too much lasagna), and [[WesternAnimation/ToyStory Buzz Lightyear]] being scalped and turned into a bong, followed by Woody smothering him to death. All of these sketches could have been funny with a GoryDiscretionShot (like the Chinese restaurant jokes in a previous "where are they now" sketch, which ended with Snarf being pulled through a door) or just flat out making the entire sketch shorter.
** Tropers/{{Dsneybuf}}: This troper couldn't stand the Where Are They Now sketch of the episode because of the inclusion of Mesogog. Apparently, someone writing the sketch knew the Franchise/PowerRangers had more than two villains over the years, and yet didn't know that Mesogog fought the Rangers in ''[[Series/PowerRangersDinoThunder 2004]]!'' A real grown-up '90s kid no doubt scratched their head at the inclusion of a villain they had never heard about. I don't consider myself a big fan of ''Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers'', but I can't help but wonder how much of the target audience became displeased after failing to see Lord Zedd (admittedly, one of my favorite villains of '90s TV) in an ''MMPR''-related sketch.
* {{@/bobdrantz}}: There's a May/June 2011 episode with a particularly awful scene between Franchise/{{Batman}} and SelfDemonstrating/TheJoker. It starts out decent enough with The Joker pointing out how Batman's code of honor to never kill his enemies works to his advantage and then Batman somehow convincing the courts to put The Joker on death row. They could've ended the skit right there and it would've been hilarious for its dark irony. Instead, they go for this absolutely [[FamilyUnfriendlyViolence gruesome]] [[FamilyUnfriendlyDeath death]] scene where we see The Joker's [[NauseaFuel flesh slowly melt off of his face and his eyeballs explode]] until his head explodes completely. And, the joke Batman and Commissioner Gordon share at the end makes no sense at all. How do you go from a relatively funny skit to something as over-the-top, unfunny, and disgusting as this? Hmm? How, ''Robot Chicken'', how?
** Tropers/Bedrockperson Just to add some clarity that joke at the end is about how Batman and Gordon removed parts of a wet sponge from the electric chair. You see, the wet sponge is used to conduct a bolt straight to the brain and make a quick and painless death. Without it...well yeah. This.
*** Tropers/{{Ironballs16}} - this is also a ShoutOut to ''Literature/TheGreenMile'', [[https://youtu.be/7s9RYLabxCg where an inmate meets a similar end]] when Percy, the TokenEvilTeammate of the guards, "[[BlatantLies forgets]]" to dampen the sponge, and they ''have'' to go through with the execution because stopping before the inmate is dead would have violated laws against cruel & unusual punishment.
* {{@/fluffything}}: The {{Oprah}} parody sketch is one of those moments that starts off hilarious and then turns into a huge DMOS right at the end. To elaborate, the sketch starts off with Oprah filling people's wishes from giving some guy a sandwich to giving away free cars to raising the dead so they can see their loved ones one last time. That in and itself could've been hilarious. But, nope. Instead the sketch ends with a little girl asking if Oprah could help make "her daddy stop hitting her mom" and Oprah just stares awkwardly. Hey, uh, writers at ''Robot Chicken''? Here's a little tip. [[DudeNotFunny Domestic abuse is not funny!]] Look, ''Robot Chicken'' has gone downhill over the past few seasons with so many terrible gross-out and downright mean-spirited jokes. But, to me, the lowest they've gone is thinking that a joke about a child witnessing domestic abuse is funny.
* Tropers/CrazyLuigi: Well, while we're on the subject of sketches from ''Robot Chicken'' that we hate, I might as well add my two cents on the 60's Series/{{Batman}} sketch with monkeys. While I didn't mind it for the most part, there were two scenes in particular that made me want to throw up due to how [[PrecisionFStrike fucked up]] they are. The first was where the hostage monkeys try to call on Monkey Batman and Monkey Robin to stop Monkey Joker from robbing a bank or whatever. (I realize how repetitive saying "Monkey *dadada*" is, so from here on out, I'm referring to these characters as "M. *dadada*".) While M. Batman goes off to save the day, M. Robin... just stays and urinates and then [[DudeNotFunny drink his own urine!]] The second scene comes at the very end, where M. Batman puts M. Joker in prison. M. Batman "scolds" M. Joker for what he did, M. Joker throws his feces at M. Batman... and then M. Batman [[CrossesTheLineTwice eats said feces and enjoys it!!]] Whenever those nasty scenes show up, I usually just turn my head away from those two scenes and probably drown out the sounds from them.
* @/{{kablammin45}}: [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Yoshi]] stumbling upon [[Franchise/ResidentEvil Raccoon City]] and being shredded and eaten by zombies caused this troper to not ever watch the show again.
** Tropers/SpongePore: My gosh, yes. I've never really liked any of the sketches involving Mario, but this in particular was extremely scarring for me.
** @/{{Thepenguinking2}}: I'll gladly third that. I get that they were trying to be creepy there, and while they did a good job, it was too good of one at that. Especially since I had the displeasure of seeing the event at age 9...
** eCockpit89: Creator/SethGreen must have some irrational hatred of the Mario franchise, because all of the sketches involving it suck. The one that made me swear off the show for good, however, was the most recent one, called "Mario Party". The only good thing in it was the fact that Mario and Luigi didn't get brutally murdered at the end. But the reason it sucks so badly? It's not the sketch itself, which was just as unfunny as any other Mario sketch on the show. It's because they use a lot of toys of the Mario characters that I know for a fact are fake. [[ShoddyKnockoffProduct Counterfeit toys]] on ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken''. What. The. Fuck. I'd expect this sort of thing from WebVideo/TheIrateGamer, not someone who claims to be a lover of action figures and has an actual TV show. Y'know what, Creator/SethGreen? You can go take all those fake products you bought for this, and shove them all where the sun don't shine!
* Tropers/DynamiteXI: The ''[[Creator/FoodNetwork Unwrapped]]'' parody featuring the origin of the ice cream sundae. The entire sketch was just one guy talking bad about Christians, and that's it! It was just another bigoted rant about Christians, which isn't surprising given that Creator/SethGreen is also a voice actor on the equally bigoted ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy''. What's worse is that they actually got Marc Summers himself to lend his voice to this travesty. Focus on amusing deconstructions, ''Robot Chicken''! Drop the meanspiritedness!
** Tropers/KrazyTVWatcher: After looking at that sketch, I agree with you. If anything, the writers of this sketch tried way too hard to be funny, yet I can already feel that this sketch evoked a lot of negative reactions out of Christians in the world today. This is one of the Christianity-related sketches I hate on ''Robot Chicken''.
* Tropers/TheDogSage: The "Potter, You Fool" skit from the ''Some Like It Hitman'' episode pretty much embodies all of these. A potentially funny skit ruined by unnecessary {{gorn}} (Neville's hand transforming into a monkey head that mauls him and Ron's teeth shooting from his gums/head exploding), lack of care (Hermione and Harry moving to America to go to a public school), and not doing the research (Hermione being cyber-bullied on Website/{{Facebook}}, even though Website/{{Facebook}} didn't exist in the early-mid 1990s when the Literature/HarryPotter books take place), and DudeNotFunny (Hermione commits suicide due to the aforementioned cyber-bullying.)
* @/AlexSora89: Definitely the "Toy Story 4" sketch, that is, without a doubt, the worst sketch to ever come from the show[[note]](tasteless BlackComedy jokes that are offensive towards serious topics aside)[[/note]], which is saying something. Basically, Andy comes back home with a girlfriend, and has sex with her in his bedroom. The toys being horrified by that would have been more than enough[[note]] (as a webcomic, GG Guys, previously used a [[ADateWithRosiePalms similar]] joke earlier and ended it on a [[http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs50/f/2009/320/9/b/GGguys_66_Toy_Story_3_by_supadave_3.jpg somewhat more classy note)]][[/note]], but no, Creator/SethGreen felt obligated to go further beyond that (much like the Joker's execution sketch could have ended in court as well), and had Andy turn Buzz into [[TheStoner a makeshift bong]]. Sounds fun? No, the sketch had to have Buzz brain-damaged-beyond-repair as a result. The sketch ends with Woody putting Buzz out of his misery. It'd be a TearJerker, if only the sketch didn't have the same "ha ha, we raped your childhood!" feel every sketch seems to be mandated to have. Not to mention that Andy's [[CharacterDerailment utter disregard towards his toys]] (yeah, gettin' laid is one thing, but doesn't justify kicking Slinky [[KickTheDog - heh -]] aside) due to him being a grown-up has been portrayed far more realistically in the movie, since, if the writers [[ShallowParody actually gave a damn about the movie]] without [[ExaggeratedTrope exaggerating the whole "grown-up" thing]], they could have noticed, you know, Andy being mad at his mom for mistakenly giving away his toys even while he's going to leave for college. This is offensive to the people who enjoyed ''Toy Story 3'', and to those who noticed the UnfortunateImplications about how a real-life brain damaged person supposedly has to be euthanized. Combine the two, and you almost feel the need to start a petition for the show's cancellation. Thankfully, thanks to the ending of the actual ''Toy Story 3'', this skit [[CanonDiscontinuity makes no fucking sense]] (and even then, Seth Green, [[{{Hypocrite}} the self-appointed "lover of action figures"]], should know a whole lot better), and this soften things a bit.
** Tropers/DeepC: [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking It doesn't help that Cracked did it]] [[http://www.cracked.com/video_18191_toy-story-4-andys-freshman-year-college.html better]].
* {{Disney23}}: A skit from ''Book of Corrine'' where a MadScientist creates a robot that comes to life and is happy that he's alive. He goes skipping through town causing destruction and death along the way and this is where the bad part comes in. He finds a adorable little poodle barking at him and he [[AndCallHimGeorge tries to hug it and squeeze it,]] [[NauseaFuel causing blood and black goo]] [[{{Squick}} to come out of it.]] And to think this was in the same episode with one of my favorite sketches ([[Series/SesameStreet Big Bird]] getting the bird flu).
* Tropers/{{Philipnova798}}: The skit that got me was season three's "The Sad Fate of Soundwave". While I will at least commend them for bringing back the original actor for both Soundwave and Megatron, the whole skit is pretty much "He transforms into an outdated piece of technology, let's make fun of it!" Add in both, a pointless testicle joke and bringing up the "[[FanDumb Rumble is Red]]" argument and killing him, and this becomes a slap to the face for ''anyone'' who likes Soundwave. Even Creator/MichaelBay treated the character with more dignity, and we all know what [[Film/TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen happened with that]], don't we?
* Tropers/{{JamesShade}}: Dear god, the season five sketch where the pizza shop is closing down. The guy gets the very last pizza, and then when he accidentally drops it in the street and leaves it, two homeless bums show up and fight over it. The really bad part is where one of the bums takes a "If I can't have it, no one else can" approach and takes a dump all over it. All of this in full view of the owner of the pizzeria and his granddaughter, with a narrator then coming out of nowhere and saying "The old man later died" for no fucking reason whatsoever. Talk about combining heartbreak and ToiletHumor in the worst way possible.
* Tropers/{{Silvermoon424}}: Recently, in the season 6 premiere, there was a skit that was a very obvious TakeThat aimed at vegetarians; the plot is convoluted but says vegetarians are only vegetarians because it makes them feel different and special. Although I'm not a vegetarian now, I know several and I was a vegetarian myself for a while. I wouldn't have minded if it weren't so completely hamfisted and obvious.
* Tropers/{{Leofan93}}: There are many bits that I consider to be a DMOS, most of them having animal abuse. (Really? Weasel Stomping Day?) But the one I consider to be the worst is from Season 3's ''More Blood, More Chocolate''. It starts with this kitten who curls up next to this guy sleeping on the couch. [[NightmareFuel Then the man rolls over and squishes the kitten with a large splatter of blood.]] That's it, next sketch. Is that funny? No! I was scared to sleep with my cat for weeks because of that! Guess what, Seth? Animal cruelty isn't funny!
* Animeking1108: The musical for ''[[VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIV The Ballad of Gay Tony]]'', which points out gay video game characters. For starters, putting PacMan on the list because "he eats balls" was really juvenile. Then there was putting [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII Cloud Strife]] on there because of the cross-dressing mission. This comes off as a CriticalResearchFailure because: 1. Cloud only did it because he wanted to rescue Tifa (his love interest, BTW). 2. It wasn't even Cloud's idea. It was Aerith's. He was against it.
** SuperSaiyaMan: Its even worse considering that they go straight into the Gay Stereotypes in the 'musical'. Is it just me or are shows and writers trying to show 'gay support' don't even know how to portray them in the first place?
** Ninetails2000: As a gay gamer, I found the Ballad Of Gay Tony musical to be [[SoBadItsGood hilariously bad]] with only one of the participants past Tony (Zangief) even being under suspicion of being gay....Until I saw Parappa. At first I was impressed that they knew about the [[HoYay Romantic Karate]] thing in the second game, but then I noticed that was ALL they talked about, ignoring that 80% of Parappa's motives in any given appearance revolves around impressing [[RomanticInterest Sunny Funny.]] While it's par for the course with this musical number, the fact that it was included meant that they were SERIOUSLY grasping at straws for gay video game characters to riff on which, which is absolutely absurd and speaks depths about the amount of effort they actually put into this thing. (Read: Not that much) Seriously! They skipped over [[ShesAManInJapan Birdo!?]]
* {{Dark Lady Celebrian}}: I've rescinded my original entry for one that actually made me physically ill while watching it. In one of the newer episodes, there's a short skit involving a little boy making words with alphabet soup. He says something like, "I want more alphabet soup, so I can spell all the Star Wars words in the world!" or something along those lines, and then his father grabs his hair and repeatedly waterboards him in the soup until he drowns! The mother then says something like, "You waited too long to do that" or some mess. [[DudeNotFunny What kind of sick person actually finds this funny?!]] There's {{Dead Baby Comedy}}, and there's just going way too far.
* Samuel: Originally, I was going to list the sketch that is a parody of ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' featuring ''WesternAnimation/BeavisAndButthead'' (one of my most despised sketches of all time). However, I decided to put a hold on that in favor of a mini sketch from season 3. It involves a father and a son, and the father tells him, "Son, this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you." Then he drills a hole in his head with a driller, screaming in agony while the son watches in horror. I'm sorry, Seth Green, but seriously, this is one of the most dumb, disturbing sketches I have ever seen in an otherwise hilarious show. Even a [[http://www.explosm.net/comics/2924/ similar gag]] from ''Webcomic/CyanideAndHappiness'' is more tasteful than this!
* @/ManCalledTrue: In the second season, one of the sketches is a vampire who tries to scare someone who's driving. He gets caught in the bumper and the next two minutes is him being slowly and horribly mutilated. And that's when I realized the show was no longer funny; the only joke in the entire sketch was that the vampire was being brutalized.
* Tehrannotaur: The "Humping Robot Flatscreen" sketch in season 5. First it appears funny, with the robot humping the flatscreen TV, which it falls and breaks. It would have been funnier if the robot just simply ran off after breaking the TV and the sketch ends right there, but no, Creator/SethGreen felt obligated to go further beyond that (similar to the Joker's execution sketch and the Toy Story sketch), and have the robot get an infant child named Alfonse to blame him for the flatscreen TV being broken by placing him next to it, and leave off afterward. Alfonse's father arrives after the robot left, sees the broken TV, and scolds Alfonse that his college funds will be used to buy a new flatscreen TV, with Alfonse crying as a result. The sketch ends with "Alfonse would never attend college". The remaining runtime between when the robot gets the child to blame on the broken TV and the end is where this sketch simply [[DudeNotFunny stopped being funny and went to being tasteless and patronizing]]. Then there's also UnfortunateImplications of how an upset parent in Real Life would [[AbusiveParents use his]] [[LackOfEmpathy own child's]] [[DudeNotFunny college funds]] just to buy a new flatscreen TV as a response to seeing a broken flatscreen TV [[KickTheDog though the child]] [[DisproportionateRetribution didn't even do that]] [[ForTheEvulz at all]]. Combine those two, and you'll see that this show is starting to patronize the audience. There are moments where this show is trying to [[CrossesTheLineTwice cross the line twice]], and there are moments like '''''these''''' where the show's insulting my fucking intelligence. Seriously, Creator/SethGreen, your sketches are starting to descend to the levels of [[Creator/SeltzerAndFriedberg Seltzerberg]] in terms of funniness, creativity and talent of any kind, and becoming more & more tasteless, vulgar, offensive, vapid, pandering, spiteful, mean-spirited, poisonous, aggressively unfunny, unbearable, unwatchable, sickening, loathsome, detestable, soul-sucking, puerile, obnovious, crass, intelligence-insulting, patronizing, and catering to the [[LowestCommonDenominator very lowest forms of society]].
* Ninetails2000: I'm usually able to tolerate low-brow humor if it's good natured enough, but there is one skit that convinced me that ''Robot Chicken'' has gone the way of ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' and gone over the hill. It begins with a husband and wife changing their child's diaper. While the woman is cooing and coddling the baby, the husband is aloof and agitated by the whole thing. The wife then leaves to get something and...[[CutenessProximity the father instantly begins cooing and coddling the baby the exact same way.]] End of sketch, right? No. The baby begins to pee on his face, barf all over him, projectile-poop [[GroinAttack right into his crotch]] and then begins spinning around on the table, pissing, pooping and barfing while making sprinkler noises while the text "Babies Are Jerks" pops up on the screen. [[FlatWhat ...What?]] Not only was it incredibly, stupidly, absurdly gross, it was pointless filler for what could have been a really nice cut and dry joke. They were obviously trying to [[CrossesTheLineTwice cross the line twice,]] but they only managed to cross it once and fall flat on their face....in a puddle of piss, crap and vomit.
* {{Ecclytennysmithylove}}: “Goofy and Clarabelle”. The skit starts off decently hilarious with Mickey Mouse and his friends taking on sexual politics after they felt very uncomfortable with Goofy dating Clarabelle because [[CaptainObvious a dog cannot have sex with a cow.]] Mickey, along with various Disney cartoon characters, was about to vote to ban mixed-species couples from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, when Walt Disney himself steps in and gives an awesome short speech that he created the characters to spread happiness, not bigotry. Now the skit would have been overall hilarious had it ended there, but no, Creator/SethGreen felt obligated to go further beyond that (similar to the Joker's Execution skit, the Toy Story 4 skit, and the Humping Robot Flatscreen skit): after Uncle Remus (from the classic Disney film ''Song of the South'') agrees with Disney and praises him for spreading happiness ("Sure did. Just look at me, Uncle Remus. You tells 'em, Massuh Disney!"), [[DudeNotFunny Disney gives Uncle Remus an awkward blank look, does a facepalm, tells all the Disney characters that he’s going back to his grave, and, right before he disappears, he makes a Nazi salute!]] Seth Green, you should really be ashamed of what you done! Don’t you even remember that infamous scene in the ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' episode “Road to the Multiverse” where poor Mort Goldman was attacked by the Disneyverse characters because of those stupid fucking rumors of Walt Disney’s alleged anti-Semitism!? [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Shame! On! You! Seth Green!]]
* ThyDarkLordOfAwesomeness: I cannot believe nobody has talked about the sketch in the early episode ''Toys in the Hood'', "Tooth and Consequences". It starts off with the Tooth Fairy doing her usual work in a house of a kid who's parents are arguing, eventually the father shooting (and probably killing) the mother. Then the endings appear. In these endings, the creators take every way to end it. The fairy killing the dad, The dad killing the fairy, saying they are going to Disneyland, ignoring the kid asking if mom will be there, and the final one actually makes fun of how dark this is by giving them a huge check saying how this is the darkest sketch in history. Last ending aside, the sketch isn't the darkest in all media history, but it is really dark, tackling the subject of relationship abuse and [[DudeNotFunny trying to make a joke out of it,]] but guess what? the ending wasn't even supposed to be there. The sketch probably would have ended with the Disney one. Many people probably think otherwise, while searching this sketch I got a site saying it was one of the best sketches ever, but it is not one for me. Also, I bet they were gonna show what happens between the father and the mother.
* WhiteRoseSamurai: Really? No mention goes to the "Cole Slaw" sketch from ''Malcolm X: Fully Loaded''? It's less than 30 seconds long, [[RuinedForever but I'm never eating coleslaw again because of it.]] Allow me to elaborate. A kid is enjoying a bowl of coleslaw at a restaurant and asks his mother how it's made. Cut to the kitchen, and a cook puts a Cabbage Patch Kid in a blender and turns it on. It's unnecessarily violent and just painful to watch, with blood filling up the blender with a little spraying out, and the girl keeps screaming the whole time. The way I see it, there are two halves to ''Robot Chicken''. Sometimes they're legitimately funny and the kick to the childhood isn't so bad. Then there's stuff that really makes me question the mental health of the staff. This falls into that latter half. I'm already a picky eater, and I can't even eat one of my only favorite foods without thinking about this sketch and getting sick to my stomach. Fuck you, Seth Green. Just... Fuck you.
* Skullsnsouls91: Removing my former entry for [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cwsfd1xhV8c& this fucking sickening sketch]]. This isn't all "MY CHILDHOOD WAS RAPED!" shit. No. [[WesternAnimation/{{Rugrats}} This was because it was taking a show involving little babies]], and having domestic violence involving one of the mothers (who was one of the nicest characters on the show most of the time) beat the one of the fathers (also one of the nicest) because of neglect that even SHE was fucking guilty of at times, while the babies stood outside of the room they were in. As a person who's had to deal with my father abusing my mother at a young age, usually late at night, and it'd keep me awake too while I cried and shook in fear hoping it'd be over soon; this is a sketch that disgusted and engraged me more than any other moment on this show. Fuck you, Seth, whoever helped write the sketch, and fuck you, ''Robot Chicken''. Peace the fuck out.
** Toonguy: I second the one above me. Not only does this seem rather mean spirited, not only is it unfunny, [[CriticalResearchFailure it doesn't even make sense in the context of the show.]] I mean, perhaps it would have been funny if they had stopped it after the one time that the Rugrats actually talk, I'd actually find it funny. It's not even a case of pointing out certain problems with the original source material (e.g Star Wars Robot Chicken), it's just a domestic abuse joke and it's just.....there. Added to that, it doesn't work with the two characters. Maybe it would have been somewhat more understandable with some of the other parents, but Didi and Stu were always pretty much one of the happier couples. So yeah, not only does it seem really offensive just for the sake of it, but it doesn't even make sense.[[SarcasmMode Bravo writers. Just, just really bravo.]]
** Tropers/{{Pgj1997}}: What really gets to me is the title of the skit, and its official description. The title is "A Rugrats Joke" and the description reads "Here you go, 90's kids.". This bias against the 1990s needs to stop. Either hire writers that know more about the source material than you do, or just ignore it altogether. Blindly attacking franchises isn't funny in the slightest, and PanderingToTheBase like this will most likely kill most if not all off your viewership. I know Robot Chicken is pretty much made for raping childhoods, but at least be tasteful about it.
** Tropers/{{fairygirl567}}: It came straight out nowhere too. At first, I thought it'd be like Didi taking the kids home and wondering how they keep getting out with the other parents agreeing with her and then maybe concluding that they're just adventurous children. But then they have Didi, blame Stu for being the neglectful parent when she's just as neglectful! At least Stu has an excuse, he's an inventor and has to spend time making new toys to help keep their house! I'm not sure what Didi does, but most of the time she's busy taking parenting advice from a crackpot psychiatrist. Even if they had done this same sketch with Angelica's parents or even Lil and Phil's parents, it still would've been a jarring and disturbing sketch because none of the parents have shown any abusive towards their spouse, depicting Didi of all people, as this domestically abusive shrew made me realize that they did this stupid joke because they thought that since the premise of children going on wild adventures warranted an abusive parents sketch. Good job, writers. There's a way to do this too, but not this poorly written.
* [=RabidBadger1632=]: I stopped watching Robot Chicken around the third season when I noticed that the majority of the sketches were immature dick jokes and rape jokes. However there was one episode that I was watching just so that I could get to Aqua Teen and Squids, (it was a freaking chore to do so mind you). The episode contained two sketches that were painful to watch. The first one was so incoherent that I can barely even remember what all happened in it (something about two women moving next door to the recurring fat nerd) so I'll use the second one as my DMOS. It was a very poorly written parody of the Powerpuff Girls being made with using the normal four ingredients but also with cocaine for some unexplained reason. The sketch contains no joke. All it is is just three scenes, the first being the girls bouncing around the room, the second them ripping off the head of a Mojo Jojo wannabe, and the last is them fighting a dragon, which generously gives us the obligatory AssShove joke, which the writers just can't seem to get enough of.
* Tropers/RedTheHedgehog: The Stopping [[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog Sonic]] skit from Season 3 is something that both [[{{Squick}} made me sick]] and made me roll my eyes. First of all, we have sonic running in GreenHillZone [[CriticalResearchFailure Act 6]]? ,then he gets stopped by a bed of spikes that gruesomely killed him, with cheap sounding [[UsefulNotes/SegaGenesis Genesis]] music to boot. then two normal policemen, go and make fun of Sonic saying he should have watched the speed limit, and then laughs while Sonic lays there dead. [[RuinedForever Well Seth Green, thanks for taking my childhood and kicking it in the balls]]. I find some Robot Chicken skits to be pretty funny, but this one along with the Toy Story 4 Skit will always be the reason why I will hate this show.
* Mudapa: For me, it's "Anime Christmas". The amount of Critical Research Failure in this towards Dragon Ball is ridiculous. The plot follows Goku and Goten/Gohan enjoying Christmas. [[ExcusePlot Santa comes and tells them that the Nutcracker, Drummer Boy & Composite Santa are causing trouble. Goku and Goten/Gohan are told to stop them.]] So, they get spotted by those Villains and engage in a fight. When the Drummer Boy attempts to attack (By drumming),[[CriticalResearchFailure Goku yells "Spirit Bomb!" and Gohan/Goten yells some sort of Gibberish,even though it looks like a Kamehameha!]] But, it gets worse. So, Ms.Claus is revealed to be the villain, transforming into a monster, Which they end up defeating. Ms.Claus explodes into a Snowflake. Which, Goku responds "The Tenkai Ichi Budokai is finally complete." What?! [[CriticalResearchFailure Do you mean the "Tenkaichi Budokai"?! Which means the "Strongest Under The Heavens" and is the name of the Martial Arts Tournament?]] Did they even know anything about Dragon Ball? In fact, it has nothing to do with Anime either! Has a Dragon Ball fan, this is just insulting.
* cricri3007: The Star Wars sketch where Boba shows up drunk for the confrontation at Jabba's barge (Can't remember wich season, sorry). There is BlackComedy and then there's ''skinning Chewbaccka, wearing his still bloody back as a cape and taunting a blind Han about it''. And no, the fact that Boba was piss drunk or that it was AllADream does 'NOT'' make it better.
* Tropers/MelancholyUtopia: To me, this show is sometimes funny, sometimes terrible, sometimes meh. Some of you might think me weird, but I didn't care much for the ''Toy Story 4'' skit. Yeah, it was offensive and stupid, but I didn't have that a strong reaction to it. I did, however, for the "Pubescent Rodents" sketch. Essentially, some girl groupies want to have sex with Alvin and the Chipmunks. Actually, only one of them wants to, the other two being reasonably disturbed by the idea. However, she ends up with Alvin in his hotel room, and starts to regret her decision. At first she wants to go through with it because she doesn't want to be seen as a sissy by her friends, but eventually, she aborts her plan anyway by trying to call them...then we get a scene of her friends riding the other two chipmunks on another bed. The end. Next sketch. I get the joke, I get what the punchline was supposed to be...it just wasn't funny. As someone who's struggling to not look at [[LoliconAndShotacon shotacon]], it triggered my guilty conscience. I know what they're trying to do, I'm aware they like crossing the line for the sake of their sketches...but it's exactly those sketches that are sorted into the "terrible" pile whenever I watch the show, at least when it isn't done in a clever and tasteful way. I can take sex jokes, just don't ever mix it with pedophilia and bestiality at the same time, if it's only for the sake of being shocking instead of actually funny. That's the kind of crap I only want to give credit to ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' for having, a show I hate even more.
* Tropers/CaptainTedium: I never really cared for the Where Are They Now-type sketches, but one moment related to them that really pissed me off was the treatment given to [[Series/NinjaTurtlesTheNextMutation Venus de Milo]] in the sketch about the current lives of forgotten girl toys in the episode "Moesha Poppins", and not just because I'm one of the few ''Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles'' fans who actually likes Venus. The first thing that drives me furious is that they credit Venus as a girl toy just because she was created as a token female for a team otherwise consisting of males. It's true that the TMNT franchise is primarily aimed at boys and that Venus was created because the executives at Fox wanted a girl turtle so that potential female audiences could have someone to relate to and somehow forgot about April O'Neil, but that doesn't exactly mean that she's a girl's toy. By that logic, we'd have to classify [[Franchise/GIJoe Lady Jaye, Scarlett]], and [[Franchise/{{Transformers}} Arcee]] as girl toys, too! What really pushed my buttons, however, was when they revealed Venus was DrivenToSuicide over her lack of popularity and killed herself by drowning herself in a toilet, with the unfunny punchline of two cops debating over whether it was ironic or funny that Venus soiled herself when she died. There's nothing funny ''or'' ironic about it because ''everyone'' shits themselves when they die.
* [=InTheGallbladder=]: Just when I thought these guys couldn't lower the bar any further, enter "Hey, I Found Another Sock." In particular, the attempt at political satire. It's a ShallowParody of WebAnimation/HomestarRunner that deftly goes through all the clichés of every thirteen-year-old's first TV-14/TV-MA comedy. The closest it gets to actual parody is a throwaway reference or two to the couple of flash files from which the animation crew [[UsefulNotes/{{Plagiarism}} jacked their assets wholesale]]. It honestly reads like a Bush Administration-era sketch the crew couldn't complete in time; the only even slightly up-to-date reference is a non-sequitir mention of Trump's campaign slogan.
* {{Mockery}}: Okay, so there's hit and there's miss. Sometimes the series faceplants, but its machine-gun style of humor means that its quantity-over-quality approach is deliberate. Fine. Then there's the Skylanders Trap Team sketch out of Fridge Smell. We see a cat-woman named Tuff Luck and another Skylander, Bushwhack, get it on, although another toy tells him earlier that she's a Trap Master. After some forgettable dialogue by some other characters, Bushwhack emerges from the shrubbery they'd gone behind, screaming "It's a trap!" Tuff Luck, for her part, calls out after him, "DEAL WITH IT!" She emerges, and while the image is a digital mosaic, it's clear enough that they've gone with an UnsettlingGenderReveal as the other characters clarify that she's a "Trap"--i.e. has a penis--and Wolfgang begins to sing crudely about how Tuff Luck wants to sodomize people as she gleefully pursues a horrified Bushwhack. It was tasteless and unfunny to begin with, then went down the worst possible path, doubling down on it at the end with the song. There's plenty of bad sketches, I won't argue. But this one is currently the gravest possible offender for me.