-> "So, I can go into my books and help my characters?" - Carl
->" Looks like it." - Paula

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Inside Story is an upcoming indie drama/fantasy film about a man who enters the worlds he writes in his novels, and fixes plot holes while inside the story. It will be written and directed by Tropers/SomeWriter.


* {{Alternate Reality}}: Whenever someone edits the story while Carl is in it.
* {{Cant Get Away With Nuthin}}: Joey, who believed that Markus had got his parents permission to travel with him, only to be arrested later.
* {{Cool Uncle}}: Joey, the laid-back adventurous uncle of Markus, who casually takes him halfway across America to investigate a {{Government Conspiracy}}.
* {{Help Yourself in the Future}}: Younger Carl, who tells older Carl information about his ability through {{Dream Sequence}}s.
* {{I Wont Say Im Guilty}}: Joey, when wrongly accused of kidnapping.
--> '''Carl:''' Maybe it would be easier to just plead guilty and get the two years jail time?
--> '''Joey:''' Never! I am not a child kidnapper, I am innocent, and I refuse to be thought of otherwise!
* {{Plot Tumor}}: The plot of the book Carl enters.
* {{Spys Suspicious Spouse}}: Not a spy, but Tammy counts, before she learns of Carl's ability.