Walter Moers (born 24 May 1957) is a German comic creator and novelist, and a regular contributor to the satire magazine ''Titanic''.

His most famous character in Germany is probably Series/CaptainBluebear, whose franchise include [[Series/DieSendungMitDerMaus puppet show sketches in children's TV]], newspaper comics and [[TheMovie a full length animated movie]].

Most of his comics feature the eponymous brat ''Das kleine Arschloch'' (''The Little Asshole''). There are also two animated movies.

Most of his novels take place on the fictional continent of Zamonia.

Works of Walter Moers that have been translated into English:


[[folder: Comic books ]]

* ''The Little Asshole'' (8 volumes)


[[folder: Zamonia novels ]]

* ''Literature/TheThirteenAndAHalfLivesOfCaptainBluebear''
* ''Ensel und Krete'' (not translated)
* ''Literature/RumoAndHisMiraculousAdventures''
* ''Literature/TheCityOfDreamingBooks''
* ''Literature/TheAlchemastersApprentice''
* ''The Labyrinth of Dreaming Books'' (sequel to ''The City of Dreaming Books'')


[[folder: Non-Zamonia novels ]]

* ''A Wild Ride Through the Night''
!! Notable tropes in the works of Walter Moers:

* AbsentMindedProfessor: Professor Schimauski
* AdolfHitlarious: ''Adolf, die Nazisau'' is about Hitler having survived in the sewers of Berlin, reemerging in the 90s and utterly (and hilariously) failing to adjust to modern life.
* AssShove: Pelping, which involves a longish, thin animal (fish, eel)
* UsefulNotes/EsperantoTheUniversalLanguage: Mocked with Pimperanto ("pimpern" means "to shag").
* EverythingsBetterWithPenguins: One short story starts with a German "white trash" guy watching TV. Then, someone rings his door, and when he opens, a hoard of penguins enters, starts a party. When he demands to know what this is all about, they show him that today's "international penguin's day". He's happy with that and joins the party.
** Also inverted in one story where nuclear tests in Antarctica create a Franchise/{{Godzilla}}-like penguin who surfs on an ice float to UsefulNotes/EastGermany and starts to wreak havoc. (He's brought down by the ComicBook/LittleArsehole - who wrote the story BTW.)
* EverythingsEvenWorseWithSharks: One story about a guy with a phobia for sharks. It starts with the fact that he'd never enter water deeper than a foot... not even a puddle... or a bathtub... and then gets really weird, when he claims there are miniature sharks causing diseases and (shark-themed) madness... and then, the shark police takes him away (did they?)
* FootnoteFever: In the Zamonia novels Moers loves to make footnotes which content pseudo dictionary entries.
* FunetikAksent: Everything UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler says in the ''Adolf'' series.
* FunWithForeignLanguages: "Fötzelek" looks like as if it means "cunt licking". Originally, it comes from Hungarian and means a vegetable dish. In Pimperanto, however, it means what it looks like.
* GermanHumor
* TheGreys: Alien students who abduct UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler to create a new, superior human race with him as the father and the recently deceased Mother Teresa as the mother.
* HeAlsoDid: Moers' works are peculiarly diverse in that he has been writing/drawing for three quite different audience demographics: Comicbooks for adults, TV for children, and the Zamonia novels for young adults. Fans of the Zamonia novels often know little about his comicbooks, or are even blissfully unaware of their existence. It's probably better for them.
** They are called [[spoiler:"The Little Asshole"]], which is about a little boy and based entirely on RefugeInAudacity and CrossesTheLineTwice.
* JacobMarleyApparel: This gets deconstructed to its perverted end. In the story in question, {{God}} himself decided that the angels (former humans) he uses as messengers are this. So we meet an angel in a crotch-free black rubber suit and another one who's completely naked with [[AssShove a carrot shoved up his... yeah]]. But OTOH, this God still accepts perverts, even if he may act jerky towards them.
* LiteraryAgentHypothesis: ''The Thirteen and a Half Lives of Captain Bluebear'' and ''Literature/TheCityOfDreamingBooks'' were described as parts of the autobiography of their respective narrators, ''The Alchemaster's Apprentice'' a Zamonian fairy tale; Walter Moers merely translated.
* MindScrew: His AuthorAvatar in the Zamonia novels is a satire of the modern literature scene and uses [[AuthorTract Author Tracts]] as actual Author Tracts by Moers that criticise among other things... Author Tracts.
* MomentKiller: The mother of a male teenager in one story. "Are you screwing already?"
* ShoutOut
** Adolf grows to enormous size and [[Franchise/{{Godzilla}} accidentally destroys Toyko]].
* SinkTheLifeBoats: In one story about an opium-addicted captain who has made a plan to escape with the female passengers to an uncharted island.
* {{Smurfing}}: In a loose sense. Imagine a closed time loop that repeats and repeats and repeats and [[OverlyLongGag repeats and]]...OK, and that's why the respective comic calls it a "Time Smurf" by analogy.
* SuperZeroes: Once made a lot of one-panel-gags involving those. Giving the world "heroes" (and villains) like Heart Attack Man (since we see him in a hospital bed, he doesn't *give* them), Dyslexic Man, Captain Insensitive who keeps his NiceHat on in the cinema, the very popular Round-for-the-House-Man, tiny Captain UsefulNotes/{{Liechtenstein}} and others.
* ThoseWackyNazis: ''Adolf''.
** UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler + somewhat buggy time machine = HilarityEnsues. Did you know the bastard is responsible not only for [=WW2=] and genocide, but also [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking the deaths of Princess Diana and Kurt Cobain?]] (OK, it was a tragic accident.)
* UnfortunateNames: Bratwurst
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: "Deadman, the dead comic hero". Once already listed at amazon to be in the works. The exact reasons it wasn't made are unknown...