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An imprint of Creator/DCComics which used to be an independent company. Wildstorm Productions was originally a company founded by JimLee that was one of the original founders of Creator/ImageComics, and Wildstorm's comics were part of the Image shared universe. It was named from a blend of the titles of its two flagship team books, ''ComicBook/{{WildCATs}}'' and ''ComicBook/{{Stormwatch}}''. However, when Jim Lee parted ways with Image, the ''Shattered Image'' CrisisCrossover was used as a CosmicRetcon to separate Wildstorm's Image titles into a shared universe all their own. Later, in 1999, DC Comics formally bought Wildstorm during the aftershocks of UsefulNotes/TheGreatComicsCrashOf1996.

This led to a golden age for Wildstorm as several of its most iconic titles were launched during this period.

A sub-imprint of Wildstorm was Creator/AmericasBestComics, created as a one-man imprint for Creator/AlanMoore's return to superhero comics.

Eventually, after a few {{Intercontinuity Crossover}}s with Franchise/{{the DC U}}niverse, ''ComicBook/FiftyTwo'' formally assimilated the Wildstorm Universe as DC's Earth-50.

In 2010, DC [[http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=28446 retired the Wildstorm imprint]] due to changes in the market. But that might have been no more than a head-fake, because the next year they [[http://www.comicsalliance.com/2011/06/09/wildstorm-and-dc-continue-to-integrate-on-the-edge integrated Wildstorm into a rebooted DC universe]], complete with a revived ''ComicBook/{{Stormwatch}}'' ongoing.

Within two years of the DC reboot, most of the Wildstorm-based titles in the {{New 52}} had been discontinued, dismissing the characters into obscurity.

!!Notable comics published by Wildstorm include:

!!!Wildstorm Universe:
* ComicBook/TheAuthority
* ComicBook/TheEstablishment
* ComicBook/{{Gen 13}} and spinoffs (Team 7 and [=DV8=])
* ComicBook/TheIntimates
* ComicBook/TheMonarchy
* ComicBook/{{Planetary}}
* ComicBook/{{Sleeper}}
* ComicBook/{{Stormwatch}}
* ComicBook/StormwatchPHD
* ComicBook/WelcomeToTranquility
* ComicBook/{{Wild CATs}}

!!!Creator-Owned Titles:
* ComicBook/{{Arrowsmith}}
* ComicBook/AstroCity
* ComicBook/{{Red}}
* ComicBook/ExMachina
* ComicBook/{{Wildsiderz}}

!!!Licensed Comics:

* ComicBook/RatchetAndClankComic
* ComicBook/WorldOfWarcraftComic

!!!Comics featuring Wildstorm characters in DC's New 52:
* Grifter
* ComicBook/{{Stormwatch}}
* ComicBook/TeamSeven
* Voodoo