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{{Deadpan Snarker}}s in VideoGames.

* Ayane of ''VideoGame/DeadOrAlive'' and ''VideoGame/NinjaGaiden'' fame often dips into this, typically in her ''[=DOA=]'' win quotes. One such gem is:
--> '''Ayane''': "Y'know, you're supposed to ''watch'' your opponent when you fight."
* Lin from ''[[VideoGame/AdvanceWars Advance Wars: Days of Ruin]]''. Especially in the Tactics briefings, and especially towards Will. She's arguably that much more badass because of it, though.
** She's got it down to a science. Consider her response to a question from Dr. Morris, one of the few likable civilians in the game and possibly the one remaining person with a sense of humor.
-->'''Dr. Morris:''' Honestly! Where is your sense of humor?
-->'''Lin:''' It was shot off in the war. Very sad.
* Given what few comments Mike Thorton from ''VideoGame/AlphaProtocol'' delivers without you having to pick his responses, he would appear to default to snarkiness when he's not deliberately acting otherwise. Play a suave Thorton and practically every line he delivers will be snark.
* Saki Tsuzura from the [[ImprobablyFemaleCast all-female]] fighting game ''VideoGame/ArcanaHeart'' has some win quotes that have her flatly criticizing an opponent's skill and/or mindset.
* Shaun from ''Franchise/AssassinsCreed''. Very rarely does he say anything (history nerd rants exempt) that ''isn't'' sarcastic and dickish. He also delivers the funniest moments in ''Brotherhood'', and has a fair share of humor in ''AC II''. Even his database entries, in every game they appear, are filed with sarcastic notes. It's always worth a read.
** "We're assassins. [[ShapedLikeItself We assassinate people.]] Should I look it up for you?"
** ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedI'' has Malik, who spends the better part of the game giving Altaïr nothing ''but'' snark.
** ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedIII has Haytham Kenway, Ziio and later Connor, who are all pretty snarky. Connor's snark especially comes as a surprise, because he is normally so quiet.
** ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedIVBlackFlag'' has Edward as a more... vulgar example.
-->'''Templar:''' What's your name?
-->'''Edward:''' Captain Piss-Off
* (Pictured) Kazooie from ''VideoGame/BanjoKazooie'', due to both plain snarkyness and being fairly GenreSavvy. Apparently this was supposed to be reduced in ''Nuts & Bolts''. [[NoFourthWall Oops.]]
** According to the [[AllThereInTheManual first game's manual,]] Red Crested Breegulls are pretty much all {{Deadpan Snarker}}s, though the only one of those we ever see is Kazooie.
* Both The Bard and the unnamed narrator (as voiced by the late Tony Jay), in the 2004 version of ''VideoGame/TheBardsTale''. They trade barbs to each other about the ridiculous things that happen in the game. In fact, "snarky" is a actual in game option to chose when engaging in dialogue.
-->'''Narrator:''' And then the Bard looted the chest, which contained the widow's most precious... Wait a minute. Did I read that properly? You're ''[[KleptomaniacHero stealing]]'' from her?\\
'''The Bard:''' I wouldn't call it ''stealing'', exactly. I mean, people leave ''all kinds'' of things in chests, and [[LampshadeHanging they never seem to object when I help myself.]] Think of it as a public service. I mean, who knows how cluttered these chest might become if I didn't do my part to help clean 'em out?\\
'''Narrator:''' In hindsight, I'm surprised it took the Bard this long to get his hands on Mary's chest.
* Guillo from VideoGame/BatenKaitos. Its hilarious sarcasm alone could make ''Origins'' worth playing.
-->'''Guillo:''' Who throws barrels at people? [[ShoutOut What are you]], [[VideoGame/DonkeyKong some monkey who's run off with a pretty wench]]?
* ''{{VideoGame/Bayonetta}}'' is pretty much a world of snark, but the titular character, Bayonetta, usually tops herself. She faces the likes of angels, demons, and even gods and she will usually meet them head on with good dose of snark and innuendo. [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness However, when she drops the snark that's when you know things are about to get very messy]].
* The role-playing rhythm-game ''VideoGame/BeforeTheEcho'' (formerly ''Sequence'') has the two main characters, Ky and Naia, as well as anyone else they can drag in to their snarkier conversations (notably the fourth and fifth floor bosses). Outside of the [[SeriousBusiness very serious]] portions, the game is effectively made up of nothing but snark and [[IncrediblyLamePun puns]]. Even the tutorial video on Steam is filled with snark, for instance only mentioning [[HitPoints HP]] briefly and stating that if you can't figure out that you need to keep it above zero, they can't help you.
* ''VideoGame/BlazBlue'' has two resident snarkers: [[JerkAss Jin Kisaragi]] and [[ElegantGothicLolita Rachel Alucard]].
** For Jin:
--> ''[[WideEyedIdealist Bang]] talking to an injured Jin in Ronin-Gai''
--> '''Bang''': Yes, it is true that you have brought terrible misery upon the people of Ikaruga. My hatred for you will never be enough. However, a true warrior of Ikaruga would never leave an injured man to die. You may be our sworn enemy, but for now, you are unsworn.\\
'''Jin''': Are you telling me to stay here and heal my wounds or something?\\
'''Bang''': Indeed I am.\\
'''Jin''': No wonder you lost. There is but one goal in war and that is victory. Also, if your opponent outclasses you, then striking before he can retaliate is an absolute must. Your idiocy is truly astounding.\\
'''Bang''': Well, as you have said... many times... [[ObfuscatingStupidity I am an idiot]].
** And:
--> ''Jin and [[NiceGal Makoto]] walking together''
--> '''Makoto''': Oh, look at them go! It's so peaceful here.\\
'''Jin''': "Noisy" would be much more accurate.\\
'''Makoto''': Do you always have to be so cynical?
** And Rachel has these gems:
--> Why, hello, Ragna. As ever, your face reminds me of nature's cruel sense of humor.
--> I thought perhaps death would humble you somewhat, but now I see that was a foolish hope.
--> Very well then. If you insist. We will have three orders of this... puffed fish. Do try and make at least one of them edible.
--> If you really cherish that doll of yours, perhaps you should only play with her at home. It would be such a terrible shame if something bad were to happen to her...
* ''VideoGame/BodyBlows'': From this largely now forgotten fighting game series made for the UsefulNotes/{{Amiga}} series of computers and consoles by Creator/Team17 is Mike. He is a Wall Street who is among a roster of fighters including street fighters, martial artists, robots, and aliens ([[FightingClown and still manages to fight on equal footing]] thanks to his inexplicable [[BlowYouAway wind powers]]) who frequently gives out [[BackhandedApology sarcastic apologies]] during battles. It was (and to some extent [[CultClassic today still is]]) part of the reason why he is EnsembleDarkhorse by the series' fan base.
* An interesting case in ''[[VideoGame/{{Bomberman}} Bomberman 64 The Second Attack]]'' where Bomberman himself, despite being portrayed as a HeroicMime in the game, is revealed to actually be a deadpan snarker after getting the good ending which goes back and shows what the White Bomber was saying in most of game's cutscenes. Most of which are snarky comebacks directed at his comic relief partner, [[RidiculouslyCuteCritter Pommy]].
* Jimmy from ''VideoGame/{{Bully}}''.
-->'''Mrs. Hopkins''': Jimmy, please say something.
-->'''Rich Guy''': James...
-->'''Jimmy''': What? Who're you? Mom, I thought you told me never to talk to strangers.
-->'''Mrs. Hopkins''': Like I said before, Jimmy, please be nice to your new stepfather.
-->'''Jimmy''': OK, Rich Guy, I love it that you're twice as old as my grandfather and you're fat and bald.
-->'''Mrs. Hopkins''': That's enough! I've had it with you, you little brat!
-->'''Rich Guy''': You've upset your mother! I've got half a mind to beat you!
-->'''Jimmy''': Half a mind is right. Suddenly, he realizes!
-->'''Mrs. Hopkins''': I can't believe you, you little monster! We'll deal with you when we get back from our honeymoon, next year.
-->'''Rich Guy''': Here we are, boy. Bullworth Academy. Have fun, Jimmy. I'll think of you from our cruise ship. [Mrs. Hopkins laughs]
-->'''Jimmy''': Whatever.
** Gary as well:
-->"Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce Femboy! The girliest boy in our school. Say Petey, don't you have some imaginary friends to annoy?"
-->"Don't worry, Jimmy, it's only something I came up with. It's "sink or swim", my friend. And if you're good at swimming, you gotta let the losers drown."
-->"Ecstatic! I love watching two morons beat the crap out of each other!"
-->"Let me see - uhh, it's Halloween. All the prefects are at some party and the teachers are 'entertaining' - I use the word loosely - the kids. No, I'd say the opportunities for fun are pretty much nil."
* Carol's comments from the ''VideoGame/CarolReedMysteries'' really reflect her dry humour.
* Trilby in ''[[VideoGame/ChzoMythos 5 Days a Stranger]]'' definitely feels snarky... and can you blame him?
* ''VideoGame/CliveBarkersUndying'': Ambrose Covenant, of all people.
--> [[spoiler: Father always said "self-reflection is the key to enlightenment." Allow me to reflect on this day. How could I have saved my father from a slow, painful death? I could have hit him harder.]]
* Captain Nick "Havoc" Parker in ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquerRenegade''. (That's right--not any one instance, ''the whole game.'')
* Some units in the Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite factions of ''VideoGame/CompanyOfHeroes'' can be sarcastic, like the crews of the Ostwind and Pak 38.
-->'''Pak 38 Crew:''' (''after being ordered to camouflage'') Sure we'll hide this...giant gun.
** And:
-->'''Panzer Grenadier:''' I ordered this rain especially for you Deihnhard...
** And of course:
-->'''Ostwind Tank Commander:''' Rain.....open-top tank.....fucking great engineering...
* Surprisingly, ''VideoGame/DarksidersII'' has its own snarker in the form of Death, the leader of the Horseman. Despite his ominous appearance and penchant for visceral attacks, he has no shortage of sarcastic remarks.
* ''VideoGame/DawnOfWar'' has:
** Eliphas the Inheritor, especially with the Orks:
--->'''Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unter:''' 'Ere I come, Chaos Boyz
--->'''Eliphas the Inheritor:''' Your subtlety ''astounds'' me, Ork.
** Gorgutz himself also has his moments, being [[GeniusBruiser much smarter than the average Ork]], but just as completely nuts.
--->'''Macabee:''' Death has come for you.
--->'''Gorgutz:''' Deff? You looks like [[Skelebot9000 a 'oomie dats needs some feedin']], metal boy.
* Frank West in ''[[VideoGame/DeadRising2 Dead Rising 2: Off the Record]]'', oh so very much.
** Before Frank, Chuck Greene. Where Frank, in the original ''VideoGame/DeadRising'', was freaking out over the newly occurring ZombieApocalypse, Chuck, who had dealt with Zombies for some years by the time he comes into play, gives the apocalypse a snarky one-liner and a Clint Eastwood-esque glare.
* Crypto in ''VideoGame/DestroyAllHumans''.
* PlayerCharacter JC Denton from ''VideoGame/DeusEx'' has a lot of snarky remarks here and there, and is not afraid to snark right in the main villains' faces.
-->'''JC Denton:''' A bomb's a bad choice for close-range combat.\\\
'''JC Denton:''' You mechs may have copper wiring to reroute your fear of pain, but I've got nerves of steel.\\\
'''Walton Simons:''' You take another step forward and here I am again, like your own reflection in a hall of mirrors.\\
'''JC Denton:''' That makes me one ugly son of a bitch. How'd my face get all marked up with bioelectrics?\\\
'''Bob Page:''' You're too late! Already I am more than human...\\
'''JC Denton:''' Does that mean I don't get the job?
** Alex in ''[[VideoGame/DeusExInvisibleWar Invisible War]]'' can get it from his/her brother.
** Depending on dialogue options, Adam Jensen from ''[[VideoGame/DeusExHumanRevolution Human Revolution]]'' can be quite snarky.
--->'''Pritchard:''' Jensen!\\
'''Jensen:''' How can I help you, Francis?\\
'''Pritchard:''' You know why I'm contacting you.\\
'''Jensen:''' The transmission that's making a mockery of your security efforts?
*** After being told that augs could be used in the classroom, and then witnessing a military aug blow up a bunch of test dummies:
---->'''Jensen:''' You're right, a teacher would just love to have one of those things.
*** This:
---->'''O'Malley:''' "Were you followed?"\\
'''Jensen:''' "Yeah. By a midget and a clown for a while, lucky they met the bearded woman they were looking for at a diner and we went our seprate ways."
** Later on [[spoiler: If you chose not to install the new chip at the LIMB clinic we get this before the fight with Namir]].
--->'''Jensen:''' Let me guess, [[spoiler: that was supposed to shut me down]] right?
* ''Franchise/{{Disgaea}}'' games are guaranteed to have at least one per game. It seems to be practically hard coded into demon's genes in fact.
* The protagonists you can choose, in ''VideoGame/DivinityOriginalSinII'', tend strongly towards the snarky. For example, this early exchange:
-->'''Sebille''': I could tell you about swamp dreamers too, if I chewed that much drudanae.\\
'''The Red Prince''': Oh, do hold your prickly tongue.
* Ling Tong's debut in ''VideoGame/DynastyWarriors'' portrayed him as a deadpan snarker, primarily to Gan Ning. Averted in the spin-off/crossover Warriors Orochi, where he's just an ass.
* ''Franchise/TheElderScrolls''
** Throughout the series, this is a common trait of the [[UnevenHybrid Breton]] race. They tend to be highly skeptical to the point of being {{Jerkass}}es, but can warm up to become more of a JerkWithAHeartOfGold. Likewise, members of the [[CatFolk Khajiit]] race have a propensity for being these.
** Dremora, an intelligent race of [[OurDemonsAreDifferent lesser Daedra]] EvilIsHammy {{Blood Knight}}s, typically [[PunyEarthlings look down on mortals]] and consider themselves to be the MasterRace of the ''ES'' universe. Dremora who become chummy with mortals (whether via forced servitude or voluntarily because the mortal has [[WorthyOpponent proven worthy]]) tend to speak like this in their dealings with said mortals.
** M'aiq the Lair is a recurring EasterEgg LegacyCharacter. M'aiq is a known a FourthWallObserver (and [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall Leaner]] and ''[[BreakingTheFourthWall Breaker]]'') who [[AuthorAvatar voices the opinions]] of the series' creators and developers, largely in the form of {{Take That}}s, to both the [[TakeThatAudience audience]] (given the ''ES'' UnpleasableFanbase) and isn't above above [[SelfDeprecation taking some]] at [[TakeThatUs Bethesda itself]]. Virtually all of this is delivered with deadpan sarcasm.
** In ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIIIMorrowind Morrowind]]'', the PlayerCharacter will will make some pithy Journal comments on occasion. Perhaps the best example is if you are a member of [[TheMagocracy Great House Telvanni]] and are on the quest to be named Telvanni Hortator. As House Telvanni actively practices KlingonPromotion and believes in MightMakesRight, you can simply kill all of the other Councilors rather than grovel for their votes. The Journal entry for completion of the quest dryly puts it: "As the sole surviving councilor of House Telvanni, I have declared ''myself'' Hortator of House Telvanni."
** ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIVOblivion Oblivion]]'': Haskill from in the ''Shivering Isles'' expansion. He's never ''not'' snarking at you.
** ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim Skyrim]]''
*** Lydia, who is very much a ServileSnarker as well. Though as of the ''Hearthfire'' DLC, her dialogue goes from snarky to warm, depending on how often you have her around, and how well you treat her.
*** Serana from the ''Dawnguard'' expansion. Half of her comments are about how awful the weather is (in a very sarcastic way), and the other half, which typically relies on you being next to some place, or someone important, are fittingly rips on said location/person. Doubly so if it's a cave.
*** The ''Dragonborn'' expansion adds the Dremora merchant. When summoned, he doesn't try to hide his contempt for mortals but will still act with some respect to the player.
*** The hireling Teldryn Sero, also from ''Dragonborn'', is made of this trope. Nearly everything that comes out of his mouth is something dryly disdainful or pessimistic about wherever you’re currently poking around. He’s even contemptuous of the [[WizardingSchool College of Winterhold]], calling it “amazing” in sarcastic tones.
*** The [[http://3dnpc.com/ Interesting NPCs]] GameMod brings Zora Fair-Child, who takes this trope and runs with it. Then throws it out the window. [[DropTheHammer Then smashes it to pieces with a two-handed hammer,]] [[RefugeInAudacity grinds it to dust, and throws it down the drain.]] Seriously, the mod is worth trying simply to go on adventuring with her.
** This is a trait of Cyrus the Restless, hero of the ActionAdventure spin-off game ''Redguard''. Every other word that comes out of his mouth is positively overflowing with snark.
* Aschen Brodel from ''[[VideoGame/EndlessFrontier Super Robot Taisen: OG Saga: Endless Frontier]]'' is one of these... when she's not being a GenkiGirl due to the mental effects of her SuperMode.
** About 1/3 of the dialogue in the game is snarking, deadpan or otherwise.
* The ability to select dialogue options allows you to be this in ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}}''. In fact, one of a set of optional quest rewards depends on your willingness to respond snidely to a variety of questions.
-->"Too... tired... to be... snide."
** Interesting, in that this particular quest has multiple rewards depending on success ''and'' your responses. The snide response line rewards one of the two generally considered best options.
** ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'' has more than its fair share of snarkers, as well.
-->'''The Courier:''' Caesar wants me to destroy this place.
-->'''Mr. House:''' Was that supposed to come as a shocking revelation?
* ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 4}}'' continues the tradition. The main character can be very much a StepfordSnarker in reaction to seeing the world they grew up turned to a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and many of the player's companions engage in this as well. [[MasterOfDisguise Deacon]], [[HardBoiledDetective Nick Valentine]] and [[IntrepidReporter Piper]] are clear standouts, but every companion except [[CanineCompanion Dogmeat]] will find ''something'' worth snarking about eventually.
* Since the game is about people with horrible backstories and their efforts to get past them, most of the cast of ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'' are snarkers to a degree. Even the TokenMiniMoe gets in [[LittleMissSnarker plenty of burns]] in whenever she's not acting cute. Even ''Shirou'' is an acute [[FirstPersonSmartass smartass and observer]] while narrating; he's just too polite to let the snark out most of the time. The best example, however, is [[ServileSnarker Archer]], who [[spoiler:despite being Shirou from the future,]] is much less polite, and spends most of his time making fun of his allies, his enemies, and his Rin. Rin herself enjoys messing with people [[PolitenessJudo politely]], but her favourite target is Shirou, since she can be as rude as she likes and Shirou is a funny masochist who ''likes'' arguing with her. The only main characters who don't snark are [[HaremNanny Taiga]], Saber and Sakura; but if you can get past the reserve and self-loathing respectively, you'll see that Sakura snarks with the best of them like [[spoiler:her sister]] Rin, and Saber's chivalrous politeness hides a sharp tongue which is revealed mainly due to Shirou's [[IdiotHero disregard for practicality]].
* The commentators in FIFA Soccer SportsGame tend to be this from time to time.
-->*an attacker sent a relatively tame shot to goal which the goalkeeper easily saved*
-->'''Commentator:''' Thank you very much, says the goalkeeper.
* ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'':
** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII'' has Laguna Loire's ThoseTwoGuys best friends, Kiros and Ward. Given that Laguna is a front-to-end IdiotHero, their moments are very common.
** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX'':
*** Lulu is ''so'' deadpan, they created Paine for ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX2'' because if they'd gone with their plan A of using Lulu, most of the banter would be shut down brutally early.
*** Auron, so much.
--->'''Auron:''' (''seeing Evrae, the guardian wyrm of Bevelle'') The red carpet has teeth.\\
'''Auron:''' Once Lady Yuna fixes her hair, we leave.\\
'''Auron:''' That Kinoc, a Maester?
** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII'': Balthier has this in spades.
--->'''Ashe''' ''trying to warn the part about the dangers inside the Tomb of Raithwall'' Only his descendants are suffered within. If we enter without proof of such lineage-
--->'''Balthier''' There's no guarantee we'll make it out alive. Vicious beasts. Fiendish traps. Something like that?
--->'''Ashe''' ''nodding'' Mhhm. But you must consider the prize. The Dawn Shard lies within. And Raithwalls treasure.
--->'''Balthier''' And there was I thinking this was going to be hard.
** Wol in ''VideoGame/MobiusFinalFantasy'' spends most of his time reacting to his fantastical world of magical creatures with the relentless, resigned sarcasm of a teenage boy at a boring theme park. He even effortlessly outsnarks [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIIRemake Cloud]] in his cameo, mocking his attitude problems.
** Noctis in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXV'' is known for his sarcastic sense of humor. Such as this exchange here:
--->'''Prompto''': Hey Ignis, how's it feel being away from the wheel?\\
'''Ignis''': Positively frightening.\\
'''Noctis''': What are you saying...?\\
'''Ignis''': That I'm no stranger to His Highness's [[DrivesLikeCrazy driving habits]].\\
'''Noctis''': [[SarcasmMode 'Preciate the confidence]].
* Given the fact that the series has LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters, ''Franchise/FireEmblem'' naturally has quite a few of these.
** [[CatFolk Ranulf]] from ''VideoGame/FireEmblemPathOfRadiance'' and ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemRadiantDawn Radiant Dawn]]'' is probably one of the best examples, though [[TheHero Ike]] himself is pretty good at it when Ranulf's not around; and it only sharpens with experience (or even when he is, in which sometimes their snark can be seen both in tandem and directed at eachother). If a character says something stupid, cliche, or overly hammy, or even if they don't, especially an enemy, expect either to have some kind of fitting, scathing barb on standby to throw back in their face. The results are some of the most priceless lines in the games.
---> ''fighting TheBlackKnight''\\
'''Ike''': It's his armor. It's impervious to damage.\\
'''Ranulf''': Great, then how are we going to hurt him? Angry looks?

---> '''Ranulf''': Ike..you're..\\
'''Ike''': ...Yes..?\\
'''Ranulf''': Dumb.\\
'''Ike''': WHAT!?!

--->''on a ship, talking to Volke, who refuses to eat with the rest of the company''\\
'''Ike''': All right, listen. Land? Big. Ship? Small. It's not the same thing!

** [[TheSpock Soren]] quite possibly tops the above two; he's always bursting everyone's collective bubble. If your name isn't Ike, you aren't safe.
** Tellius in general seems to be a gold mine of snark when it comes to main characters, [[{{Woolseyism}} especially in the English version]]; in fact, the only main characters in the heroic cast who aren't particularly snarky are probably Elincia, Mist, and Sothe. Let it not be forgotten how [[VideoGame/FireEmblemRadiantDawn Micaiah]] once said, in retort to Sothe's HeroWorship of Ike, "Ike, "hero" of the Mad King's War, leader of the Greil Mercenaries, and father of Sothe's children..."
** Raven and Legault from [[VideoGame/FireEmblemTheBlazingBlade the seventh game]] are also decent examples of snarkers, though Raven a bit more so. Hector's brother, Uther, also is also shown to be quite snarky when he appears.
** [[VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening Chrom]]. Hoo, boy... If anything outlandish happens, he will be among the first to lampshade it. This isn't so apparent in the main story, but in the DLC, he's the resident DeadpanSnarker, especially to [[CloudCuckoolander Old Hubba]].
---> '''Old Hubba:''' You may have to fight the same soldiers more than once to truly defeat them. The [[SummonMagic Einherjar]] can come back to life, you see. They're stubborn that way...\\
'''Chrom:''' Let me guess: It's something to do with the unique [[YearInsideHourOutside time-continuum thing]]...?\\
'''Old Hubba:''' Why, yes! How did you know!? Do you have the gift of foresight, as well!? Perhaps you have also prognosticated what we must do to stop them? Defeat them repeatedly to weaken them, and I can seal them back into their cards!\\
'''Chrom:''' Oh, sure! Best the greatest soldiers in history over and over again? [[SarcasmMode No problem!]]\\
'''Old Hubba''': [[SarcasmBlind That's the spirit!]]
** ''Awakening'' also has [[CrutchCharacter Frederick]], [[{{Yandere}} Tharja]], [[SweetTooth Gaius]], [[FluffyTamer Cherche]], [[BadassBookworm Miriel]], [[TheStoic Lon'qu]], [[LargeAndInCharge Basillo]], [[BloodKnight Priam]] (especially appropriate considering [[spoiler:he's supposedly Ike's descendant]]) [[OneOfTheBoys Kjelle]], [[{{Tsundere}} Severa]], [[PlayerCharacter Robin/The Avatar]]... Even ''[[TheComicallySerious Lucina]]'' gets in on it on occasion.
** While not necessarily enough to make them this trope, it's common for a [[TheHero Lord]] to say something snarky at least once in their game. [[YouHaveGotToBeKiddingMe Especially if things start to get stupid]].
** And then from ''VideoGame/FireEmblemEchoesShadowsOfValentia'', we have Boey:
-->'''Mae''': Wow, he gets a lot less moody when the mask comes off, huh?\\
'''Boey''': Almost as if he pretends to be someone else while in disguise. ...Imagine that.
** Also from ''Shadows Of Valentia''/''Gaiden'', while not to the extent of Ike, [[TheHero Alm]] is another Lord who makes snarky comments every so often:
---> '''Alm''': It's alright. The peasant—whose name is Alm—will get over it.
* Henry and Delilah in ''VideoGame/{{Firewatch}}'' are this. When they talk, they occasionally like to banter with each other.
* Damon Baird of ''VideoGame/GearsOfWar''. Marcus Fenix also comes in close behind him, especially when they're paired together, to the point where Dom remarks that its "Like two assholes on their first date."
-->'''Baird''' Hey, I thought you'd enjoy the witty irony of grub-on-glowie violence!\\
'''Marcus''' Yeah, it's fucking hilarious. You're gonna blow up the whole ship, genius!
* ''VideoGame/GoldenSun's'' heroes are told that the sickly old guy can be healed with medicine that's hidden deeper in the dungeon. Suddenly, sweet, wholesome, goodhearted, ''[[TheQuietOne soft-spoken]]'' WhiteMagicianGirl Mia drops this line:
---> What, is there a pharmacy down there?
** In ''The Lost Age'', Sheba takes the role.
---> Unless you're afraid your newest hero will be a ''girl''.
** ''VideoGame/GoldenSunDarkDawn'' just upgrades Weyard to a WorldOfSnark. Everybody except [[SilentProtagonist Matthew]] and [[EleventhHourRanger Himi]] gets a few snarky lines, and Matthew's emote responses can include a few moments of [[SilentSnarker silent snark]].
* ''VideoGame/GrandiaII'' uses the ''main'' character as its snarker, resulting in many wonderful conversations where the party wants to stop and help people in need, and Ryudo rolls his eyes, mocks them all, and reluctantly agrees to go along with it.
* ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIV'' - With all the shit Niko Bellic gives his clients, it is a surprise he gets work. Huang is the same in ''Chinatown Wars''; it's a pity absolutely no one takes him seriously.
* Ryder from ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas''.
* All protagonists from ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoV'', especially Michael.
** The protaganist of GTA Online is so expressive, that even they are deadpan snarkers, [[HeroicMime despite having no dialog whatsoever.]]
* A lot of choices from the DialogueTree in ''VideoGame/{{Gunpoint}}'' are this.
* ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'':
** The SPNKR, the incredibly powerful rocket launcher, that has a simple "pull to fire" function. Upon close inspection, the firing end says "Point this end at enemy". Yes, a gun is a deadpan snarker in this game (awesomely enough, this has some basis in reality: variants are also written on the side of US cruise missiles and the fronts of claymore mines).
** Cortana is a prime source of snark; in ''VideoGame/{{Halo 2}}'', after she asks if they could make any more noise, Chief pulls out a rocket launcher and she comments:
-->"I guess so."
** Romeo from ''VideoGame/Halo3ODST'' is usually at least a little snarky; when he hears about the Navy putting up a fight against the Covenant, all he says is:
-->"Better later than never."
** The Master Chief himself, despite not speaking much:
-->'''Guilty Spark''': I'd always assumed it was a shield installation, but it seems I was mistaken.
-->'''Chief''': [[SarcasmMode That's a first.]]
* Carter Blake, a policeman from ''VideoGame/HeavyRain'' could definitely qualify.
--> '''Norman Jayden:'''There's no one home.
--> '''Carter Blake:''' *kicks the door off its hinges* There is now.
--> '''Norman Jayden:'''I'm not sure that's entirely legal.
--> '''Carter Blake:'''...Call the cops.
* Kyle Hyde from ''VisualNovel/HotelDuskRoom215''. That's his main characteristic.
* ''VideoGame/HoverRevoltOfGamers'' is barely out of Prealpha on Steam Early Access, but its Snark generator is in full swing. Case in point - the banister's flavor text:
--> Recently some species with variable corpulence have highlighted that barriers were based on human size standards, highlighting inequalities of security norms. Cases have been filed and are being ignored by local authorities' architects.
* Carpenter, the vengeful ghost from ''Hunter: The Reckoning'', and also the only spirit that has retained its sapience.
--> Typical. I try to help you and this is the thanks I get. You think I can't see you shaking at the other end of that barrel? Do you think I don't know that your brain is trying to process the horrible fact of "Oh my gawd it talks!" And if it talks...it thinks. And you can't stand that, can you? When are you going to learn that you're not Hunters. You're sheep...with shotguns.
* Ros in ''Videogame/IMissTheSunrise'' can be this too if you so desire, depending on the personality you choose and which choices you pick in {{Dialogue Tree}}s. Marie also has her moments.
* The ''Franchise/JakAndDaxter'' games dispense this trope with a [[MoreDakka Vulcan Fury]]. Daxter has been known to ask the progression-critical warrior NPC "Have you tried attacking him with your melodrama? 'Cause it's killing me!" Samos is also fairly good at it... And when Jak takes his SuperpoweredEvilSide [[TookALevelInBadass Level in Badass]], he begins dropping his own smart remarks.
* Franchise/TheFlash in ''VideoGame/JusticeLeagueHeroesTheFlash'' does this almost nonstop, as is his usual trait.
--> '''ComicBook/MartianManhunter''': [[spoiler:Braniac's]] ship. Be careful, it's heavily defended.
--> '''The Flash''': Ah, I was wondering what the giant gun turret was for. Thanks for clearing that up.
* Some members of the cast of ''VisualNovel/KatawaShoujo'' are this, combining it with DisabledSnarker.
** Hisao himself is often one in a FirstPersonSmartass sense
-->'''Jigoro''': When you look at me, can you not see the catalogue of my experiences even at a glance?
-->'''Hisao''': Uh... maybe. Were you a swordfighter? (narrating) He could also be Hawaiian, and a werewolf.
** Rin tends to be fairly snarky when she isn't being a CloudCuckoolander. When Hisao finds her lying on the school roof and asks what she is doing (given Rin, the reason for her lying on the roof is unlikely to be obvious) he gets this response.
-->'''Rin''': I thought you had a heart problem, not an eye problem.
** Shizune tends to be fairly sarcastic, which often goes over the head of her interpreter, Misha. Hisao, on the other hand, notices in her route that he's surprisingly able to detect her sarcasm [[CuteMute without hearing her voice]].
* While ''VideoGame/KidIcarusUprising'' is a WorldOfSnark and most of its characters are capable of dealing out one-liners, the title of "Biggest Snarker in the Game" decidedly goes to Viridi, the Goddess of Nature. Don't be fooled by her eight-year-old appearance. The girl is practically the epitome of dry wit and can deal out snazzy one-liners at the drop of a hat. Pit himself even lampshades that she'll insult him practically every time he opens his mouth.
* Colonel Hakha from ''VideoGame/{{Killzone}}'' is one of these, providing an excellent foil to Rico's dumbassery.
* For someone so cheerful, Sora can be quite a bit of a snarker in the ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'' series, mostly in ''VideoGame/KingdomHeartsII''. One example is the very first cutscene in [[Film/{{Tron}} Space Paranoids]].
-->'''Sora:''' Who're you?
-->'''[[TheDragon Sark]]:''' I am Commander Sark.
-->'''Sora:''' [[SarcasmMode A "Heartless commander"?]]
-->'''Sark:''' Observe. ''(tortures Sora's friends [[ForcedToWatch in front of him]])''
** Riku himself even has his moments in ''VideoGame/KingdomHearts3DDreamDropDistance''
-->'''Riku:''' ''(seeing wooden copies of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy being held by [[WesternAnimation/MickeyDonaldGoofyTheThreeMusketeers the Beagle Boys]])'' Is that suppose to be Mickey and the others? Yeesh, those three are together, even when they're made out of wood.
* Several characters in ''KnightsOfTheOldRepublic 2'' fit this from time to time. Atton and Kreia are the premier examples, though Mandalore, HK-47, G0-T0, and Mira have been known to fit this trope.
* With the recent new campaign, Crash Course, for ''VideoGame/Left4Dead'', tough guy Francis has become a bit of a snarky character. The snark bait is mostly confined to the intro where he tells Louis that they just escaped from a helicopter crash and have to walk the rest of the way and asks him if he still feels positive now.
** Also, his tendency to tease Zoey for having killed the helicopter pilot:
-->'''Francis:''' (upon seeing zombies) Just pretend they're helicopter pilots!
** In the second installment, Nick tends to fill that role, sometimes even falling into [[JerkAss this]].
-->'''Coach:''' Shit, I used to go here when I was a kid!\\
'''Nick:''' Oh good! Now we can die here as adults.
-->'''Nick:''' There goes repopulating the earth. (When Rochelle, the only female in their group, dies)
* Raziel from the ''VideoGame/LegacyOfKain'' series is an excellent example of the trope, especially from ''Soul Reaver 2'' on. It's made even better because he speaks in the [[FloweryElizabethanEnglish distinctive]] [[SesquipedalianLoquaciousness style]] the games are known for.
-->'''Raziel:''' Oh no. Every time you turn up something monumental and terrible happens. I don't think I have the stomach for it.
* In ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'', Tatl from ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask Majora's Mask]]'', Ezlo from ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTheMinishCap The Minish Cap]]'', and [[TheImp Midna]] from ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess Twilight Princess]]'' are all deadpan snarkers, although the latter to a much greater extent than the former two.
** Link himself has pretty strong hints of this in ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSkywardSword Skyward Sword]]'', considering the [[DialogueTree dialogue choices]] one is able to choose for him.
* Mokka in ''VideoGame/MagicalStarsign'' is this.
* [[ComicBook/IronMan Tony Stark]] lives this trope in his role as one of the main [=NPCs=] in ''VideoGame/MarvelAvengersAlliance''. Nick Fury also gets in on the snarky fun sometimes.
* In ''VideoGame/MarvelUltimateAlliance'', Franchise/SpiderMan ''EPITOMIZES'' this trope. 25% of his time is being useful, 75% is being an ass to Nick Fury.
-->'''Fury:''' Spider-Man. Didn't expect you to answer my call [for help].\\
'''Spider-Man:''' What? And miss riding on the Helicarrier? This beast has gotta be the biggest waste of tax payer money in history. Hey, you guys have any plans to make a flying Mt. Rushmore? Seriously, that would totally rock.
** {{Deadpool}} is a close second, although much of his comments are a bit more [[TalkativeLoon on the surreal side.]]
** If you have them both in the same party, the former deadpan snarks at the latter about finally meeting someone whose jokes are worse than his.
** In Deadpool's solo mission he encounters an evil clone of Spidey. They engage in an epic Snark-Off, until Evil-Spidey's master Arcade gets annoyed and interrupts so they can actually get to the fight.
** The game itself {{lampshades}} this when you create a team composed of Spidey, Deadpool, Iceman, and Human Torch. This results in a team bonus titled "Shut Up, Already!"
* ''VideoGame/MarvelHeroes'' contains [[WorldOfSnark no end of biting witticisms]] that heroes throw at each other or at downed foes. Though Spidey still dominates the cutscenes.
* ''VideoGame/TheMatrixPathOfNeo'' has an example in a hungover girl, who Neo rescued in a club. She snarks about Neo's [[BadassLongRobe cassock-type robe.]]
-->'''Girl:''' Should you be running in that dress ?
* Solid Snake of the ''Franchise/MetalGear'' series, either in his own games or in ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros. Brawl''.
-->'''Vulcan Raven:''' You know of the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics?
-->'''Solid Snake:''' Yeah, I know it. You must be a real threat in the "Muktuk Eating" contest.
* One suspects that the stewardess from the ''VideoGame/MicrosoftFlightSimulator'' "[=FSPassengers=]" add-on is an actual stewardess saying things she wants to but can't in real life. Paraphrased example: "If the plane comes down, you're dead. Have a nice day."
* Archibald Ironfist, from ''VideoGame/MightAndMagic'', tends towards this, though especially in ''VideoGame/HeroesOfMightAndMagic II'', this sometimes overlaps with gloating.
** Zehir in ''V'' took the trope and ran with it, and he has some of the best lines in the game because of this. In the expansions, he's joined by Freyda, Duncan, and Wulfstan, and some of their interactions are rather funny.
* ''VideoGame/MinecraftStoryMode'':
** Jesse and Olivia will behave this way in a few cutscenes and dialogue branches.
---> '''Axel:''' A good thief always covers his tracks.\\
''(he steals a glowing potion bottle, then replaces it with a completely ordinary one)''\\
'''Jesse:''' [[SarcasmMode Oh yeah, the perfect crime.]]
** Petra has her moments as well.
---> '''Petra:''' If you need anything, you know where to find me.\\
'''Olivia:''' None of us know where to find you. \\
'''Petra:''' Exactly.
* Elaine from ''VideoGame/MonkeyIsland'', who seems to take after her [[spoiler: grandfather.]]
* Incredibly common in ''VideoGame/MortalKombat''[='s=] Earthrealm characters, especially the more stoic monk/religious types. For example, there's this dialogue between Johnny Cage and the two Shaolin monks in Jade's chapter of ''VideoGame/MortalKombat9'':
-->'''Cage''': ''[[spoiler:"Lord"? I was with Smoke. I thought she was a bad guy, er, girl]]. Guess he turned another one. [[WhatsHeGotThatIAintGot What's Raiden got that I haven't got?]]''
-->'''Liu Kang''': ''God-like power?''
-->'''Kung Lao''': ''A personality that is not at all like sanding paper?''
-->'''Cage''': ''Jerks.''
** Speaking of her: Jade. [[DownplayedTrope She may not be what you think of when you think "deadpan",]] but she uses the same gentle tone whenever she snarks, and her wit is as razor sharp as Kitana's war fans; the combination probably drives her enemies ''nuts''.
** Erron Black from ''VideoGame/MortalKombatX'' is the classical definition, always having a snide remark in a dull tone towards his opponents. He's especially snarky towards [[SnarkToSnarkCombat other snarkers, like Johnny.]]
* Several characters from ''VideoGame/NeverwinterNights2'' fulfill this trope, most notably Sand (who can't and won't pass up a chance to show off his dry wit and needs to cope with endless hours of weird crap), Bishop (who only does it to wound people) and, sometimes, Neeshka. Though most of the time, Neeshka does it with too much emotion attached to truly fit this trope. It's usually in response to one of the other companions rubbing her the wrong way, after all.
* The Stranger from Terminal Reality's ''Nocturne'' claims to have no sense of humor, but still manages to deliver some vicious one-liners to those around him, particularly when he is especially annoyed (i.e. much of the time).
-->'''Bobby Jo:''' Are you married?\\
'''Stranger:''' No.\\
'''Bobby Jo:''' My daddy says I'm going to make some lucky man very happy some day when I get married.\\
'''Stranger:''' He was probably referring to himself.
* Microsoft representative Don Mattrick did this in an interview about the Xbox One's requirement for a constant internet connection.
-->'''Mattrick:''' "Fortunately we have a product for people who aren't able to get some form of connectivity; it’s called Xbox 360."
** He then goes on to say that one of the people who would be the most inconvenienced would be those sailing underwater in a nuclear submarine, where it would be difficult to connect to the internet.
*** Note however that this promptly [[InternetBackdraft backfired]] on him, and may have played a part (along with Microsoft's backpedaling on the Xbox One's controversial launch) in his leaving the company.
* ''Franchise/AceAttorney'':
** The title character of ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorney'' is commonly [[OnlySaneMan the sole voice of reason]] in his world of spirit mediums, [[BunnyEarsLawyer crazy dominatrix prosecutors]], and [[CourtroomAntic wacky courtroom hijinks]] (despite being the cause of half of them). This even continues after he is [[spoiler:no longer a lawyer]] in ''Apollo Justice''; if anything becoming ''even more snarky'' as he becomes a bit of a ChessMaster.
** At one point in the third game, you get to play as Miles Edgeworth. He's much more of a snarker than Phoenix. In ''Investigations'', where you play as Edgeworth the whole time, he proves to be quite possibly the snarkiest and certainly the most deadpan protagonist in the series.
** Apollo Justice gets in on the act too. "I'm a lawyer. I live for needless procedures."
--->'''Apollo:''' (...........Ack! I've run out of snide comments!)
** His mentor, Kristoph Gavin, resorts to this when Phoenix starts cornering him.
--->'''Phoenix:''' I can't say I know what happened to the card. I did put it in the bottle however.
--->'''Kristoph:''' Perhaps a fifth person came and took it out? Oh, and a sixth person could've helped!
** Simon Blackquill from ''Dual Destinies'' usually combines this with trolling.
--->'''Judge:''' ''(to director Cosmos)'' [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} S-so does that mean you're a-a-a-a gh-ghost?!]]\\
'''Blackquill:''' ... I was wondering when you would realize it, Your Baldness. Director Cosmos is an authentic, bona fide ghost. He can even pass through walls.
* ''VideoGame/PlanescapeTorment'':
** Morte, who is such an aggravating snarker that he has a special ability called "litany of curses" that can drive your enemies so crazy with anger they have to attack him in melee. Even if they're a SquishyWizard.
** Annah seems this way at first, but she's far too easy to [[FieryRedhead fire up]]. The Nameless One, depending on player choice, but some of his lines are too good to pass up.
*** Must.. get...LawfulGood Alignment.. to.. use.. super.. artifact.. weapon.. must.. not.. snark... ARGH..
*** The Nameless One actually manages to get a bit of snark into his [[MemeticMutation frequently updated]] journal, regardless of his alignment, mostly in the form of commenting on the ridiculous quests the party encounters.
* The Laverre City Friendship Rater in ''VideoGame/PokemonXAndY'' reacts to an absolute zero friendship in this manner.
-->What's this? Are you a disciplinarian? Or do you plan to use the move Frustration?
* [=GLaDOS=] from ''VideoGame/Portal1'' has a period in the middle of the game as this, before descending into childish insults and general insanity. In the second game, she suffers from intense sarcasm fever almost from the beginning and never recovers.
-->'''[=GLaDOS=]:''' [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: Look at you. Sailing through the air majestically. Like an eagle. [[You Are Fat Piloting a blimp ]]
** [[spoiler: [[MotorMouth Wheatley]]]] attempts this in Act III in ''VideoGame/Portal2'' , but [[spoiler: he]]'s ''terrible'' at it.
* The Prince in ''VideoGame/PrinceOfPersiaTheSandsOfTime'' uses snarkiness to complement his role as a LoveableRogue.
-->"Of course, finding my way to the baths from here should be easy. I'll just ask the nearest sand creature. 'Could you direct me to the baths? Thanks.' 'No problem, I used to be a bath attendant back when I was alive'." [{{Beat}}] [[LampshadeHanging Why am I talking to myself?!]]
* Selvan from ''VideoGame/RadiantHistoria'':
-->"Now if you'll excuse me, I have to [[spoiler: set my own city on fire]]."
* ''VideoGame/RandalsMonday'': Both Randal and Kramer are loaded with quips and comebacks, and neither takes anything from anyone.
* Lawrence, the robot butler of BigBad Dr. Nefarious in ''VideoGame/RatchetAndClankUpYourArsenal''. Most of Lawrence's snarkiness is directed at his ([[FalseReassurance largely oblivious]]) boss, but he manages to get off a few snide remarks at the heroes, as well.
-->'''Nefarious:''' So this is the mighty Q-Force? I could destroy the lot of you and it wouldn't even get mentioned in Supervillain Weekly!\\
'''Lawrence:''' True, sir, but you would have done the fashion world an ''enormous'' service.
* ''VideoGame/Rayman3HoodlumHavoc'': Murphy plays this role in the first level.
-->"This manual just blows my mind. It explains that [[CaptainObvious switches trigger mechanisms]]. [[LampshadeHanging Duh]]. [[WhoWritesThisCrap Oh Geez, who's responsible for this garbage?"]]
* In ''VisualNovel/ReflectionsOnTheRiver'', Zheng (the protagonist) is particularly fond of this, but the other two major characters can each get their own hits in when they feel inclined. They become particularly pointed when critiquing Zheng's not-very-well-thought-out kidnapping of them — and the fact that they feel bold enough to do so reinforces the fact that Zheng's too snarky to be taken very seriously as a sinister hostage-taker.
* ''Franchise/ResidentEvil'' has got many examples of this.
** Leon in ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil4'', cracking corny-but-cool jokes in life threatening situations.
*** Leon also returns in ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil6'', with his snark from 4 still there
** Jake is totally this in ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil6'' with Sherry and everyone else he meets along the way, to the extreme, [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold but he's a good guy deep down]].
* ''VideoGame/RuneFactory3'' has Micah and Karina, to some extent. But then again, they live in a village full of CloudCuckoolander.
* Zyzyx from ''VideoGame/{{Sacrifice}}'', who incidentally is voiced by Rob Paulsen, the same man who voiced Morte above. Amongst the gods, Stratos can also get rather sarcastic, and good ol' boy James displays a surprisingly dry wit at times.
* Ishida Mitsunari in ''VideoGame/SamuraiWarriors'', and more so in the SpinOff game ''VideoGame/WarriorsOrochi'' acting as Cao Pi's primary foil.
* While you mostly get [[LargeHam ham]] in Koei's ''Warriors'' series, ''VideoGame/SamuraiWarriors'' gives us CoolOldGuy Shingen Takeda. The man isn't quite deadpan, as he's too cheerful for that, but he's quite generous in ladling out the snark.
-->'''Shingen:''' Have your people contact my people. Maybe we'll stab at each other over tea.\\
Or, concerning his eternal conflict with Kenshin Uesugi:
-->'''Kenshin:''' I am the only one who may slay my Nemesis.\\
'''Shingen:''' Now Kenshin, don't you think I should get some say in who gets to kill me?\\
Or, facing Tadakatsu Honda:
-->'''Tadakatsu''': It matters not how many people you threw at me. I will fell them all!\\
'''Shingen''': And what if I threw kittens at you, Tadakatsu, would you fell them too?\\
And in death:
-->'''Shingen:''' This never would have happened...to Sima...Yi...
* The player character trapped on ''VideoGame/TheSecretIslandOfDrQuandary'', after getting over the initial TransformationTrauma.
* In ''VideoGame/TheSimsMedieval'', the Hero Sim you're playing often has snarky quest dialogue, as does a Royal Advisor if one features in a quest.
* Rouge often slips into this in ''VideoGame/SonicChronicles''. It's a pity she's such a SpoonyBard gameplay-wise, since bringing her along to plot related stuff often results in funny. Sonic, too. Any DialogueTree option symbolized by a winking Sonic will result in snarking.
** Speaking of Sonic, Eggman of ''VideoGame/SonicColors'' evolves into this during the announcements made at each ride in the game.
** ''[[VideoGame/SonicBoom Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric]]'' gives Sonic, Amy and Tails this treatment on occasion.
*** Sonic
--->'''Knuckles''': Whoa... we are definitely not at the beach anymore.\\
'''Sonic''': You can say that again.\\
''[Knuckles does just that]''\\
'''Sonic''': Should've seen that coming.
*** Amy
--->'''Amy''': What do you know about a tomb with a giant snake in it?\\
'''Cliff''': I don't know about no tomb. But I ''do'' know about a prison with a giant snake in it.\\
'''Amy''': ''[narrows eyes]'' Yeah, well why don't you tell us about that one?
*** Tails
--->'''Lyric''': ...Which is why I'm going to rid this world of all organic lifeforms -- and rebuild it, piece by robotic piece.\\
'''Tails''': Somebody needs a ''hug''.
* Gig from ''VideoGame/SoulNomadAndTheWorldEaters'', who liberally throws around insults and sarcasm directed at you, your team-mates and the world in general whenever he's annoyed, smug, confrontational, or just plain bored (in other words, all of the time, except when he's offering exposition or being incredibly self-aggrandizing).
* The Terror Mask from the remake of ''VideoGame/{{Splatterhouse}}''.
* Sam Fisher of ''VideoGame/SplinterCell''. [[RunningGag Despite his age]], Sam Fisher is still quick of wit, like when he does interrogations of random mooks.
-->'''Sam:''' Let's play a game. Pick a number between one and ten.
-->'''Mook with knife to his throat:''' Uh... ah... three?
-->'''Sam:''' Damn, it's your lucky day. You get to live. Now tell me something useful or we'll play again.
** Or this:
--> '''Sam:''' (''holding a terrorist by the throat'') I'm going inside to meet your friends. Anything I need to worry about?
--> '''Guard:''' They have guns.
--> '''Fisher:''' I'm shocked and amazed.
** Or this:
--> '''Sam:''' (''after smashing a guard's face into a drawer'') You're gonna have to pay for sex from now on...
** His support team are often the brunt of his dead-pan humor as well.
--> '''Anna (Grimsdottir):''' The ''Maria Narcissa.''
--> '''Sam:''' Sounds like your setting me up for another blind date.
--> '''Anna:''' The ''Maria Narcissa'' is a ''boat.''
--> '''Sam:''' So was the last girl you set me up with.
--> '''Anna:''' ''Fisher!''
--> '''Sam:''' Sorry.
* [[SourSupporter Falco]] [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Lombardi]] definitely qualifies, especially in ''VideoGame/StarFox64''.
* The Smuggler class in ''VideoGame/StarWarsTheOldRepublic'', depending on your snarky dialogue choices.
** The Sith Inquisitor class, even moreso than the Smuggler. Whereas the Smuggler's snark is of the "cheeky loveable rogue" flavor, the Inquisitor's snark is mostly designed to cut down or mock people.
-->'''Inquisitor:''' ''(to their SadistTeacher)'' Yes, yes yes, [[SuicideMission you send me off to a tomb]] [[WeDoTheImpossible to do the impossible]], [[UriahGambit hoping I die]], [[SpannerInTheWorks and then I came back and prove you wrong]].
** [[SarcasticDevotee Some companions]] qualify (Risha, Akaavi Spar, Kaliyo, Dr. Lokin...)
** [[WorldOfSnark Just about everyone, at some point or other]].
* Jade from ''VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss'' is king of this trope. [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Snarkiness is just his way of showing affection]], after all.
--> '''Jade:''' Don't worry, the worst that could happen is we all die.\\
'''Jade:''' Having this many suicidal people around is really getting on my nerves.\\
'''Anise:''' Colonel, you're a terrific liar! Your smile hasn't budged!\\
'''Jade:''' Oh not at all, I'm crying on the inside, wracked with guilt.\\
'''Guy:''' Uh-huh...
** Though not the extent as Jade, Luke has his moments.
** So does Guy, usually when bantering with Jade.
** Emperor Peony manages to go above and beyond, his comments leaving even Jade flustered.
* [[spoiler: Lambda]] in ''VideoGame/TalesOfGraces''. This deserves mention because he speaks in nothing more than a CreepyMonotone but we know when he's being snarky.
* Centurion Tenebrae carries on right where Jade left off in ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphoniaDawnOfTheNewWorld''.
** He doesn't always succeed. Especially not when [[TheDitz Colette's]] around.
** Tenebrae is a snarker when he's not [[PungeonMaster making bad puns]], anyway.
** Or getting outright attacked by other characters for said puns. In some cases the other characters snark off of his snarks.
* [[VigilanteMan Yuri Lowell]] from ''VideoGame/TalesOfVesperia'' [[{{Expy}} has been called Jade 2.0 for a reason...]]
* [[WorldOfSnark Basically any time]] the characters talk to each other in ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'', there's some snark involved. It happens just as much between teammates as it does between enemies.
-->'''Sniper:''' ''(to enemy Sniper)'' The bullets come out of the slim end, mate!
-->'''Medic:''' ''(to teammates when defending)'' Standing ''near'' ze point does nothing! Get '''on''' ze point, [[GratuitousGerman Dummkopf]]!
* Garrett in ''VideoGame/{{Thief}}''.
-->'''Garrett:''' Is this how our arrangement is going to work? You coming up with ways for me to get myself killed?
* Lara Croft from the ''Franchise/TombRaider'' franchise has various shades of snark to both enemies and friends alike.
* Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts from ''VideoGame/ToTheMoon''. They're most definitely a snarker team. Here's just a few of their lines:
-->'''Eva''': Where were you looking, Neil?!\\
'''Neil''': Well, ''excuse me'' for heroically evading that squirrel coming out of nowhere!
-->'''Neil''': HIT IT, TIMMY!!!\\
''(Timmy plays a horrible three notes on the piano)''\\
'''Neil''': ...Wow, that was horrible... But I digress!\\
''(Eva facepalms)''
** Nicolas shows some shades of this too:
-->'''Nick''': So, did she throw an encyclopedia in your face?
* ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' has Patchouli Knowledge. She's generally quiet and not very energetic, but has a sharp tongue and enjoys snarking at friends and foes alike.
** Satori Komeiji has shades of this as well. Being a [[MindReading mind-reader]] with a compulsive lack of MindOverManners who has likely read plenty of stupid/perverted/evil toughts during her life one can imagine that she has had a lot of opportunities to practice.
* Ange Ushiromiya from ''VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry'', who's as cynical as they come, and only rarely indulges in anything but flat snarks to the more animated people around her.
* Nathan Drake of ''VideoGame/{{Uncharted}}'' seems to communicate in snarks. He'll always find a way to be smart-alecky in any situation.
--->'''Flynn:''' (Throwing a rope down during their heist) Ladies first.
--->'''Drake:''' Heh heh, cute.
* In ''VideoGame/VampireTheMasqueradeBloodlines''
** Beckett is a prime Deadpan Snarker, although this may be helped by his voice actor reading ''his every single line'' in an over-the-top sarcastic tone of voice.
** Deb, the host for an [[ShowWithinAShow in-game late-night radio talk show]], is an equally good example. Her best lines come from dealing with the collection of weirdos that call in.
** As the player character a good chunk of your lines are bemoaning the suicidal tasks and absolute loonies you have to deal with as a new addition to the World of Darkness.
** Even your journal and item descriptions get in on the act.
* A lot of questgivers and {{Non Player Character}}s in ''VideoGame/{{Warcraft}}'' and ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft''. Especially those with 'irritated' quotes if you click on them one too many times. Tirion Fordring is a master of snark, especially in one quest, where you kill a traitor and he says EVERY LINE so seriously that you honestly believe that he is really going to punish you, and then he finishes with "your heroism is budding faster than I thought!"
** Darion Mograine, when he isn't angsting.
** Hamuul Runetotem, archdruid of the Horde, has become one by Literature/TidesOfWar, often in response to Garrosh's [[RhetoricalQuestionBlunder rhetorical questions]].
-->'''Hamuul''': (Thrall) knew that while he was the leader of the Horde, it was the Horde as a whole that mattered.
-->'''Garrosh''': Does ''this'' look like the green skin of Thrall?
-->'''Hamuul''': No, Warchief. No one would ''ever'' mistake [[ReplacementScrappy you]] for [[ReasonableAuthorityFigure Thrall]].
*** Illidan Stormrage from ''WarcraftIII'': I am blind, not deaf.
* There's a (very well) hidden easter egg in ''Wave Race: Blue Storm'' that replaces your usually CaptainObvious crew chief with a bored guy who spends the entire race snarking at everything you do. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-QfJ1jsmag Suuuuuuuper.]]
* Neku Sakuraba in ''VideoGame/TheWorldEndsWithYou'', especially in [[AlternateUniverse Another Day]]. Joshua as well, though he's a lot less cynical and does it more [[JerkAss for the sake of annoying Neku]].
* At least one NPC in each Creator/BioWare {{RPG}} will be of this sort, and the game will occasionally allow the main character to snark it up too.
** Jolee Bindo in ''KnightsOfTheOldRepublic'', and was likely [[ShoutOut the inspiration for Shepard's quote]] below.
-->'''Sith student:''' You idiot! Do you have any idea how many Sith there are on Korriban?
-->'''Bindo:''' Twelve! No, wait, thirteen!
* Franchise/MassEffect
** [[PlayerCharacter Commander Shepard]]' has the option to take several of these in both games. In some cases, such as the "Shadow Broker" DLC, it happens automatically!
--->'''Turian Councilor''' And how many generations do you think it will take for them to wipe us out?!\\
'''Shepard:''' Three. No, wait! Four!
*** Urdnot Wrex delivers his fair share as well.
--->'''Wrex:''' Must be hard for you, Garrus, knowing that the person behind all this death and destruction is a turian Spectre.
--->'''Garrus:''' Saren is a traitor and a madman. Taking him down will restore the good name of turians everywhere.
--->'''Wrex:''' Glad to hear it. I was losing sleep over the prospect of people not loving the turians.
*** Shepard and Wrex are up to their old tricks in ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'', but now they're joined by Garrus:
--->'''Garrus:''' That's unfortunate. Hospitals aren't fun to fight through.
--->'''Shepard:''' What is fun to fight through?
--->'''Garrus:''' Gardens, electronics shops. Antique stores, but only if they're classy.
*** Liara too in ''Lair of the Shadow Broker'', to the point of SnarkToSnarkCombat with Shepard at times. Doubles as BelligerentSexualTension if you pursued her RomanceSidequest in the first game.
*** Even Tali gets in on the snarking game in [=ME2=]. There's this gem from right after you re-recruit her:
--->'''Shepard:''' I'm not working for [Cerberus], they're working for me.
--->'''Tali:''' So ''you'' ordered the listening devices and tracking beacons that are all over this ship?
*** Fittingly, the chats between Garrus and Tali in ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'' (provided you did not romance any of them) are almost only made of snark.
*** If Thane ever cracks a joke, it tends to be of the snarking variety: "Be still, Mouse. You may change your pants in a moment."
*** Joker, in the first game. However, EDI is a superior deadpan snarker in subsequent games. In the future, all deadpan snarking will be performed by artificial intelligences. [[RunningGag That was a joke.]]
*** [[CatchPhrase In his cycle,]] Javik did not need to snark. But now, he does, since he is [[CulturalPosturing surrounded by primitives]].
*** There is also the entire conversation between Miranda and Jack during ''Citadel'' which borders on VitriolicBestBuds - or on BelligerentSexualTension if you ask Shepard.
--->'''Jack:''' It's kind of a stupid move to show up your rack in the middle of a maximum security prison ship.
--->'''Miranda:''' I never had the pleasure.
--->'''Jack:''' You'd never survive. You might break a nail.
*** It is actually faster to list the party members that do not snark at any point, since they are limited to, well, [[KnightTemplar Samara]] and [[HiveMind Legion]]. Even the list of occasional snarkers is short (Mordin, Jacob, Kaidan). The other ones are frequent offenders.
*** There are also many, many smartass NPC's who appear in one or two sidequests and then vanish. Special award for Detective Anaya in ''2'', who is well aware that she's in a bad situation involving a [[KnightErrant justicar]] and some very poorly thought out orders, and seems to be releasing her stress in the form of snarky commentary.
--> "It's a great honor to have her here, but I could do without the honor of having her kill me."
* Franchise/DragonAge
** Almost all of your party members in ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'' have a hint of this, particularly Alistair, Morrigan and Sten. Alistair is extra snarky, while Sten is extra deadpan.
-->''(Sten, when the party walks into a library)'' "The southern people read? I thought that was a myth."
-->''(in combat)'' "Grey Warden, Darkspawn. Darkspawn, Grey Warden."
-->''(upon selecting Morrigan)'' "Oh, it's you again"
** Alastair Lampshades it:
-->''I'm here to deliver bad news and witty one-liners.''
** The main playable character also has potential for this. Depending on how you respond to what people say.
-->'''Myaja:''' May the stone honor you.....
-->'''Lucjan:''' ... When you fall.
-->'''Warden:''' [[CrowningMomentOfFunny Sure, and may the dirt taste good when I feed it to you.]]
** One of the changes made for ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'' was the addition of little icons indicating the tone of the main character's response. Not only does this allow Hawke to snark his/her way through the entire game, it also alters Hawke's automatic lines (combat chatter, random quips during banter and so on) to conform with the player-chosen personality.
-->'''Hawke:''' Looks like they took him to some bolthole on the Wounded Coast. I wonder if that's near the Injured Cliffs? Or the Limping Hills. The Massive Head-Trauma Bay? ''(beat)'' No one? Just me? Forget I said anything.
** Out of the party members for the game, Varric sticks out as the best snarker, though nearly everyone gets a few shots, even Merril!
*** Having [[SarcasticDevotee Varric]], [[StepfordSnarker Isabela]], and [[TheSnarkKnight Aveline]] in your party very nearly creates a WorldOfSnark, especially since the three of them will snark at ''each other''. Having a Hawke whose default responses are sarcastic completes Team Sarcasm. You may switch out any of the above mentioned for Fenris who gets in a few very good ones as well later on. Varric is even impressed.
** Dorian Pavus and Varric (again) are the best, but [[WorldofSnark certainly not only]], examples from VideoGame/DragonAgeInquisition
-->'''Inquisitor''': There's an altar.
-->'''Dorian''': "And everything was perfectly serene, ''[[GenreSavvy until they disturbed the ancient altar]]''."

* Of all beings, [[BloodKnight the Kraken/Thundering Fists]] from ''VideoGame/SwordOfTheStars II''. His response when you [[HumanSacrifice offer the lives of your Zuul]] [[LifeDrain to refill his health]] is a dry "Ah, you generously offer me your crumbs".
* In ''VideoGame/TheWalkingDead'', Lilly, Molly, Christa, Carley, and sometimes Larry.
--> Larry: I've got charm coming out of my ass!
--> Lilly: Yeah that's... Real charming, Dad,
* Setsuna in ''VisualNovel/ShinyDays'' often emotes very little apart from smug little smirks and sarcasm.
* ''VideoGame/PillarsOfEternity'' is an outright WorldOfSnark, but special standouts are Edér, whose EstablishingCharacterMoment is literal GallowsHumor involving a tree covered in hanged bodies that he expects he may yet end up on, and Hiravias, who can come up with a YourMom joke in the face of [[spoiler:the FinalBoss]].
* Private Mike Slauson in ''VideoGame/MedalOfHonorVanguard'' is one as he often makes sarcastic comments during combat, such as when the player kills an enemy:
--> Private Slauson: Keegan's going for a medal.
--> Private Slauson: Keegan's becoming a sniper.
--> Private Slauson: Hey Keegan, leave some for us.
** Also during the mission 'A Shallow Grave':
--> Private Slauson: Hey, where's the big guy
--> Soldier: Chalmers!
--> Private Chalmers: Shut up I'm coming!
* ''VideoGame/ClarencesBigChance'': Some of the signposts act like this. Also it's one of Pseudolonewolf's games, so this is pretty much a given.