There once was a region of Zeyr known as the Mountainlands. The Mountainlands were divided among five tribes - the Jairi in the most western part of the 'lands, the Aldrim that inhabited the northern desert, the Emerlains of the northeastern valley, the Alabas of the eastern waterway, and the Gillens of the southern foothills. Each tribe had its own ruler and its own way of doing things.

Eventually, the Alabas and the Gillens became the primary peoples of the Mountainlans, all but driving out the Aldrim and the Jairi - in fact the Aldrim were enslaved, and the Jairi hid themselves away in the now-legendary cities of Patar and Kulyn. The Emerlains allied themselves with the geographically closer Alabas, but due to the fact that they would have to basically invade Alabas territory to reach the Gillens they remained aloof of any large-scale combat, preferring to send in specialists.

One of these specialists was the now-famous Ghoul of the Mountainlands, Mortimer Drago. The son of the unlikely union of a renegade Jairi vampire and an Emerlain scholar, he traveled the Mountainlands at the request of King Percival Wulfric of Alabas - and in doing so he liberated the Aldrim, destroyed the ancient terrors of the southern foothills, discovered the location of the lost city of Kamji (try saying it fast). Oh, and he destroyed a number of ancient artifacts that were sealing away an ancient creature known locally as the Rubudrac.

Of course, he didn't do this without help. He was first and foremost assisted by the love of his life, the blacksmith Fletcher - whom had been working in a volcanic forge in order to help pay off a life-debt that only existed in her mind. Towards the end, he was aided by the surprisingly diplomatic son of King Percival Wulfric, Prince Stuart of Martin. In the middle of the conflict, he may or may not have been aided by any of the following:
* An Aldrim nurse-warrior known only as Birae
* A Gildrem Photomancer who calls himself Shinoyama
* A young princess of the Jairi, Lady Jufey

Eventually, it's revealed that both King Percival and King Ronald Getlam wanted to summon the Rubudrac, but for different reasons. King Percival wanted to use the power of the Rubudrac to shift the balance of power more permanently in the favor of the Alabas, while King Ronald would have summoned the Rubudrac as a side-affect of his attempts at becoming Infinitely Prolonged. At the end of the battle between King Ronald and Mortimer (and his allies, whoever they may be), the Rubudrac awakens and reveals that King Ronald's plan would have gotten him killed and that King Percival is already winning the war without the help of the ancient terror. The Rubudrac then announces that his champion would be born in the [[DarthWiki/KingSusquon Sapphire Islands in about five centuries]] from the present time, and that Fletcher is descended from the legendary [[DarthWiki/ChampionOfTheGalianBeast Mercenary of Fabros]] (and Champion of the Galian Beast).