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[[folder:Final Fantasy VIII]]
* Tropers/KingZeal: ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII'' gave me a Dethroning Scene Of Suck. The entire damn Garden War between Balamb and Galbadia gardens prior to actually entering Galbadia garden. Rinoa's DistressBall derails almost everything happening concurrently in regards to plot and characterization. Examples? The Garden War scene where she's hanging from the edge and the party comes back to get Squall to rescue her. Keep in mind that, at this point, Squall has been deemed the commander of this war and the life of every Balamb student ([=SeeD=] or otherwise) is his responsibility. Squall refuses to go and save ONE student as opposed to the dozens, if not hundreds that need him nowóthen the party completely disregards what he says and tells him to do it anyway while they make up their own plan. I'm sorry, who was in charge here again? Worse, they use the phrase "Rinoa is one of us" for their justification (as opposed to, you know, the other people in the Garden whom many either grew up with and befriended long before Rinoa came along). Next, when Squall actually mounts his rescue, the means to do so literally drops into his lap through Contrived Coincidence. Third, after he rescues her, he and Rinoa run through an intense battlefield with warriors from both sides killing and being killed mercilessly while they head to defeat the BigBad behind the whole war. Then, they suddenly decide to stop and have a cutesy romantic conversation involving Squall's ringówhile the people under Squall's command are fighting and dying a few yards away.
* Tropers/{{Manwiththeplan}}: The dragged-out sequence where it was revealed that all the party members (sans Rinoa and including Seifer) all grew up together in the same orphanage, which was run by the apparent BigBad Edea. This comes completely out of nowhere, as does the AssPull revelation that GF summons cause memory loss (Selphie's example of this happening is particularly forced). Irvine remembers everything though, which admittedly does add a much better motive to his hesitance to shoot Edea earlier besides "he's a coward", but the whole sequence is still very improbable, illogical, and in the grand scheme of things, adds little to the story other than a lame ShockingSwerve.

[[folder:Final Fantasy XIII-2]]
* Mousou: ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII2''. It's a toss up, the canon ending gives us [[spoiler:another TheBadGuyWins scenario, the only characters who are alive at the end are [[TakenForGranite Lightning]], BigBad Caius, and maybe Yuel.]] As mentioned above nothing is more infuriating in a game than ending by [[ShootTheShaggyDog invalidating your efforts]], especially in a game that can take well over 40 hours to complete. Put in the effort to get the OneHundredPercentCompletion Secret Ending, which due to all the LastLousyPoint and GuideDangIt will take over 65 hours even with a guide, and you're treated to [[spoiler:a short scene of the BigBad [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech taunting]] [[BreakingTheFourthWall you]], and revealing that [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption no matter what]] he won and everybody died.]]
** {{Tropers/Crazyrabbits}}: The ''Lightning'' DLC. Remember that cliffhanger over whether or not Serah would survive the merging of the universes? [[spoiler:Nope, she's dead]], and the game rubs it in the player's face several times. How did Lightning get into the other universe? [[spoiler:She sat in a chair and waited]]. Basically, that whole cliffhanger at the end of the game was a waste of time, Serah's arc was a ShaggyDogStory, and the big reveal of Lightning was underwhelming and pointless.
** {{Tropers/Carroty}}: The gameís in-universe retconning of XIIIís ending as well as its message. In the first game humans were revealed to be special, and capable of choosing their own fate unlike the FalíCie, which is why the Fal'Cie used l'Cie instead of doing stuff themselves. Lightning and co. were able to overcome their destinies as l'Cie, and choose to save Cocoon rather than destroy it. The game also touched on the aspects of freedom versus safety. The people of Cocoon were like pets, entirely dependent on the FalíCie to provide their every need. Food, clothing, shelter, even their sun was provided by the FalíCie. To break free of the FalíCie would thrust humanity into the wilderness of the planet Pulse, and while XIIIís ending is optimistic there is uncertainty about how this society that has never had to worry about basic necessities would survive on its own. XIII-2 ruined all that. Instead it turns out that no, humans are not special or capable of overcoming their destinies. Lightning and co. did not succeed through their will at all, it took a goddess feeling pity on them to rewrite history for them to win at the end of XIII. Then we see what has become of humanity since leaving Cocoon and... beach houses. They built a bunch of beach houses. Even Serah lives in what looks like a luxurious tropical resort. They fish and grow gardens and everything seems too easy for what should have been humanity being forced to live on the surface of Pulse after generations of being pampered pets.