This is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek approach to certain tropes that will never be agreed upon by the community, either due to being absolutely universal, [[Administrivia/NotATrope pointless]], far too [[YMMV.HomePage subjective]], Administrivia/ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontLike, or Administrivia/TheSameButMore.

Compare JustForFun/LousyAlternateTitles for titles that will never happen, and JustForFun/TropeEpitaph for deleted tropes.

'''Note:''' If the trope name could actually be used, don't tack "hey, that one might work!" onto it. Delete it, and take it to [[ The Launch Pad]].

!! Subpages:

* TropesThatWillNeverHappen/TooUniversal
* TropesThatWillNeverHappen/TooObscureOrBizarre
* TropesThatWillNeverHappen/TooSpecific
* TropesThatWillNeverHappen/{{Unknowable}}
* TropesThatWillNeverHappen/{{Complaining}} About Shows You Don't Like
* TropesThatWillNeverHappen/TooSubjective
* TropesThatWillNeverHappen/TheSameButMore
* TropesThatWillNeverHappen/XMeetsY
* TropesThatWillNeverHappen/ABCMeetsXYZ
* TropesThatWillNeverHappen/SillyPuns, Often On Other Trope Names
* TropesThatWillNeverHappen/TooDangerous
* TropesThatWillNeverHappen/TooAmbiguous
* TropesThatWillNeverHappen/AttractsPotholes
* TropesThatWillNeverHappen/WillNeverSelfDemonstrate
* Will Never Be Used On ''TropesThatWillNeverHappen/EchoChamber''
* TropesThatWillNeverHappen/TooDisgusting
* TropesThatWillNeverHappen/{{People}}

''[[TheStinger Evangelion Still]] [[RunningGag Isn't That Great.]]''