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So Bad, It's Horrible are the works with the lowest writing quality of all; those which gain no genuine audience whatsoever. Trying to give them a quality rating is like trying to measure the depth of a black hole: It has none.

Or anyhow, that's how all people who read/watch/play/etc. the work have perceived it as. The work is absolutely terrible, and not just because of [[UnfortunateImplications unfortunate]] or otherwise offensive content. No [[FairForItsDay past]] or [[VindicatedByHistory present]] positive opinions can be found about the work, nor does it contain GuiltyPleasures or anything SoBadItsGood. Nobody who watches it likes it.

Such works can be recognized by the following:
* The work as a whole is truly terrible by the standard of the medium involved, with a low quality in all aspects of work creation: storytelling, drawing, writing and so on.
* The work has a small audience, and if it's produced for profit it has [[BoxOfficeBomb poor sales]].
* They have been panned by multiple critics for their low quality. The work's flaws may be parodied by a number of other works, and in some cases the work may even become a pop culture-level SnarkBait.

Some RealLife examples can be found on DarthWiki/IdiotProgramming and TheAllegedCar.RealLife. Popular works, [[StylisticSuck deliberately badly done works]] and individual episodes and chapters don't belong here.

'''Important Note: FanFiction and {{Web Original}}s (for example, WebAnimation/YouTubePoop) have been [[Administrivia/PermanentRedLinkClub banned from this namespace.]]''' [[note]]The former due to almost always involving weapons-grade RuleThirtyFour and thus falling afoul of [[Administrivia/TheContentPolicyAndThe5PCircuit the content policy]], and the latter due to being proven very bad FlameBait, even for this place. [[/note]]
* Horrible/{{Advertising}}
* Horrible/AnimeAndManga
* Horrible/{{Apps}}
* Horrible/AsianAnimation
* Horrible/ComicBooks
* Horrible/FanFilm
* Horrible/{{Film}}
** Horrible/AnimatedFilms
** Horrible/LiveActionFilms
*** [[Horrible/LiveActionFilms0ToF 0 to F]]
*** [[Horrible/LiveActionFilmsGToM G to M]]
*** [[Horrible/LiveActionFilmsNToZ N to Z]]
* Horrible/LetsPlay
** Horrible/TheKingOfHate
* Horrible/{{Literature}}
* Horrible/LiveActionTV
** Horrible/{{Game Show}}s
* Horrible/{{Music}}
* Horrible/NewspaperComics
* Horrible/ProfessionalWrestling
** Horrible/{{TNA}}
** Horrible/{{WCW}}
** Horrible/{{WWE}}
* Horrible/TabletopGames
* Horrible/{{Theater}}
* Horrible/{{Toys}}
* Horrible/VideoGames
** Horrible/VideoGameGenerations
*** [[Horrible/VideoGameGenerationsFirstToFourth First - Fourth]]
*** [[Horrible/VideoGameGenerationsFifthToSixth Fifth - Sixth]]
*** [[Horrible/VideoGameGenerationsSeventhOnwards Seventh Onwards]]
** Horrible/VideoGamesOther
* Horrible/{{Webcomics}}
* Horrible/WesternAnimation
* Horrible/{{Other}}