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* kablammin45: ''AdventuresInOdyssey'' is a great series, though this troper was left shaking his head at the episode "A Glass Darkly". Poor Trent Dewhite is unable to catch a break from his teacher Dr. Hawthorne, who goes from just an overly strict teacher to a borderline SadistTeacher. First off, TheBully Rodney Rathbone starts a food fight in the cafeteria that everyone gets involved in (except Trent), then the teacher comes in, [[CantGetAwayWithNuthin and lays all the blame on Trent]] (with the exception of Rodney, possibly) just because he was holding freakin jello that had gotten in his hair! That's not all, though, Trent gets detention, and Dr. Hawthorne won't even let Trent off when Trent explains that he has a very important meeting to get to. Any normal, sane teacher would at least lessen the severity of the punishment if that happens, but noooooo. Then when Rodney later tries to turn loose a bunch of bees in the teacher's car (which he's revealed to be allergic too later), Trent tries to get rid of them, then the teacher comes and [[DeusAngstMachina blames Trent again]], extending Trent's punishment even further. At the end comes a ShootTheShaggyDog, where Trent finally manages to call the people he was meeting with, but then they won't let [[TheWoobie Trent]] in because of him getting in trouble. To be fair though, Trent learns to believe something good can come out of something bad, which lessens the blow a little, but Dr. Hawthorne was still [[DarthWiki/WallBanger unbelievably]] harsh.
** Ecojosh1: The episode "Castles and Cauldrons" made me stop listening. Jimmy's cousin Len comes to town and introduces him to the world of role playing games. The entire story revolves around RPG's being a form of witchcraft. The players become the characters, gain supernatural abilities, contact spirits, and perform rituals that involve drawing blood. No RPG in the real world is anything like that. Role playing games are just games, and plenty of Christians see nothing wrong with them. But the writers of this episode either have never seen anyone play the game, or they just lied to further their agenda. As if this wasn't bad enough, Mr. Whittaker destroys Len's game, and this is seen as a good thing. [[FamilyUnfriendlyAesop Remember kids, if someone you know owns something you think is unGodly, you should destroy it.]]