John Whitney "Whit" Stillman (born January 25, 1952) is an American screenwriter and director who lives in Spain. He's very fond of [=WASPs=], yuppies and the like, and often makes films [[WriteWhatYouKnow based on his own experiences]], though many of his scripts are in DevelopmentHell. His protégé is Creator/NoahBaumbach.


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* ''Film/{{Metropolitan}}'' (1990) -- A sullen socialist falls in with a group of debutantes in [[PresentDayPast "1970s"]] [[BigApplesauce Manhattan]].
* ''Film/{{Barcelona}}'' (1994) -- A naval officer crashes at his troubled cousin's Barcelona apartment in TheEighties. Together they meet women and get into lots of arguments about the UsefulNotes/ColdWar. This is Stillman's best-known film.
* ''Film/TheLastDaysOfDisco'' (1998) -- A group of unlikely friends hang out at a Studio 54–type discotheque in 1980-81. The club is under investigation, and the prosecutor might be insane. The film was an obscure flop and remained so until it was [[VindicatedByCable released on DVD by the Criterion Collection 11 years later]], renewing interest in Stillman's work and encouraging him to make...
* ''Film/DamselsInDistress'' (2011) -- Three girls try to class up their trashy university, leading them to take an interest in questionable male students. An AffectionateParody of 1980s college comedies, though it's set in the present day.