''Vanillaware'' is a game company led by the artist George Kamitani. Its games are renowned for their extremely detailed 2D artwork. It frequently works together with Creator/{{Basiscape}} for the soundtracks -- in fact, thus far, every single released OST for a Vanillaware game has been effectively a vehicle for the newer artists of Basiscape.

Games by ''Vanillaware'':
* ''Princess Crown''
* ''VideoGame/OdinSphere''
* ''VideoGame/GrimGrimoire''
* ''Kumatanchi''
* ''[[VideoGame/MuramasaTheDemonBlade Muramasa: The Demon Blade]]''
* ''VideoGame/GrandKnightsHistory'' (Japan: September 2011, a NA/Europe release was announced, but later cancelled)
* ''VideoGame/DragonsCrown''
* ''13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim''
!!Vanillaware and George Kamitani use the following tropes:
* AuthorAppeal: George Kamitani's art style tends to always encompass the following:
** AmazonianBeauty: There are musclebound characters of both genders, but females are frequently given this treatment in addition to the muscle. This also usually includes said characters having an emphasis on their [[MurderousThighs legs]] and [[HartmanHips butts]] as opposed to any other area, but sometimes includes BoobsOfSteel on rare occasion. Examples include [[VideoGame/OdinSphere Gwendolyn]], [[VideoGame/MuramasaTheDemonBlade Raijin]], and the [[VideoGame/DragonsCrown Amazon]].
** BuxomIsBetter: Some of the more powerful characters (generally magic-oriented) tend to have equally powerful assets. Examples include [[VideoGame/OdinSphere Velvet, Queen Elfaria, Odette]][[note]]Despite Odette being mostly skeletal, her skin is situated mostly on her face and rather large breasts.[[/note]], [[CuteMonsterGirl Kongiku and almost all the female mooks]] in ''[[VideoGame/MuramasaTheDemonBlade Muramasa]]'', and the [[VideoGame/DragonsCrown Sorceress]].
** {{Cute Monster Girl}}s: Any female monsters will almost always fall into this category, along with any of the other AuthorAppeal tropes listed here. Examples include [[VideoGame/MuramasaTheDemonBlade Kongiku and Yuzuhura]], who are {{Kitsune}}, the mermaids and snow women from [[VideoGame/MuramasaTheDemonBlade the same game]], and the harpies and vampires in ''VideoGame/DragonsCrown''.
** FoodPorn: There's as much detail put into food as there is everything else. It's recommended not to be particularly hungry in a game that has a lot of food focus, such as ''VideoGame/MuramasaTheDemonBlade''.
** TopHeavyGuy: In order to emphasize strength in the male characters, they tend to be drawn with huge meaty torsos placed atop small legs. [[VideoGame/OdinSphere Odin]], [[VideoGame/MuramasaTheDemonBlade the adult Oni enemies]], [[VideoGame/DragonsCrown the Knight, and the Dwarf]]? All examples of beefy guys.
** ZettaiRyouiki: Generally used on more svelte characters and some mages, [[HartmanHips sometimes with the hips to match]]. Examples include [[VideoGame/OdinSphere Gwendolyn, Velvet]], [[VideoGame/MuramasaTheDemonBlade Momohime, Raijin]], and the [[VideoGame/DragonsCrown Elf by way of her thigh-high boots]].
* DoingItForTheArt: It takes a ton of work to produce 2D graphics lavish enough to strain a contemporary game system. This is in fact George Kamitani's modus operandi, exemplified by both ''VideoGame/DragonsCrown'' and its artbook. If the preface in the artbook is anything to go by, ''Dragon's Crown'' is George Kamitani's love letter to gaming as a whole.
* MedievalEuropeanFantasy: The setting for most of the games they've produced.
* OddballInTheSeries: Vanillaware's catalog consists of [=RPGs=], action [=RPGs=] and...[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kumatanchi a game where you take care of anthropomorphic animal girls in a zoo.]]
* SceneryPorn: To the point where many promotional images are the raw artwork for the backgrounds.
* SpiritualSuccessor: ''Princess Crown'' --> ''Odin Sphere'' --> ''Muramasa''. In fact, during development, the games were respectively referred to as ''Princess Crown 2'' and ''Princess Crown 3''. ''Dragon's Crown'' is instead a successor to ''[[VideoGame/DungeonsAndDragons Dungeons & Dragons: Tower Of Doom]]''.