[[caption-width-right:350:The company logo, informally known as "The Bug".]]

Varèse Sarabande was founded in 1977 as the result of a merger between the small classical labels Varèse International and Sarabande Records as a label to distribute reissues of classical albums from companies such as Decca and JVC. Eventually, they branched into jazz music, Broadway recordings and, most notably, film scores. In 1988, Varèse Sarabande began a partnership with MCA, and today it has released over 1,100 film scores and cast recordings. Currently headed by Robert Townson, the company not only releases work from legends such as Music/JohnWilliams, Music/JerryGoldsmith and Music/BernardHerrmann, but also supports newer composers such as Creator/AlexandreDesplat, Music/BrianTyler and Marco Beltrami. The label has also released two CD compilations of theme music from North American {{game show}}s.

The company's success has led to competitors (and often {{Friendly Rival}}s) such as Creator/{{Intrada}}, Creator/LaLaLandRecords, Kritzerland and Perseverance Records. In a way, Varèse Sarabande's success showed that there was a market for film scores and the company has benefited strongly.

The company also operates Varèse Vintage, a sublabel for pop music reissues and compilations.

In February 2018, Varèse was acquired by Concord Music Group.

The listing below only includes albums that had their ''initial'' release on the label (with the exception of ''Spartacus'' in the Alex North folder). Titles with asterisks have also been released by the label in expanded form.
!!Among their many, many releases (and the individual folders do ''not'' include all the albums on the label from that particular composer):


[[folder:John Barry]]
* ''Jagged Edge''
* ''Film/MercuryRising''
* ''Film/PeggySueGotMarried''*

[[folder:Elmer Bernstein]]
* ''Birdman of Alcatraz''
* ''Far From Heaven'' (his final film score)
* ''Film/{{Ghostbusters 1984}}''
* ''Film/TheGreatEscape'' (the complete film score as heard in the movie)
* ''Film/SpiesLikeUs''
* ''Film/{{Stripes}}''
* ''Film/WildWildWest'' (with son Peter Bernstein)

[[folder: Carter Burwell]]
* ''Film/AndTheBandPlayedOn''
* ''Film/DocHollywood''
* ''Film/TheHudsuckerProxy''
* ''Literature/MildredPierce''
* ''Film/MillersCrossing''
* ''Film/RaisingArizona'' (twinned with ''Film/BloodSimple'')
* ''Film/{{S1m0ne}}''

[[folder: Bill Conti]]
* ''The Adventures of Huck Finn''
* ''Film/BroadcastNews''
* ''Film/FXMurderByIllusion''*
* ''Film/TheKarateKid'' (and all three sequels)
* ''Series/NorthAndSouthUS'' (the first two installments)
* ''Film/TheRightStuff''
* ''Film/RookieOfTheYear'' (twinned - or tripled - with ''A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon'' [replacing a score by Music/ElmerBernstein, which was retained outside North America] and ''Bushwhacked'')

[[folder: John Debney]]
* ''Film/AliensInTheAttic''
* ''WesternAnimation/TheAntBully''
* ''Film/CatsAndDogs''
* ''Film/DreamHouse''
* ''Film/LiarLiar'' (theme by James Newton Howard)
* ''Film/{{Paulie}}''
* ''Series/SeaQuestDSV''

[[folder: Alexandre Desplat]]
* ''Firewall''
* ''Film/TheGhostWriter''
* ''Fiolm/TheIdesOfMarch''
* ''La fille du puisatier''
* ''Film/LargoWinch'' (and the sequel)
* ''Film/MrMagoriumsWonderEmporium'' (with Aaron Zigman)
* ''WesternAnimation/RiseOfTheGuardians''

[[folder: Randy Edelman]]
* ''The Distinguished Gentleman''
* ''Film/KindergartenCop''
* ''Film/LeapYear''
* ''Film/MyCousinVinny''
* ''Film/TwentySevenDresses''
* ''Film/WhileYouWereSleeping''
* ''Film/XXx''

[[folder: Danny Elfman]]
* ''Dolores Claiborne''
* ''Film/ExtremeMeasures''
* ''Film/ProofOfLife''
* ''Film/RealSteel''
* ''Film/ToDieFor''
* ''Wisdom''
* ''Film/TheWolfman2010''

[[folder: Michael Giacchino]]
* ''Series/{{Alias}}'' (three volumes)
* ''Film/LandOfTheLost''
* ''Series/{{Lost}}'' (seven volumes, one for each season except for the last, which got two)
* ''Film/MissionImpossibleIII'' and ''Film/MissionImpossibleGhostProtocol''
* ''Film/SpeedRacer''
* ''Film/StarTrek''*
* ''Film/{{Super 8}}''

[[folder: Jerry Goldsmith]]
* Music/JerryGoldsmith is such a favourite of the label that this isn't even half of his total output with them:
* ''Film/AlienNation'' (thrown-out score)
* ''Film/AirForceOne''
* ''Film/BasicInstinct'' (expanded edition later released by Prometheus)
* ''Criminal Law''
* ''Film/ExecutiveDecision''*
* ''Lonely Are the Brave''
* ''Film/MedicineMan''
* ''Mr. Baseball''
* ''Film/TheOmen'' Trilogy*
* ''Film/LooneyTunesBackInAction'' (his final score)
* ''Film/RamboFirstBloodPartII'' (expanded edition later released by Silva America)
* ''Film/{{Runaway}}''*
* ''Film/{{Rudy}}''
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSecretOfNIMH'' (expanded edition later released by Intrada)
* ''Film/SmallSoldiers''
* ''Film/StarTrekNemesis''*
* ''Film/{{Supergirl}}'' (expanded edition later released by Silva Screen)
* ''Film/TotalRecall1990''*

[[folder: James Horner]]
* ''Film/{{Aliens}}''*
* ''Film/AllTheKingsMen''
* ''Beyond Borders''
* ''Black Gold''
* ''Class Action''
* ''[[Film/{{Cocoon}} Cocoon: The Return]]''
* ''Film/{{Commando}}'' (later reissued in an expanded form by La-La Land)
* ''For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada''
* ''House of Sand and Fog''
* ''The Missing''
* ''Once Around''

[[folder: James Newton Howard]]
* ''Film/TheBourneLegacy''
* ''Film/{{Duplicity}}''
* ''Film/TheHappening''
* ''Film/IAmLegend''
* ''Russkies''
* ''Film/TheSixthSense''
* ''Film/TheTourist'' (includes a track from Gabriel Yared's thrown-out score)

[[folder: Mark Isham]]
* ''Film/CoolWorld'' (expanded edition later released by Quartet)
* ''Film/DolphinTale''
* ''Film/DontSayAWord''
* ''Film/LittleManTate''
* ''Film/TheMist''
* ''Film/RacingStripes''
* ''Film/{{Timecop}}''

[[folder: Maurice Jarre]]
* ''Film/EnemyMine''*
* ''Film/{{Ghost}}'' (North America only - issued internationally through Milan)
* ''Film/JacobsLadder''
* ''Film/NoWayOut''
* ''Tai-Pan''
* ''Film/TopSecret''
* ''Film/{{Witness}}''

[[folder: Henry Mancini]]
* ''Disney/TheGreatMouseDetective'' (one of the very, very few Creator/WaltDisney animated movies not involving Creator/{{Pixar}} whose original soundtrack has been licensed through a non-Disney label)
* ''Film/{{Lifeforce}}'' (La-La Land later issued this in expanded form and with Michael Kamen's additional music)
* ''The Man Who Loved Women''
* ''Film/{{Nightwing}}''
* ''Switch''
* ''Film/TheThornBirds''

[[folder: David Newman]]
* ''Film/TheAffairOfTheNecklace''
* ''Film/{{Heathers}}''
* ''WesternAnimation/IceAge''
* ''Film/{{Matilda}}''
* ''Mr. Destiny''
* ''Film/{{Serenity}}''
* ''Film/TheWarOfTheRoses'' (twinned with ''Film/TheSandlot'')

[[folder: Thomas Newman]]
* ''Film/DesperatelySeekingSusan'' (twinned with Chaz Jankel's ''Film/MakingMrRight''. And no, Music/{{Madonna}} isn't on it)
* ''The Good German''
* ''Film/TheHelp''
* ''Film/PayItForward''
* ''Film/ThePlayer''
* ''Film/TheSaltonSea''
* ''Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael''

[[folder: Alex North]]
* ''The Dead''
* ''The Last Butterfly'' (North's final score)
* ''Film/{{Spartacus}}'' (label head Robert Townson's all-time favourite score)
* ''Film/TwoThousandOneASpaceOdyssey'' (re-recording of his original score, conducted by his friend Music/JerryGoldsmith - Intrada later released the film tracks)

[[folder: John Ottman]]
* ''WesternAnimation/AstroBoy''
* ''Film/CruelIntentions'' (Ottman's rejected score, as part of a compilation album)
* ''Film/EightLeggedFreaks''
* ''Film/FantasticFour2005''
* ''Film/HalloweenH20TwentyYearsLater'' (his score as intended for the film; album released as ''Portrait of Terror'')
* ''Film/LakePlacid''
* ''Film/UrbanLegendsFinalCut''

[[folder: Basil Poledouris]]
* ''Film/ConanTheDestroyer''
* ''Film/HotShotsPartDeux'' (from the liner notes: "[[SelfDeprecation What Is The Varese Logo Anyway?]]")
* ''Film/IronEagle''
* ''Film/OnDeadlyGround''
* ''Film/RoboCop1987'' and [[Film/RoboCop3 the second sequel]] (Varese's expansion of the former only added a few very short tracks; the complete score was later released by Intrada)
* ''Film/UnderSiege2DarkTerritory''
* ''Wired'' (unusually for the label, the album only had three score tracks and was dominated by songs)

[[folder: Rachel Portman]]
* ''Belle''
* ''Grey Gardens''
* ''Film/TheManchurianCandidate'' (twinned with David Amram's score for the 1962 version)
* ''A Pyromaniac's Love Story'' (including ''Great Moments In Aviation'', ''Smoke'' and ''Ethan Frome'')
* ''Film/TheRoadToWellville''
* ''[[Film/TheSisterhoodOfTheTravelingPants The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2]]''
* ''War of the Buttons''

[[folder: John Powell]]
* ''Film/{{Hancock}}''
* ''WesternAnimation/HowToTrainYourDragon''
* The ''WesternAnimation/IceAge'' sequels
* ''WesternAnimation/TheLorax''
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Rio}}''
* ''Film/{{United 93}}''
* ''Film/XMenTheLastStand''

[[folder: Alan Silvestri]]
* ''Film/TheAbyss''*
* ''Film/TheATeam''
* ''Film/CastAway'' (as part of a compilation of his music for Creator/RobertZemeckis, due to the score being only 15 minutes long)
* ''Film/FatherOfTheBride1991''
* All three ''Film/NightAtTheMuseum'' movies
* Both ''Film/{{Predator}}'' movies
* ''Film/RomancingTheStone''

[[folder: Brian Tyler]]
* ''Film/AliensVsPredatorRequiem''
* ''Film/BattleLosAngeles''
* ''Film/EagleEye''
* ''Film/TheFastAndTheFuriousTokyoDrift'' (and the next two sequels)
* ''Film/TheFinalDestination'' (and the fifth film)
* ''Film/TheHunted''
* ''Film/{{Timeline}}'' (the label also released the Music/JerryGoldsmith score which Tyler replaced)

[[folder: John Williams]]
* ''Film/TheCowboys''
* ''Film/FamilyPlot''
* ''Heartbeeps''
* ''Film/{{Midway}}''
* ''Film/PresumedInnocent'' (this is one of only two scores of his Varese issued alongside the film's release)
* ''Stanley and Iris''* (this is the other; the later release of the complete score was twinned with his even '''shorter''' complete score for ''Pete'n'Tillie'')

[[folder: Hans Zimmer]]
* ''Film/DrivingMissDaisy''
* ''Film/FrostNixon'' (with Lorne Balfe)
* ''Film/GreenCard''
* ''Film/TheHoliday'' (with Lorne Balfe, Heitor Pereira, Henry Jackman, Imogen Heap, Atli Orvarsson and Ryeland Allison)
* ''Film/MatchstickMen''
* ''Film/PacificHeights''
* ''Film/TearsOfTheSun'' (with - deep breath - Steve Jablonsky, Jim Dooley, Lisa Gerrard, Lebo M, Heitor Periera, Andreas Vollenweider and Martin Tillmann)

[[folder: Others]]
* ''Series/TwentyFour'' (Sean Callery; three albums)
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'' (Ramin Djawadi; the first two albums)
* ''Film/TheSisterhoodOfTheTravelingPants'' (Cliff Eidelman)
* ''Series/HerculesTheLegendaryJourneys'' (Joseph [=LoDuca=]; four albums)
* ''Series/XenaWarriorPrincess'' (Joseph [=LoDuca=]; six albums)
* ''Film/{{Pleasantville}}'' (Music/RandyNewman)
* ''Series/TheTwilightZone1959'' (various artists including Jerry Goldsmith and Bernard Herrmann; six albums)
* ''Film/{{Starman}}'' (Jack Nitzsche)
* ''Film/TheRunningMan'' (Harold Faltermeyer)
* ''Film/TheNakedGun'' (Ira Newborn; twinned with the first sequel)
* ''Film/TheFly1986'' (Music/HowardShore)
* ''[[Film/TheFlyII The Fly II]]'' (Christopher Young)
* ''Brass Target'' (Laurence Rosenthal)
* All four ''Franchise/{{Scream}}'' movies (Marco Beltrami; first film later issued in an expanded edition)
* ''Series/{{Fringe}}'' (Music/MichaelGiacchino, Chris Tilton and Chad Seiter; five albums)
* ''Series/PersonOfInterest'' (Ramin Djawadi; two albums so far)
* ''Series/TheMatrix''* (Don Davis)
* ''Film/BallisticEcksVsSever'' (Don Davis - unusually, the label issued a song album ''and'' a score album)
* The ''Film/RushHour'' sequels (Lalo Schifrin)
* ''Film/DieHard2''* (Music/MichaelKamen)
* ''Film/MemoirsOfAnInvisibleMan'' (Shirley Walker)
* ''Film/ShortCircuit'' (David Shire)
* ''Film/ManOnFire'' (1987; John Scott)
* ''Film/CitySlickers'' (Marc Shaiman)
* ''Agnes Of God'' (Georges Delerue)
* ''Film/{{Unforgiven}}'' (Lennie Niehaus; "Claudia's Theme" by Creator/ClintEastwood)
* ''Film/{{Terminal Velocity|1994}}'' (Joel [=McNeely=])