a story by Nick The Swing, technically set in a heavily altered history involving magic and demons etc.┬
The story begins with a BadAss named Xanth on the run from a bunch of bad guys, including the rather┬
inept [[MinionWithAnFInEvil Natzo]], [[ImAHumanitarian Ceith Amberst]], [[BadAssGrandpa Esper]], and┬
sadistic Mary Sue wannabe(seriously) [[LittleMissBadAss Kandy]]. Xanth stole a weapon from their boss,┬
[[EvilOverlord Stephen Arkh]], the weapon being a sort of empathic ooze called a Symphony that evolves┬
according to the emotions of the user. Following a humongous battle with Ceith, the Symphony is thrown into┬
a river, where it finds its way to a [[TheWoobie much abused]] one armed boy named Nathan Drant. Nathan has a rivalry with the bully William Trandeigh, which gradually evolves into a full hatred.┬

Nathan grows up with the [[EmpathicWeapon Symphony]] and discovers a terrible scheme involving the Day of the Artifact, and is thrust into events beyond his comprehension.