[[caption-width-right:350:Chris Viscardi (L) Will [=McRobb=] (R)]] Will [=McRobb=] (July 2, 1961-) & Chris Viscardi (January 14, 1962-) are a pair of writers, probably best known for their work with Creator/{{Nickelodeon}} throughout the 1990s and, more recently, for writing big-screen adaptations of books and franchises.

The two got their start in the late eighties, as part of Nickelodeon's advertising division. Rather than take a direct route and outright pitch the network to viewers, they devised a series of shorts about two brothers who shared a name and had vaguely weird adventures together. The shorts would end with the Nick logo and hopefully kids would be amused enough by the shorts to want to watch the network's long-form programming. Said shorts were known as ''Series/TheAdventuresOfPeteAndPete'', and worked so well that eventually Nick began commissioning half-hour specials. Five specials aired between 1991 and 1993 before the two started getting full season orders. While this was happening, [=McRobb=] became an assistant script editor for ''WesternAnimation/{{Doug}}'' and ''WesternAnimation/TheRenAndStimpyShow'', even writing a few episodes of the latter. ''Pete & Pete'' lasted three seasons before finally ending in 1996.

It was just as well, because as ''Pete & Pete'' began winding down, [=McRobb=] and Viscardi--as well as Robert Mitenthal, the mind behind Nick's ''[[Series/DoubleDare1986 Double Dare]]''--had been working on a second series, a cartoon anthology known as ''WesternAnimation/KaBlam''. It was part anthology series, part sketch show, intended to showcase styles of animation besides the traditional form that occupied the entire rest of Nick's cartoon programming. Each week would showcase four shorts, all part of an ongoing series, as well as a few miscellaneous ones and the occasional music video.

2000 brought an eleven-year streak to a halt as ''[=KaBlam=]'' came to an end. Their final work for Nick during this time was the film ''Film/SnowDay'', originally written as a BigDamnMovie for ''Pete & Pete'', but was rewritten into a wholly original script when Nick wasn't interested in doing anything with the show. The same year, the duo created the series ''Series/TheWarNextDoor'' for Creator/USANetwork; this was cancelled in its first season with five episodes left unaired. The two co-wrote an episode each for ''Brutally Normal'' and ''{{Series/Ed}}'', and a TV movie called ''Robinson's Greatest Hits'', before [=McRobb=] split off with Douglas [=McRobb=] to create ''Series/RadioFreeRoscoe'' for [[Creator/TeenNick what was then The N]].

The two reunited in 2005 to collaborate on an episode of Nick's ''Series/TheNakedBrothersBand''. From 2007 to 2008, the duo adapted ''Film/AlvinAndTheChipmunks'', ''WesternAnimation/TheTaleOfDespereaux'', and ''Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging'' for the silver screen. In 2009, the two created a series for Creator/TeenNick--formally The N--called ''The Assistants'', which lasted a grand total of two months. In 2012, the two helped develop the webseries ''WebAnimation/BravestWarriors'' and served as executive producers for one season. The two returned to Nickelodeon proper as writers and executive producers on the show ''WesternAnimation/SanjayAndCraig'' in 2013. They also did the short ''Planet Claire'' for the WesternAnimation/NickelodeonAnimatedShortsProgram.

In 2015, Chris Viscardi was given the title of Senior Vice President of Content Development for Nickelodeon.