Vanillaware is a game company led by the artist George Kamitani. Its games are renowned for their extremely detailed 2D artwork. It frequently works together with Creator/{{Basiscape}} for the soundtracks -- in fact, thus far, every single released OST for a Vanillaware game has been effectively a vehicle for the newer artists of Basiscape.

Games by Vanillaware:
* ''VideoGame/{{Princess Crown}}''
* ''VideoGame/OdinSphere''
* ''VideoGame/GrimGrimoire''
* ''Kumatanchi''
* ''[[VideoGame/MuramasaTheDemonBlade Muramasa: The Demon Blade]]''
* ''VideoGame/GrandKnightsHistory'' (Japan: September 2011, a NA/Europe release was announced, but later cancelled)
* ''VideoGame/DragonsCrown''
* ''[[VideoGame/ThirteenSentinelsAegisRim 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim]]''
!!Vanillaware and George Kamitani use the following tropes:
* AuthorAppeal: George Kamitani's art style tends to always encompass the following:
** AmazonianBeauty: There are musclebound characters of both genders, but females are frequently given this treatment in addition to the muscle. This also usually includes said characters having an emphasis on their [[MurderousThighs legs]] and [[HartmanHips butts]] as opposed to any other area, but sometimes includes BoobsOfSteel on rare occasion. Examples include [[VideoGame/OdinSphere Gwendolyn]], [[VideoGame/MuramasaTheDemonBlade Raijin]], and the [[VideoGame/DragonsCrown Amazon]].
** BuxomIsBetter: Some of the more powerful characters (generally magic-oriented) tend to have equally powerful assets. Examples include [[VideoGame/OdinSphere Velvet, Queen Elfaria, Odette]][[note]]Despite Odette being mostly skeletal, her skin is situated mostly on her face and rather large breasts.[[/note]], [[CuteMonsterGirl Kongiku and almost all the female mooks]] in ''[[VideoGame/MuramasaTheDemonBlade Muramasa]]'', and the [[VideoGame/DragonsCrown Sorceress]].
** {{Cute Monster Girl}}s: Any female monsters will almost always fall into this category, along with any of the other AuthorAppeal tropes listed here. Examples include [[VideoGame/MuramasaTheDemonBlade Kongiku and Yuzuhura]], who are {{Kitsune}}, the mermaids and snow women from [[VideoGame/MuramasaTheDemonBlade the same game]], and the harpies and vampires in ''VideoGame/DragonsCrown''.
** GameGourmet: There's as much detail put into food as there is everything else. It's recommended not to be particularly hungry when playing a game that has a lot of food focus, such as ''VideoGame/MuramasaTheDemonBlade''.
** TopHeavyGuy: In order to emphasize strength in the male characters, they tend to be drawn with huge meaty torsos placed atop small legs. [[VideoGame/OdinSphere Odin]], [[VideoGame/MuramasaTheDemonBlade the adult Oni enemies]], [[VideoGame/DragonsCrown the Knight, and the Dwarf]]? All examples of beefy guys.
** ZettaiRyouiki: Generally used on more svelte characters and some mages, [[HartmanHips sometimes with the hips to match]]. Examples include [[VideoGame/OdinSphere Gwendolyn, Velvet]], [[VideoGame/MuramasaTheDemonBlade Momohime, Raijin]], and the [[VideoGame/DragonsCrown Elf by way of her thigh-high boots]].
* DoingItForTheArt: It takes a ton of work to produce 2D graphics lavish enough to strain a contemporary game system. This is in fact George Kamitani's modus operandi, exemplified by both ''VideoGame/DragonsCrown'' and its artbook. If the preface in the artbook is anything to go by, ''Dragon's Crown'' is George Kamitani's love letter to gaming as a whole.
* MedievalEuropeanFantasy: The setting for most of the games they've produced. ''13 Sentinels'' marks the first time they've broken away from the "old era" fantasy setting to produce something that takes place in modern times.
* OddballInTheSeries: Vanillaware's catalog consists of [=RPGs=], action [=RPGs=] and...[[ a game where you take care of anthropomorphic animal girls in a zoo.]]
** Don't forget their [[VideoGame/GrimGrimoire Real Time Strategy Game]]!
* SceneryPorn: To the point where many promotional images are the raw artwork for the backgrounds.
* SpiritualSuccessor: ''Princess Crown'' --> ''Odin Sphere'' --> ''Muramasa''. In fact, during development, the games were respectively referred to as ''Princess Crown 2'' and ''Princess Crown 3''. ''Dragon's Crown'' is instead a successor to ''[[VideoGame/DungeonsAndDragons Dungeons & Dragons: Tower Of Doom]]''.