Another idea by {{emmaliza}}.

They're people. They go to a school. Some of them don't really know each other all that well. Some are friends. They all either have superpowers, or just get roped into saving the world.

And save the world they do - or try, anyway.

* ''Anastasia:'' Was the AlphaBitch, and happens to be superstrong. Comes out as a lesbian eventually, and saves the world because: "I live here, don't I?"
* ''Maria:'' NaiveEverygirl, who happens to be a prophet. Gets [[BreakTheCutie pretty broken]] over the course of the series, and becomes a werewolf.
* ''Shaun:'' The nerdy guy, who is the 'normal' guy in the group - until he takes up magic.
* ''Leigh:'' ShrinkingViolet who can read minds.
* ''Cassie:'' [[GenkiGirl Cute, happy]] werewolf.
* ''Paul:'' The superstrong {{Everyman}}, who normally functions as the voice of sanity.
* ''Edward:'' The history teacher, who knows about the supernatural. [[spoiler:His mother sold his soul to a demon when he was 10, to resurrect his father, and he's trying to find an escape clause on the deal.]]
* ''Bran:'' Mysterious guy, who becomes Maria's boyfriend. [[spoiler: revealed as a vampire and TheMole, so Maria kills him.]]
* ''Ella:'' Anastasia's best friend/girlfriend, actually a Fairy with the ability to grant wishes. [[spoiler:killed at the end of season 3, because her wish granting abilities are out of her control and too dangerous.]]

* AbusiveParents (Edward's parents; his father was a violent drunk, and his mother [[spoiler:sold Edward's soul]]. Leigh's mother isn't technically abusive, as she acts perfectly fine to her daughter, but Leigh's mind-reading abilities let her see her mother hates her)
* AnyoneCanDie ([[spoiler:Bran, Cassie, Leigh, Ella, Paul, Edward -- and in the end, ''everyone''.]])
* AxeCrazy (Ax09 – the “axe” is in her name)
* BreakTheCutie (Maria, Anastasia, Shaun)
* BuryYourGays ([[spoiler:Ella]])
* DealWithTheDevil (the pact on [[spoiler:Edward's soul]], notable in that he didn't make it)
* DeconstructorFleet
* DownerEnding ([[spoiler:the world ends.]] How's that for downer?)
* DysfunctionJunction
* FallenPrincess (Anastasia)
* FollowTheLeader (Okay, it's a Buffy ripoff. I admit it)
* HoYay (apart from outright lesbians Anastasia and Ella, turning someone into a werewolf causes a deep connection between the two, which normally translates to sexual energy in the wolf state. Awkward for Cassie and Maria.)
* KillTheCutie ([[spoiler:Cassie]])
* LoveIsInTheAir (Deconstructed. Painfully)
* TheMole (Bran)
* MoralEventHorizon (Ax09 crosses this by [[spoiler:killing Cassie]])
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone ([[spoiler:raping Shaun]] for Anastasia, and [[spoiler: killing Leigh]] for Maria. But both are due to a spell)
* NecessarilyEvil ([[spoiler:Bran]], and most vampires)
* TheOphelia (Ax09 is a villainous example)
* OurVampiresAreDifferent (here becoming a vampire doesn't destroy your soul or conscious, but not feeding causes constant, unimagineable agony, and one can't feed off animals or on stored/out of body blood, nor is possible to just take a little blood. Also, they combust on death)
* RapeIsOkWhenItIsFemaleOnMale (completely averted, it is not OK)
* SadisticChoice (Paul gets given a choice between his mother, and little sister. [[spoiler:He refuses to choose, and they're both killed]].)
* ShrinkingViolet (Leigh. A lot)
* StakingTheLovedOne
* TragicMonster (Vampires in general)
* TheWoobie (originally just Leigh, but slowly everyone winds up this way)
* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds (Ax09)
* YourDaysAreNumbered ([[spoiler:Leigh]] received a psychic prophecy she was going to die, from kissing Maria in a game of spin the bottle)