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Japan has made plenty of influential shows and made some extremely memorable moments for as long as anime and manga have existed. But make no mistake, it doesn't spare them from the burning anger and derision that comes from making decisions such as these.

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* Tropers/JamesBannon: WitchcraftWorks episode 12. Hanaka refusing to properly kiss Ayaka to save her life. OK, we can perhaps forgive him the first time, during the battle with Medusa, but a second? And what's his excuse? (Paraphrase) "It's wrong to kiss your loved one before marriage." WTF? This is the person he loves more than anyone, though he's so dense he doesn't realise it (another pet hate of mine), and he's unwilling to kiss her properly once to save her life? Ayaka would have been justified by giving him an ArmorPiercingSlap for that one!
* Tropers/LilyNadesico: ''Manga/FairyTail'' chapter 322. Following a pretty cool [[spoiler:fight between Laxus and Jura]], we are "treated" to the rather short and rushed outcomes of [[spoiler:the Grey & Juvia VS Lyon & Cheria]] and [[spoiler:the Erza VS Minerva fight]]. Then, after all is said and done, it seems that it will be Sting's time to shine... and yet, [[spoiler:after seeing the worn-out Grey, Juvia, Erza, Laxus and Gajeel getting ready, he just... gives up?]] Talk about a disappointing and anticlimatic end to what was until then a fairly good arc.
** Tropers/{{jaydude1992}}: Also from ''Manga/FairyTail'', the end of the Erza/Minerva fight. Minerva has previously beaten up one of Erza's friends, tortured another one purely {{for the evulz}}, and threatened one of her guild's members with the death of his MoralityPet if he doesn't win the Grand Magic games. After being thrown around by Minerva for a while, Erza reveals that she has magical power in reserve, and chooses to tap into it. Does this mean we'll get an epic showdown between the two of them, ending with Erza [[LaserGuidedKarma paying Minerva back]] for all her {{jerkass}}ery?\\
Nope, she just pulls a new suit of armor [[AssPull seemingly out of her ass]] that effectively makes her a GodModeSue for a few seconds and then [[OneHitKO one-shots]] Minerva. That's it. That's all the punishment she ever gets for her behaviour. At best, it's an {{anticlima|x}}ctic end to what should have been a kickass battle, and at worst, Minerva becomes a {{downplayed|Trope}} KarmaHoudini.
** Tropers/SuperSaiyaMan: From ''Manga/FairyTail'' we get a desperate battle against [[spoiler:seven almighty dragons that have came through the timegate by Future Rogue.]] A tense situation where the Status Quo could really be thrown for a loop! We even have [[spoiler:Gray dying in a HeroicSacrifice for Juvia!]] How can it... wait, [[spoiler:she's reversing time by one minute... reversing any deaths]] and killing any tension? People thought Kishimoto was bad with Rinnei Tensei, but at least it was excusable in universe.
* Tropers/{{Animeking1108}}: Episode 2 (Chronologically) of ''LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya''. The SOS Brigade needs a computer, so what does Haruhi do? She forces the president of the Computer Club on Mikuru's breast and takes a photo. She threatens to tell everyone that it was a gang rape. Want to know the worst part? [[KarmaHoudini Haruhi got away with it]]. I officially stopped watching the series after that. I don't care if [[ItWasHisSled Haruhi is god]]. Someone should have smacked her across the face.
** Tropers/ManWithThePlan: For me, it was in ''The Sigh of LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya'' and the whole "Mikuru is my toy!" incident. Not only was the moment overblown with melodrama, but the end of the first novel implied that Haruhi would start getting better, so why reset her development to have her be an even bigger JerkAss than ever before and have Kyon dislike her again? Some fans [[NeverLiveItDown have never forgiven Haruhi for this.]]
* Tropers/BlueRose: The ending of the ''InuYasha'' episode "Kirara Come Home". After believing that Kirara ran away, it was revealed that Miyoga was borrowing her. Apparently, Shippo gave him permission, but he was half asleep. So, instead of punishing Miyoga, everyone agrees to beat up Shippo. Even Kagome, who usually punishes InuYasha for beating up Shippo, encourages it. [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Our heroes, ladies and gentlemen.]] [[DisproportionateRetribution Watch as they beat up a small child for something that wasn't his fault.]]
** Tropers/CabbitGirlEmi: The episode where there were these two symbiotic demons left a bitter taste in my mouth. It involves another [=InuYasha=] vs. Koga feud, which of course, tends to have Kagome use the "Sit!" spell, which can quickly get old after, I don't know, the 3rd time? Sure, there were moments where it was necessary, such as when [=InuYasha=] tried to block off the entrance to the well with a boulder (which was funny), and when he went full-demon after the Tetsusaiga broke in half. But after [=InuYasha=] got injured fighting the symbiotic demons and Koga taunts him before running off? Wow Kagome, I had no idea you would be so cold-hearted. Long story short, [=InuYasha=] and Kagome argue again, and their friends get mad at them and not Koga, when it's clearly ''his'' fault and not theirs!
** Tropers/{{KingCrInuYasha}}: At one point, the gang encounters a mountain spirit that gives them information on Naraku's heart, along with a crystal that could help them track it down. The manga supposedly handles this one alright, but in the anime, Hakudoshi offs the spirit, making the crystal the heroes just got not five minutes earlier completely useless. Granted, ''Inuyasha'' by that point was becoming notorious for adding pointless {{MacGuffin}}s and power-ups and needlessly dragging the storyline, but even by its standards, this plot point was a total waste of time.
* Tropers/LordTNK: ''{{Berserk}}'''s ending, if only for how it was aired: just when the saga was getting started in the {{Manga}}, spoiling it completely.
* Tropers/LordTNK: ''Manga/{{Akira}}'''s ending, for the same thing.
* Tropers/JapaneseTeeth: The ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'' anime's ending, for doing the same thing.
** Tropers/RetroFriday: For me, it was Negi befriending Fate at the conclusion of their last battle in the manga's Magic World arc. After all of the crap that Fate had put Negi and the others through in the Magic World, Negi decides to [[EasilyForgiven forgive]] and befriend the same emotionless prick who had tried to kill him with a stone spear through the back from within the past while Fate suffers no karmic backlash for his own despicable past actions, instantly making him into a KarmaHoudini who gets away with his past transgressions. Truly a disappointing and unsatisfying moment in my honest opinion.
* Tropers/KesraKiranov: ''LightNovel/DenpaOnnaToSeishunOtoko'' for the same thing. Is Erio an alien or not? What exactly does Yashiro know? Who does Makoto end up falling in love with? Who knows! They ended it at visual novel #3 of 8 total, with literally no questions answered.
* Tropers/KesraKiranov: ''VideoGirlAi'' also for the same reason. The anime ends with Ai [[spoiler:disappearing, and never comes back, leaving Youta devastated.]] Though this ending is incredibly [[spoiler:tragic]], the manga keeps going, and Ai [[spoiler:is not actually lost forever]].
* Tropers/ManWithThePlan: In ''Manga/ElfenLied'', the kiss. Just... the kiss. Lucy actually has the gall to kiss the boy whose family she cruelly and horrifically murdered and whose life she ruined? And said boy actually kisses her back? Pretty much [[EasilyForgiven forgiving]] [[KarmaHoudini that monster?]] And even if we ignore that she did the above for a moment, wouldn't it still be better for him and her if he [[MercyKill puts the poor crazy girl out of her misery instead?]] But no, he [[StrangledByTheRedString looooves her too much.]] If this was all directed to Nyu, not Lucy, that'd be different, but it's not.
* Tropers/LilyNadesico: Despite being a mostly excellent show (in my humble opinion), the penultimate episode of ''OvermanKingGainer'' contains a very infuriating moment - when [[spoiler:[[EldritchAbomination the Overdevil]] possesses]] [[TheHero Gainer]] and [[{{Ninja}} Gauli]], their respective love interests [[PluckyGirl Sara]] and [[CoolBigSis Adette]] both try to [[spoiler:make them snap out of it through a TrueLovesKiss...]] but it turns out, only Adette manages to, while Sara fails and [[spoiler:gets possessed as well]]. Now, the common HandWave is that Gainer and Sara [[spoiler:had gotten distant, and that's why Sara's kiss didn't work on him...]] but then, FridgeLogic kicks in: Adette and Gauli [[spoiler:[[StrangledByTheRedString barely had any interaction]] before declaring their love to each other, and furthermore, only 2-3 episodes before, Gainer and Sara had had a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming[=/=]ShipTease moment together in King Gainer's cockpit.]] So, exactly, why are we supposed to believe that Adette and Gauli have [[spoiler:a stronger, more significant connection]]? The whole thing felt like it was only done for the sake of cheap drama, and to make sure the series lasted another episode (because when Gainer [[spoiler:came back to his senses, the Overdevil got {{Curb Stomp|Battle}}ed]])...
* Tropers/{{JusticeGundam}}: For me (and for many other Italian fans), the lowest moment of ''Anime/MaiOtome'' was the 8th OVA special, where Mai tells Natsuki how she disappeared. Not only does it make Mai look like an idiot for getting lost in a forest she should know very well - and, lest we forget it, she's a trained Otome! - but it also felt to many like a silly excuse to write Yuuichi out of the continuity, pander to his haters who just wanted him gone, and somehow pair up Mai and Mikoto. In fact, when reading the ''Manga/MaiOtome'' manga, I was glad to see that Yuuichi actually has a substantial role there, [[spoiler:even as a posthumous character, and is/was married to Mai.]]
* Tropers/ChrisX: In the manga version of ''FlameOfRecca''. [[TheSmartGuy Mikagami Tokiya]]. Drugged by a minor villain so easily. So much for being a genius!
* Tropers/{{Xiantera}}: ''Manga/YuYuHakusho'': the low point for the manga was when much of the Three Kings Saga builds up how powerful Yomi is and that he could be planning to take over all three worlds, only to turn the fight against Yomi into an anticlimax when Yomi apparently gives up on his ambition after Yusuke starts the Demon World Unification Tournament, and reduces the fight against Yomi to the opening moves.
** Tropers/{{Sahgo}}: For me, it was way before that: Yusuke vs. Rando. Are you honestly telling me that he won through sheer luck? Don't get me wrong here - I know that luck is a factor in any conflict... but it's one factor; any anime who has the character surviving through luck also has it winning through effort/intelligence/etc. In this case, Yusuke only won because he had algae inside his ears (not by his own planning, mind you; it simply got stuck there). Nope, no strategy, no willpower-that-defies-biology... just algae. What a cheap victory, Togashi.
** @/{{Ecclytennysmithylove}}: Episode 97 "Departing Living World" is where I lost my interest in Shizuru when she beats up Kuwabara for not going to school. As a fangirl who loves Kuwabara, I sometimes like Shizuru because of her CoolBigSis personality. However, I would've liked Shizuru more if it weren't for the DoubleStandardAbuseFemaleOnMale she inflicted on her baby brother. The way she treated him in that episode would make WesternAnimation/SouthPark's Shelley Marsh feel ashamed of what she always done to her little brother Stan. Yes, I know these abuse are meant to be PlayedForLaughs, but the FridgeHorror that the way Shizuru treated Kuwabara was where Kuwabara's desire to never fight with women probably comes from seriously makes me want to write an angry letter to the anime director, Noriyuki Abe, demanding him to please remove that scene of Shizuru abusing Kuwabara permanently.
* Tropers/JusticeGundam: In ''FushigiYuugi'' Nakago [[spoiler:goes to heaven after his death,]] despite never showing a trace of regret or sympathetic traits. We get treated to his angsty childhood flashback, we get the reason behind [[spoiler:his DisproportionateRetribution]], and we're supposed to feel bad for him [[spoiler:as he dies.]] "Oh, poor baby, sure he left the MoralEventHorizon far behind him and [[spoiler:wanted to commit genocide]], but he was doing it because [[spoiler:the bad, bad king killed his mommy and raped him.]] He was a good guy after all..." Puh-lease, Watase. Give me a freaking break.
** Tropers/{{Fiendish}}: The whole [[NearRapeExperience "Tasuki tries to rape Miaka"]] situation, complete with the reveal that it was MoreThanMindControl and he had secretly been in love with her for ages. I mean, seriously? At that point in the series the number of male characters falling obsessively in love with Miaka and/or [[RapeAsDrama sexually assaulting her]] was already nearing laughable proportions, and this was just like the unholy combination of both.
* Tropers/AvatarSango: I love ''TengenToppaGurrenLagann''. Still, in the second movie, Gainax [[MoralEventHorizon crossed the line]] when they altered the [[BigBad Antispiral]] torturing Nia scene. In the series, it was only a little creepy. In the movie, however... He destroyed her clothes, started grabbing with [[AllAnimeIsNaughtyTentacles NaughtyTentacles]] and straddled her while she called out for Simon in fear! Way to go Gainax. You literally raped my favorite character, and still kill her in the end.
** Tropers/KingClark: I've had more fun watching ''TengenToppaGurrenLagann'' than any other anime, namely because of how the show takes [[RuleOfCool Refuge In Cool]]. But there was one scene that I felt was gratuitous: Rossiu's reveal to his father that their religious text was nothing but a bunch of gibberish that they were misinterpreting. There wasn't any given reason for the show to have a TakeThat against organized religion, especially considering [[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids the age group that the show was initially intended for]].
*** Tropers/{{Rpgingmaster}}: The last five minutes of the last TV Episode retroactively piss all over the point of the show (which was supposed to be about hope of some sort, right?), and manages to UpToEleven (fitting, given the show) in subverting it. First off, Nia dies, even after that was a perfectly good chance to save her but it wasn't taken for some bullshit reason. Boo. And then the DistantFinale manages to make everyone (save Viral, Boota and Leeron, though the first is justified) look like they just let themselves go and they aged horribly (Rossiu and Simon pretty much lost all their good looks in their middle age), Yoko got it even worse (and her face isn't even shown, mostly because it most likely probably looks like her badly aged figure, and the dark, dreary colors in most of the scenes [[SarcasmMode really give one a feeling of hope.]]) As if one's gut needs more punches, Viral has a wife (but he can't have kids and he'll outlive her, which is just cruel given his circumstances), and Simon is essentially robbed of one final chance to be awesome and pretty much admits he's useless. And, as the cherry on top, the above could've been cut and the show ended as Simon was walking into the distance after the wedding, and the hope and optimism would've been retained, but some jackass added five minutes of the deplorable crap outlined above, and it pretty much retroactively poisoned all the awesome I watched in the last 27 episodes.
* Tropers/{{Gyrobot}}: ''QueensBlade's'' shift in to CerebusSyndrome territory causes Shizuka to die for Tomoe to get stronger, only to be beaten by Reina and not coming back. It just came out as a giant middle finger to Shizuka and Tomoe fans in a series where the female cast's plot armor is much thicker and durable than their clothes. Shizuka is the only one who isn't brought back by Deus Ex Machina, many fans didn't like that at all.
* Tropers/GXNext: ''KiminoIruMachi'' A Town Where You Rage. The way the relationship between Haruto and Yuzuki ended is understandable given the circumstances, however the issue this troper took was with Asuka, the Tsundere that Haruto met while in Tokyo and pursuing Yuzuki to learn why she broke up with him. Asuka's Dere comes out in force after [[spoiler:Kazama dies]] to the point that everyone in the series, including two of the girls that were previously pursuing Haruto suddenly decide to [[ShipperOnDeck Ship Asuka as the perfect girl]] for him even though it has only been a few months since he got the double whammy of [[spoiler:Kazama dying]] and he and Yuzuki deciding to stay away from each other. Cue a two year time skip, and what has happened to them? Haruto has basically stayed the same as he was at the beginning and all of Asuka's previous flaws are gone to the point of she really is just his girlfriend, and nothing more.
* Tropers/{{Ragamander}}: ''FutakoiAlternative'' is a pretty good show that starts as an [[CrazyAwesome over-the-top]] [[RuleOfCool action]]-[[RuleOfFunny comedy]], [[GenreShift quickly drops the action]], [[RuleOfDrama then shifts to character drama]]. Surprisingly, it somehow manages to do all of this very well. And then the end of episode 10 "Dance Like a Bear, Sting Like a Squid" pretty much ruins the show. The preceding episodes are intensely dramatic, melancholic, and realistic, with decreasing amounts of comedy. The end of episode 10 marks the reversion of the show to action-comedy, and it comes literally out of nowhere. This is MoodWhiplash at its finest; the dark nature of the preceding story arc makes the over-the-top-ridiculous action seem [[DarthWiki.WallBanger very, very out-of-place]], while the over-the-top-ridiculous action makes the dark, realistic drama (which at this point still needs to be fully resolved) [[{{Narm}} impossible to take seriously]].
* Tropers/{{Gaston1991}}: ''NadiaTheSecretOfBlueWater'': The worst part is in episode 23 "Little Castaways" when Nadia said Grandis, Hanson and Sanson are evil and deserved to disappear in the sky in episode 21 "Goodbye Nautilus". What. No only that OutOfCharacter for Nadia since she was friendly with Grandis in many episodes, but at this point of the series they had done more heroic things than Nadia.
* Tropers/DarthJosh: In one episode of ''CrayonShinChan'', Hima kept bothering Mitzi. However, she crosses the line when she damages a magazine her mother's trying to read. Instead of punishing Hima, [[AbusiveParents Mitzi hits Shin for no reason]]. What the fuck? Why hasn't she been arrested for child abuse yet?
** {{Ecclytennysmithylove}}: It's probably because Mitzi thought all the crayon doodles drawn in her magazine were Shin's doing. Either way, that ending is still not justified!
* Tropers/{{Nani}}: In ''Manga/DeathNote'', [[spoiler:L's death]] was this for me. Sure, it was a turning point for the series and brought it into a whole new arc (along with a time skip), but not only did it cause about half of the fan base to stop watching and reading the series, but they tried to correct it (at least, this is how I see it) by [[spoiler:bringing in Mello, Matt, and L's copy Near.]] So, they technically [[spoiler:never got rid of L, which made his death totally pointless.]]
** Tropers/DrZulu2010: I actually continued the [[spoiler:part with Mello and Near just to see Light losing.]] The reason why? It made up for one part of the story I cannot watch or read at all without feelings of anger. Which is when Light killed [[spoiler:Naomi Misora]] for three reasons. 1. It was the part where Light jumped the MoralEventHorizon and lost all redeeming qualities. 2. Because it's the first and, maybe, only time he killed a good character who was at the wrong time at the wrong place and 3. The way it happened was so out of character that a real person would have never fallen for it. They took a character I wanted to see in future chapters and [[spoiler:made her kill herself.]]
* Tropers/AnimeKing1108: Nami's backstory in ''OnePiece'' was set up to be a massive TearJerker. However, they ruin it by showing a scene where Nami and her sister are being scolded for beating up two kids. When Nami tells Bellemere that they didn't like her tangerines, she just beat the crap out of them. What? I'm sorry, but as a victim of many kinds of physical and emotional abuse, that made me lose all sympathy for Bellemere when [[spoiler:she died]].
** Tropers/Falconwing: Usopp [[spoiler:trying to run away from a fight with Sugar after she turned Robin, and all the dwarves into toys.]] A decade of character development, flushed down the toilet in the span of one Chapter.
* Tropers/KashimaKitty: ''[[LightNovel/OreNoImoutoGaKonnaNiKawaiiWakeGaNai Ore no Imouto]]'' pleasantly surprised me by not being the tasteless incest anime I expected. The only moment in the anime that made me facepalm came during the climax of episode 4 "My Little Sister Can't Be Going to Summerket". Kirino receives a package from Saori, unaware that there's an eroge game inside. Knowing what's inside thanks to a call from Saori, Kyosuke barges in and steals it before Kirino can expose her secret to her two friends. A chase and struggle ensues, ending with the two falling over and Kirino's shirt somehow flying all the way up, with Kyosuke's hand conveniently on her chest, just in time for said two friends to see this. These kinds of AccidentalPervert moments were never convincing or entertaining.
* Tropers/{{Animeking1108}}: Episode 263 of ''Manga/DetectiveConan'' titled "The Osaka Double Mystery - Naniwa Swordsman and Toyotomi's Castle" had the infamous scene where [[AbusiveParents Heizo]] [[KickTheDog struck Heiji]] for "getting in the way." First, everyone objects to it ([[EvenEvilHasStandards even Kogoro, who has no problems striking children]]), [[KarmaHoudini but then everyone just calls it "Tough Love."]] Umm, no. Tough love is [[DopeSlap smacking your children for doing something stupid]]. What Heizo did was full-blown child abuse. The chief of police more than anybody should know that striking your children until they bleed is abuse.
* Tropers/KuroKokoro: The ending to the ''Manga/ShugoChara'' manga. Peach-Pit, [[SarcasmMode thanks for telling your audience that you care more about]] [[StrangledByTheRedString pairing up your characters]] [[RomanticPlotTumor than wrapping up the story up in any way]].
* Tropers/{{Stewyworks333}}: Despite the [[AdaptationDistillation manga adaptation]] of ''VideoGame/BreathOfFireIV'' being well-done, and leaving in much of the gruesome violence that was cut out of the [[{{Bowdlerize}} American version]], you'd think that [[spoiler:we'd get to see Yuna beaten to a bloody pulp, [[MoralEventHorizon after all the shit that he did to everybody in the game.]]]] What ends up happening? [[spoiler:He teleports away in the exact same way as the original game, [[KarmaHoudini getting away with all the shit he caused]].]] What the fuck, Capcom? You managed to fully do the storyline that was planned the entire time, including [[spoiler:[[BloodierAndGorier Fou-Lu decapitating Soniel in a huge geyser of blood.]]]] And you still decide it wasn't necessary to change something many fans were really anticipating?
* Tropers/ManCalledTrue: ''GunXSword'' chickening out and [[spoiler:revealing Michael and Fasalina survived]] in the audio drama. Congratulations, you've managed to commit serious KarmaHoudini in the name of fan wankery and retroactively ruined one of my favorite series!
* Tropers/CJCroen1393: I [[GuiltyPleasures love]] ''Manga/DescendantsOfDarkness'', but the Devil's Trill arc ended on a sour note for me. The basic point of the story was to keep Hijiri and Kazusa safe from a demon that [[ItMakesSenseInContext wants to kidnap Kazusa and take Hijiri's eyeball out]]. At the end of the story, a fierce battle is raging and Hijiri caught underneath a collapsing pillar. Kazusa is the last thing he sees, having left the room they were hiding in when he told her not to. He then wakes up in the infirmary and it turns out that the Demon is dead! Well that's a load off everyone's mind! So he asks if he can take Kazusa home. What do Watari and Hisoka tell him? They pretty much just say "Oh yeah, she died. [[HeroicSacrifice She pushed you out of the way of that pillar and was crushed under it]]" ... What!? You guys tried and succeeded at protecting her and she still dies!? This makes the [[ShootTheShaggyDog whole. Arc. Completely. Pointless]]! The dub made it even worse by giving Watari a mercilessly cheerful tone of voice when he says "Kazusa died! ^_^" and Hisoka delivers his line with a cruelly unsympathetic monotone. Yeah, let's all pick on Hijiri when [[IntergenerationalFriendship his best friend]] just died. To make matters worse, the anime version totally brushes off the fact that the eight year old they were trying to protect just died. Deaths in this series are usually treated with sympathy, but no one seems to care that Kazusa is dead! When she's back as a shinigami it's all over-shadowed by Hijiri. When Hijiri receives a gift basket from his three friends after his concert, who does he thank? Not Kazusa! Just Hisoka and Tsuzuki! I love bishies as much as the next YaoiFanboy, but still, give your best friend some credit, wouldja? Especially since she saved your freakin' life!
* Tropers/MicoolTNT: In ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf'', the [[spoiler:"out of order" sign rising up from the Japanese Nannichuan at the end of that story arc]]. Obviously, FailureIsTheOnlyOption where a cure for Ranma's curse is concerned, but comedy or not, an [[spoiler:"out of order" sign]] is an AssPull taken UpToEleven. Regardless of the fact that the "quest" was pretty bogus and {{Parodied}} many tropes, it should have still ended in a real reason why the cure was fake -- even if that reason was humorous, it should have made sense. It also highlighted the series' [[JumpedTheShark increasing reliance]] on the ResetButton to maintain StatusQuoIsGod.
* Tropers/AnimeKing1108: ''LightNovel/BakaToTestToShoukanjuu'': In the first episode "Idiots, Classes, and a Summoning War", during the placement exam, the Himeji has a medical emergency in the middle of class. Despite this, the teachers still failed her. I know Japan has high education standards, but that's just absurd. They wouldn't let her retake the test for something she had to go to the hospital for? AdultsAreUseless would be a compliment to these incompetent hacks. How did these people become educators?
** Tropers/{{Heroshii15}}: Then, in the first series finale, she's given the chance to take her test again and she erases her name so that she'll fail and end up back in the F-class with her friends. This is already talked about on the WhatAnIdiot page, but I must add that getting a zero for forgetting your name seems like a DisproportionateRetribution to me, and that this was a very blatant example of StatusQuoIsGod (A huge PetPeeveTrope of mine).
* Tropers/KantonKage: The ending to ''AquarionEvol'', [[spoiler:Mykage]] gets what he wants at the end. Despite his heinous actions such as: killing [[spoiler:Jin, Alicia and Izumo.]] Also the [[labelnote:two]]Zessica and Kagura[[/labelnote]] he didn't kill got hit with a ShipSinking so hard that they were forced to pull a IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy. The worst part however was that [[spoiler:Mikono]] apologized to him! Not cool.
* Tropers/{{Spacemonkey37}}: ''Manga/MagicalRecordLyricalNanohaForce'' got off to a bad start, what with the boring protagonist who is [[RememberTheNewGuy already known and loved by the entire cast]], and its complete disregard for the previously established world building, but when [[LadyOfWar Signum]] got hit with TheWorfEffect so that [[SmugSnake Cypha]] could show off how ridiculously overpowered the [[VillainSue Huckebein]] are, I pretty much threw in the towel.
* Tropers/AnimeKing1108: Episode nine of ''EurekaSeven'' titled "Paper Moon Shine" was when I finally decided to give up on this series. Out of nowhere, Holland decides to beat up Renton for no clearly given reason. The worst part of it was that nobody called him out on what he did and he [[KarmaHoudini got away with it]]. That was when I realized that this series is just incredibly mean-spirited.
** Tropers/Sanfranman91: To make one thing absolutely clear, I really enjoyed the original ''EurekaSeven''. That said, it does not take a genius to recognize why so many of my friends gave up on the show after Episode 7 "Absolute Defeat", the one where Renton was given a "mission of utmost importance." What was this "mission", you ask? It was for Renton to dress like an absolute buffoon and be left out in public so the entire crew can laugh at him. Watching the entire crew pick on poor Renton for no reason whatsoever still makes me cringe today. Thank God the show improved dramatically since that rather disgusting episode.
* Tropers/{{Jackedup85}}: The final episode of ''EurekaSevenAO'' effectively poisons not just the sequel series, but [[HappyEndingOverride the original as well.]] The series had problems staying consistent and filling out plot holes throughout its entire run, but the moment that made me throw my cereal across the room was the revelation of what happened to [[spoiler:Ao's sister. It shows that human-coralian hybrids turn to rocks when exposed to high densities of trapar and die. That's right: Eureka and Renton are not able to have biological children in their home universe, as they horrifically learned through the stillbirth of their daughter.]] 1. Talk about a brutal and flat-out cruel DiabolusExMachina. [[spoiler:Creating a shocking death]] just to torture fan-favorite characters without purpose doesn't create good drama; it creates a ShockingSwerve that will surely trigger InternetBackdraft. 2. [[spoiler:So humans can live in high trapar and Coralians can live in high trapar, but a hybrid child can't]]? Tell that to the original series' last DVD's cover. 3. Even if Tomoki Kyoda created a legitimate excuse for this ludicrous rule, what Renton does next goes completely against the original's message of co-existence. [[spoiler:[[StrawmanHasAPoint I guess Dewey Novak is right,]] Scub Coral and Humans can't live together lest Renton later loses it and tries to kill off his first and only love's species]]. 4. It proves that Tomoki Kyoda thinks it's more dramatic to [[spoiler:have a ConvenientMiscarriage]] than to form dynamic relationships between family members, which is what a hack thinks.
** Tropers/KantonKage: And the final scene ends with [[spoiler:Ao possibly being {{Retgone}}d meaning he has nothing: [[ParentalAbandonment no family]], no [[TrueCompanions Team Pied Piper]], his LoveInterests [[ShipSinking nonexistent]]]]. [[AngstWhatAngst Why are you smiling Ao?]]
** Tropers/{{Sanfranman91}}: Remember the Gekko, the ship where Renton, Eureka, Holland, and the entire crew lived together and where they all thoroughly developed as characters and became stronger because of it? Yeah, upon its arrival, [[spoiler:Eureka]] was the only original series character to come out of it, which was disappointing but somewhat understandable. The real DMOS involving the ship, however, came in Episode 14, [[spoiler:when Generation Blu scuttles the ship, all so that the Japanese can't get their hands on it. What's worse, the show couldn't even muster some shred of respect to the iconic ship upon its rather unceremonious sinking, which left a truly bad taste in my mouth when I first saw this.]] In hindsight, I should have seen the sequel's lack of respect to the original story coming.
* Tropers/AustinDR: In the second season of ''SquidGirl'', there was the third episode in which Alex (Sanae's dog) gets jealous of Squid Girl, and bites her on the leg [[DisproportionateRetribution just because Sanae showed more affection towards Ika Musume rather than him]]. Sanae then comes up with the solution to have Ika walk Alex. After going through a lot of trials and tribulations, you could say that they formed a respect for each other; only to have that respect go completely out the window when Sanae [[WhatAnIdiot still shows more affection towards Ika and not seeming to remember that that was the reason for his animosity towards Ika in the first place]]. So at the end, he bites Squid Girl on the leg again, and StatusQuoIsGod. The first part of the episode could've worked had Sanae also given Alex a hug, but no, she just has to completely ignore him for Squid Girl, even though it's blatant that Squid Girl dislikes her.
* Tropers/{{Dellanotte}}: So, several chapters of ''SoulEater'' included build-up to [[spoiler:the BigGood's death]], including a surprisingly serious conversation between [[spoiler:Shinigami-sama]] himself and Excalibur, with the latter assuring the former that he'll be sure to look after [[spoiler:Death the Kid.]] So his charge in question finally walks in in denial, demanding where [[spoiler:his]] one parent is. The answer? Excalibur, in signature pose, declaring that "Fool! He died!" Which is harsh. Beyond harsh, especially as this kid blames [[spoiler:himself, since his own ascension to power assured the death of his father.]] Naturally, a TakeUpMySword speech follows as [[spoiler:Kid]] re-avows to make this awesome, sorely missed parent proud. Or at least attempts to. Excalibur, of course, talks over the whole thing, in what is probably supposed to be a spoof of the whole dramatic "I will not fail you" speech. Instead of being funny, it fully cements this self-absorbed fish-dog-reject as a weapon nobody should want, because here's a kid crying over the loss of a parent and Excalibur's talking about going out for Yakiniku. Yes, thrice-cursed, completely unnecessary and inappropriate Yakiniku. Who does that to a kid? The fish-dog-reject who should finally go to California, the least-populated desert in California we can find, and stay there.
*** Tropers/{{NTroper}}: The same chapter began with Maka crying over Spirit's HeroicSacrifice. When Spirit reveals he's fine, we have a lead up to a heartwarming reunion... [[DudeNotFunny And then Maaka runs right past him and hugs Marie-sensei who is behind him.]] Ungrateful, much?
* Tropers/{{Mightymoose101}} barely one episode into ''ZeroNoTsukaima F'' and the show's already shocked me to my fucking core. To wit; Saito, once again, gets into an argument with Louise. What's it about this time? He suspects that she's eyeing up another man. Now, normally I'd just pull up their long history together as proof of how fucking stupid and irrational his jealous is here. But who does he think she's interested in? The Pope. He's worried that she may be eyeing up and intending to form a relationship with the most holy man on the planet who's dedicated his whole life to religious pursuit. Saito, I doubt the Pope's gonna fucking violate his vow of celibacy and spit in God's face in order to shag it up with the girl who's shown time and time again that she loves you completely.
* Tropers/PhilipMarie: ''Manga/KenichitheMightiestDisciple'' and its excessive use of {{Fanservice}}. I mean seriously. To wit, when Miu [[spoiler:is kidnapped by Silcardo Jenazad as she's falling off a building]] and [[spoiler:Kenichi is helpless because he himself got knocked off said building]], the way she is drawn is so indecent that it almost totally ruins such a dramatic moment. Why'd the mangaka choose this time to provide some fanservice?
* Tropers/IlovedededeAGAIN: ''KirbyOfTheStars'' episode 12 (13 in dub) "Escargoon Squad". Escargon scaring Dedede out of his wits with a ghost (in the dub we're never told who the ghost's name was) was not funny. Not only that, this episode gives a glimpse of Dedede's abusive nature by showing him chasing Escargon with a chainsaw! Thankfully this scene never made it into the dub version (probably because it was too violent for kids to see). But even without the chainsaw scene, the episode's main point is that Dedede likes abusing his minions.
* Tropers/SeaMaid96: The second episode in the third season of the anime ''Gag Manga Biyori''. As somebody who likes insects, and had several species as my favorite animals for most of my childhood, I was rather excited at the thought of an episode starring a kid (called Tooru) who likes insects. I expected a fun parody of {{edutainment show}}s and maybe some new facts. Enter Doctor Insect (yes, this is a character who takes MeaningfulName to the extreme). Dr. Insect is despicable in general, but his worst moment comes halfway through the story: [[spoiler:he strips in front of Tooru, who is in third grade, and shows off his privates. When Tooru says that he doesn't want to see them, the Doctor just says "So you say the same thing as my daughter..." with what comes out as a CreepyMonotone]]. Jokes of that kind just are [[DudeNotFunny not funny]], especially not with such young people as victims.
* Tropers/{{Raxis}}: Episode 8 of ''LightNovel/{{Toradora}}'' titled "For Whose Sake?". Ami challenges Taiga to a swimming contest, and Taiga, despite being very aware that she has SuperDrowningSkills, agrees to it anyways. Over a few days she attempts to train, despite being so nervous she can barely put her head underwater. Then, literally the day before the contest she tries to swim - and [[InstantExpert discovers she can effortlessly swim at amazing speeds]]. The day of the contest she cheats by kicking Ami into the water, savagely attacking her underwater and stealing her bikini top, and nobody calls her out on this. After a bizarre series of extremely stupid events, Ryuuji ends up knocked out underwater and Taiga fishes him out - and then forbids anyone else provide him any care because "they had been distracted by Ami's bikini" or somesuch. She was evidently dissatisfied at the speed with which everyone else reacted, as we have nobody's word but her own to go on they were allowing Ryuuji to drown. Taiga's out-of-nowhere swimming talent, excessive cheating, the unlikely sequence of events that saw Ryuuji in danger and Taiga's over the top reaction afterwards ruined the whole episode.
* Tropers/{{Legomaniac90}}: This troper enjoyed ''Anime/SailorMoon'' S, but the end of the season left a bitter taste in his mouth. It starts out with CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming as Michiru and Haruka give baby Hotaru back to her father. However, Haruka then mentions one more thing to do, and from there it all goes downhill. Said thing is to approach Sailor Moon while she's still depressed from losing Hotaru, and [[KicktheDog denigrate her, throw a rock at her, and generally act like a bunch of pricks]]. The two main reasons they are upset are (and I kid you not) "Usagi, you were too kind!" and "You risked the Earth by protecting the Soldier of Destruction!" Then they flat out say that Usagi shouldn't be a queen. First off, it's not their decision, since Usagi happens to be Princess Serenity and they are supposed to serve her (not the other way around). Second, how dare they get angry about Usagi risking the Earth when they did next-to-nothing to help the Inner Senshi and actually hindered them on several occasions? Thirdly, if they think Usagi was being too kind when she protected Hotaru, [[FridgeLogic why'd they give Hotaru to her father? She (presumably at this point) still has the power to destroy the Earth.]] And lastly, unlike them, Usagi actually has saved the world not once, but twice (four times counting the movies made up to this point).
** MsCC93: One moment that infuriated me was in episode 61 "Huge Shock for Usagi! Mamoru Declares a Break Up" when Chibi-Usa [[PottyFailure wets the bed,]] and Usagi gets misblamed and gets punished for it, and Shingo makes fun of her for it. It came off as mean-spirited rather than funny. I'll be honest here. I loathe Shingo. I think he's an annoying and useless character and he does nothing good for the show but to annoy Usagi. Plus, the fact that viewers are supposed to agree with him annoying Usagi makes it more infuriating and makes me loathe his character even more. I know Usagi is supposed to be the ButtMonkey, but this moment took her ButtMonkey status to ridiculous lengths. Not cool.
* Tropers/LinTaylor: Don't get me wrong, I love ''LightNovel/HaiyoreNyarkoSan'' in just about every way, but then we get episode 6 of ''Nyarko-San W'' titled "I'll Try to Act it Out". Mahiro has to pretend to be Cuuko's fiancée in order to get her cousin off her back, while Nyarko goes through your standard ClingyJealousGirl reactions. Then when the group goes to a restaurant, Nyarko pulls Mahiro aside and begs him to just put an end to it; rather thoughtlessly, he tells her "If it bugs you that much, just go home", at which point her pain stops being comical. Then comes Nyarko's AnguishedDeclarationOfLove, where she talks about how painful this incident has been and the fact that Mahiro's [[CanNotSpitItOut refusal to just say if he likes her or not]] is driving her crazy. His response to all this? "You've been going on for a while now, are you done yet?" I do like Mahiro as a character (I kind of see some of my younger self in him), but when he said that line I just wanted to punch him right in the face and chew him out for having the emotional sensitivity of a rock. A young woman is having an emotional breakdown right in front of you; Lovecraftian creature or not, would it really kill you to give her a damn hug or something?
* Tropers/AndyJay: Episode 8 of ''SuiseiNoGargantia'' titled "Separation", when Ledo departs to fight the Whalesquid[[spoiler:/Hideauze]] and leaves Amy behind in tears. Her crying is somewhat understandable given that she has a slight crush on him, but her subsequent statement to Bellows about Ledo being "in torment" and how she'd seen "the real Ledo" after the dance was a bit too {{Narm}}y for what should've been a genuinely poignant scene. No, Amy, Ledo has been trying to tell you that he's been fighting the Hideauze [[ChildSoldier his whole life]]; cold combat mode is "the real him". Meanwhile Melty, one of her best friends whom she's presumably known for much of her life (as opposed to a couple months at best with Ledo), is joining Ledo on a departing ship. Amy doesn't even seem the slightest bit concerned about her, even though Melty's also putting her life at risk from a possible Whalesquid attack (which Gargantia was in deadly fear of just two episodes before). Needless to say, this marks the decline of a previously vibrant, independent leading lady into a shallow cheerleader who [[ShallowLoveInterest likes Ledo for very vaguely defined reasons]].
* Alvarocasalino: While I liked a lot the ''Anime/BunnyDrop'' anime (which was cute and heartwarming) [[EndingAversion I loathe the manga ending]] since it manages to ruin and in a spectacular way all what was good and charming about the anime and the first half of the manga. To summarize it [[spoiler:there is a revelation that Rin and Daikichi aren't blood-related and they get married]]. In the anime series, Rin and Daikichi had a very heartwarming father-daughter relationship, so even when [[spoiler:they aren't actually blood-related]] this ending still has a creepy and inappropiate feeling, especially considering that [[spoiler:Daikichi raised Rin as his daughter for ''ten years'', so changing that kind of relationship just for the revelation of not being blood-related feels forced and out of character for him]].
* {{theAdeptrogue}}: ''Manga/SketDance'', halfway through the Happy Birthday Arc, [[spoiler:Bossun discovered that his mother and sister are actually not his biological family]] and started {{Wangst}}ing about [[spoiler:how they are strangers]]. I mean, what? [[spoiler:He knew them his whole life, and was raised among them, and he immediately called them "strangers" just because they're not blood related?]]
* DiscoGlacier: Episode 8 of ''Anime/GirlsUndPanzer'' titled "Against Pravda!", in which [[IdiotBall Oarai ignores Miho's carefully thought-out strategy]] [[LeeroyJenkins in favor of a last-minute idea to rush their opponent]], Prava, [[BullyingADragon despite Prava having more and stronger tanks than them]]. Their recklessness leads to them [[spoiler:following a decoy into Prava's trap]], despite Oarai themselves having used this tactic before and thus should've known better. This is especially [[WallBanger cringe-worthy]] considering that the fate of [[spoiler:Oarai Girls' Academy]] rested on this one battle, and that both the Student Council and Kawashima knew about this; why would they support such a risky tactic if it was going to [[spoiler:needlessly jeopardize their school]]? Despite this, the episode's not all bad: the Prava girls are interesting characters, and their [[AwesomeMusic musical number]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=preEB840TXs is kickass]].
* Loekman3: The [[EsotericHappyEnding so-called happy ending]] of ''Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicles'' is an absolute DMOS because CLAMP apparently did not understand the implications. You see, in the ending, Syaoran must keep moving as price for his continued existence with Kurogane, Fai and Mokona coming along with him. Sakura decides to stay apparently because she will make Syaoran's journey miserable if she accompanies him thanks to the dream, why didn't she try to change this future by making a deal with Watanuki I have no clue. But not only time flows differently within each worlds but Syaoran also cannot stay long enough to spend time with Sakura and must continue travelling, in other words by the time Syaoran manages to return back, Sakura would have most likely either passed away or become an old lady, essentially dooming the [=SakuSyao=] couple to be separated for eternity. [[YouCantFightFate I guess the clones cannot change the future to keep them together in the end after all]].
* [=KantonKage=]: The finale to ''Anime/ValvraveTheLiberator'',
## First it was the crowd's reaction; believing the revelation that Magius exposure was fake despite it being on live TV!
## Also X-Eins' SenselessSacrifice. Wasn't this guy supposed to be TheStrategist? What was with that LeeroyJenkins-esque attack?
## The fate of the ARUS President, only for the simple fact that he got away with murdering innocent teenagers, only so he could keep his job.
## [[spoiler:Haruto's death]]. Unlike [[spoiler:Marie]], who lost 3 years of memories and not only survived the first time but was a failed prototype, [[spoiler:Haruto]] lost nearly twice as many memories in one battle.
** [=LDragon2=]: And before all that, we had Saki's complete abandonment by the rest of the [[DesignatedHero "heroes"]], which led to her capture by A-Drei, and subsequent humiliation via torture bag and public execution. The fact that none of the main cast even gave a rip about her before leaving Earth, instead returning home and celebrating festivities while she was still out there really made me angry. Sure, just ignore the fact that one of your pilots and former idol could be getting tortured right now, and instead focus on having fun. WhatTheHellHero
* [=InTheGallbladder=]: On the one hand, ''Anime/KillLaKill'' is chock full of awesome and genuinely respectable characters. On the other hand, Trigger seriously screwed up when writing some of the series' villains. Case in point: ''This Girl Can't Help It'', wherein Ragyo [[spoiler:gets in the bath with Satsuki, sexually molests her while prattling about the nudity taboo,]] and calls it "ritual purification". So, not only does she yak about clothes being the original sin, spout trite slogans in foreign languages (her [[OminousLatinChanting leitmotif]] is one such slogan), and consider her second-in-command too artistic to take orders, but she's [[spoiler:a sexual predator]] to boot? Nope, not gonna like her, you can't make me.
** Gene0129: The [[spoiler:molestation]] on Satsuki was bad enough as it is, but it gets worse when you realize [[spoiler:that Ragyo is her biological mom]].
** @/SomeNewGuy: While [[spoiler:Ryuko's FaceHeelTurn by MindRape]] led to such badass moments as [[spoiler:Satsuki donning Senketsu]] and [[spoiler:Nui finally being brought down a peg]], I have to take issue with the events that directly preceded this, namely [[spoiler:Ryuko bitterly delivering multiple hateful, spiteful {{The Reason You Suck Speech}}es to all the people she developed bonds with for the past 17 episodes before outright abandoning them out of spite]]. To me, the idea that [[spoiler:Ryuko would instantly do a complete 180 in personality and abandon her closest friends, all because she found out her mother was the BigBad]], completely flew in the face of all the CharacterDevelopment Ryuko had gotten in the series up to this point.
* {{Ecclytennysmithylove}}: Don't get me wrong, I love Creator/{{Funimation}}'s GagDub of ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'' and I [[GushingAboutShowsYouLike gush at the dubbed accents of every nation, especially Germany who happens to be my favorite character]]. But one thing that pushed me into writing this entry is the dubbed short "Let's Play Soccer!" in episode 48. Basically, Germany is trying to read, but Italy continues to interrupt him by asking to play soccer. Then, Italy starts to bat Germany's hand between his own hands (to imitate a soccer ball) and suddenly makes a strange gesture. And what does Germany respond back in aggravation? He shouts at Italy, [[DudeNotFunny "Are you vanting me to gas you?!"]] [[{{Beat}} Excuse me for a moment...]] the character Germany, as we all remember in the original Japanese ''Hetalia'' canon, [[PunctuatedForEmphasis would! Never! Say! Such! Thing!]] Look, Creator/{{Funimation}}, aside from the fact that your dubbing/distribution company is based in a bigoted U.S. state -that is, y'know, Texas-, I praised you for replacing [[Creator/FourKidsEntertainment 4Kid's]] horrible bowdlerized dub of ''Manga/OnePiece'' with your accurate uncut dub and for giving me the hilarious gag dubs of ''Anime/ShinChan'' and ''Manga/SgtFrog''. But when you combined the character Germany with AllGermansAreNazis stereotypes, you're not only offending some several ''Hetalia'' fans who are probably Jewish but you're also destroying the reputation of Germany fans, including me. Thank god the GagDub script was toned down in later ''Hetalia'' dubbed episodes.
** Tropers/CJCroen1393: You think that's bad? What about Germany's comment to South Italy earlier in episode 7? Basically, Romano (South Italy) is constantly trying to get Germany's goat. At one point he says that he's "got something for [Germany]". Germany's response? "Great. Vhat is it, another Jew?" Okay, wow. [[DudeNotFunny Just... wow]]. That... I don't even need to explain why that's offensive. I will give them points for historical accuracy (yes, [[TruthInTelevision in real life Southern Italy did provide Nazi Germany with prisoners]]), but that doesn't excuse the offensiveness of the so-called "joke".
* @/MadMan400096: ''LightNovel/GoldenTime'' was ultimately a good, if occasionally {{narm}}y show, but the ending really soured it for me. For context, the final few episodes had been setting up a great {{A|nAesop}}esop about how while the past should not be forgotten, moving on is still the best thing to do, and since Banri's old memories were returning to replace the new ones, he could move on, with his friends doing the same. It would make for a great BittersweetEnding... if they'd actually followed through. Instead, we get [[spoiler:the intervention of Ghost Banri more or less making the arc seem pointless, and the series ending with everyone, for all intents and purposes, [[BrokenAesop going back to live in the fucking past]].]] Basically, an otherwise decent show throwing away its own raison d'être. Weak.
* {{Ecclytennysmithylove}}: As far as I'm a huge fan of ''Anime/SpaceDandy'', episode 7 "A Race in Space is Dangerous, Baby" [[FanonDiscontinuity never existed]]; [[spoiler:[[TheUnreveal we never found out who won the race]]]]. I understand that {{Gainax Ending}}s can always happen in every bizarre anime, but this one was just ridiculous!
* Gene0129: [[spoiler:Walter's betrayal]] in ''Manga/{{Hellsing}}''. Not only was this one of the bigger {{Asspull}}s in anime, the logic given after was flimsy. This is the same guy who gladly [[spoiler:served Integra for most of his life, and was loyal.]] There were no hints to him being [[spoiler:TheMole the entire time]] prior to this happening.
* {{JG98}}: ''ACertainMagicalIndex'', NT Volume 9. [[spoiler:So, basically, [[VillainSue One-Eyed Othinus]] gets suddenly redeemed after spending 8 and a half volumes being a complete bitch who didn't care how many people she had to kill or hurt in order to get what she wanted, and after destroying the world and putting Touma through sheer Hell multiple times. And [[IdiotHero Touma]] is even willing to defend her from his friends (Index and Mikoto above all) and become the enemy of the world just for the sake of a mass murderess whose HeelFaceTurn was just as much of an AssPull as Accelerator's]]. Many others are singing praises and saying this is the best volume ever, but in my opinion, this just cemented how much it's impossible for me to like Touma as a protagonist, and how much of a VillainSue Othinus is.
* Tropers/{{Blatch}}: ''LightNovel/SwordArtOnline'' 's Alfheim arc has a scene where Asuna, having made an escape from her birdcage prison, wanders into the room where Sugou is keeping everyone's brains held hostage. While that is somewhat disgusting, it's just a backdrop for what horrible act happens next: Asuna finds the terminal controlling her brain, and is this close to deactivating it (thus, freeing herself from the game), when a strange slug monster with tentacles grapples her from the terminal, and then dangles her in the air for a few seconds... wow. [[SeasonalRot Out of all the wrong from an arc that many other fans hate]], I found this to be the worst (even worse than the climax, which had [[spoiler:AttemptedRape]]). Due to Sugou's LargeHam tendacies, I actually was able to enjoy it, simply because the tentacle monsters did not have any right to actually be like that, the whole scene was unecessary to begin with (if the anime dropped several scenes of importance to the plot, why couldn't a non-important scene be dropped as well?), and overall, it just seemed like a vain attempt to please someone's sexual preference.
** Tropers/{{KantonKage}}: Kirito calling Sugou worse than Kayaba. While Sugou is indeed a CompleteMonster, his crimes pale in comparison to Kayaba. The former was responsible for kidnapping 10,000 people and doesn't care that over 3,300 people died at his hands. While the latter kidnaps 300 and goes for an AttemptedRape. So I got the feeling was that AMillionIsAStatistic and that [[RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil rape is the only true crime]].
* {{Loekman3}}: Unlike the manga version of ''Manga/CardCaptorSakura'' in which every single plot point is resolved and confirmed that [[OfficialCouple Sakura and Syaoran]] are living happily ever after, the ending of the second movie does not. It just ends with Sakura jumping to hug Syaoran and that's it, [[SequelHook no sequels]], no extra materials or anything, just an [[TsubasaReservoirChronicle alternate universe reboot]]. Not only do we never see them hugging each other, but too many plot threads are also unresolved, like Sakura giving the teddy bear to Syaoran, Eriol halving his power with [[spoiler:Fujitaka]], the other character's like [[BigBrotherInstinct Touya's]] reaction to their confessions, or even a [[TheStinger stinger]] showing what happens to the couple or hell, any other character besides the Kero and Spinnel special that does not reveal anything. In short, a [[MaybeEverAfter terrible hastily written ending]] by CLAMP that is on par with Tsubasa and XXXHolic in how bad it is.
* Tropers/KashimaKitty: ''Anime/MagicalAngelCreamyMami'' Episode 37 - "Marian's Eyes", the episode involves the titular cursed wedding dress that causes the wearer to become possessed by its original owner who had committed suicide, compelling them to do the same. Throughout the episode Mami investigates a conspiracy that leads her to be stalked by shady men, narrowly avoid being deliberately crushed by a truck, kidnapped by said shady men, stripped and dressed in the titular wedding dress while unconscious, and witness Megumi die in her arms... only for it to all turn out to be a movie that was being filmed, with her as the star. Everyone was in on it except Mami, who was kept in the dark because they wanted to film "real terror." Even in her transformed state Mami can't be older than 16, and not only would this be a very scarring experience for her, but doing such a thing would be ILLEGAL! And the worst they get for it is Mami tearfully shouting "I hate you all!" in a manner that's clearly played for laughs.