* It can be argued that Anhura from the musical-in-album-form ''Music/RaziasShadow'' fits this trope. She argues against her father and seems to have the same sense of a greater destiny as Adakias, but she doesn't do anything about it except sit around singing wistfully (Adakias has his share of wistful singing, but he's much more proactive). She's first a damsel when [[spoiler: her father refuses to let her marry Adakias]], but Adakias rescues her by [[spoiler: eloping with her]]. This causes her to [[spoiler: grow ill]], and a third of the second act is therefore spent trying to [[spoiler: cure her illness]]. ''Then'' once they do, [[spoiler: Pallis bursts in]], and Adakias [[spoiler: sacrifices himself to save her when Pallis attempts to murder her]]. Depending what you think happened directly after the end of the song and before the narrator's epilogue, Anhura either [[spoiler: [[HeelFaceTurn ends up with Pallis]]]], staying a damsel, just a rescued one, [[spoiler: fixes everything herself while Pallis retreats]], getting out of the trope, or [[spoiler: everything fixes itself without her help]], which keeps Anhura thoroughly useless and in this trope.
* Mentioned in Creator/WillSmith's song ''Film/WildWildWest'':
-->''Any damsel that's in distress\\
Be out of that dress when she meet Jim West''
* Subverted in the video of ''Mean'' by Music/TaylorSwift. Taylor is shown [[ChainedToARailway tied up on railroad tracks]] by a [[DastardlyWhiplash villain]], who is all [[EvilGloating gloating]] over her predicament. Not long after, a friend of the villain's comes along, the two villains get [[DrinkingOnDuty drunk]], fall asleep, after which Taylor simply gets out of her ropes and heads off.