After the massive success of ''JustForFun/AvatarAndTheAirbendingFellowshipOfVampireSlayers'', [=TVn=] realized it had a winning formula on its hands. Ratings, praise, critical acclaim ''and'' unthinking, sheep-like acclaim had been heaped on the show, and it was one review that really got the network heads thinking.

The review: "Only a total jerk wouldn't love AATAFOVS!"

The thought: "We should expand into the demographic of total jerks."

Thus, ''The Punisher's Song Of Evangelion And I Must Scream'' was conceived. The character of Johnny W. Punisher was introduced in [[PoorlyDisguisedPilot a late third season episode]] of ''AATAFOVS'', but as the episode was written by that show's team, it turned out to be somewhat...[[NonIndicativeFirstEpisode misleading]]. A light-hearted [[TheWildWest wild west]] adventure with a Catholicism-themed supervillain and JWP as a AntiHero bounty-hunter, tearing through hoards of [[MechaMooks robots]] and averting any human casualties. The ratings for the episode were stellar, even for ''AATAFOVS'', leading to the final go-ahead for TPSOEAIMS...but the series' writers were horrified at the misrepresentation, the "dumbing-down", of their brilliant vision, their uncompromising idea of the {{ubermensch}} they believed they were to bring to life in Johnny.

So in the first few minutes of the show, Johnny [[EstablishingSeriesMoment ripped a man apart with his bare hands as he screamed his outrage against]] the idea of organized religion, social decency, and [[PetTheDog petting dogs]], just to make sure no one got the wrong idea. And then used the man's chest cavity as a bidet.

The series has been going on in that vein since. Some tune in for the dark deconstruction of the human psyche. Some tune in for the action setpieces and copious amounts of bloodshed. Many, many turn in to watch "Baronessy"'s ongoing attempt to out-boob Cleo. And still more tune in because, like some horrible accident where a train full of medical supplies collides with a car-carrying trailer-truck after the tracks have been greased with nitroglycerin - an incident rumored to be featured in an upcoming episode - they just can't look away from the carnage and mayhem...

So far, ''TPSOEAIMS'' has not become the wildly successful multimedia juggernaut that ''AATAFOVS'' is. The (only?) spinoff in another medium has been a {{hentai}} manga called ''The Punisher's Love Song of [[NaughtyTentacles Tentacles]] And I Must Scream'', which was denounced as morally reprehensible by the creator of ''Rape Man'' and is banned in most of the world, including Antarctica.

A newer ''AATAFOVS'' spinoff has been somewhat less controversial: ''SugarWiki/MyLittleRainbowPrincessPrettyMoonShortcake''. It's the antithesis of ''TPSOEAIMS'', to the point where viewers of one have been known to commit suicide upon watching an episode of the other. Crossovers are expected in the distant future.
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