Describe Creator/UnshoIshizuka here.

-->'''''[[GratuitousEnglish Yes, Yes, Yes,]] [[Manga/JojosBizarreAdventure Oh My God...]]'''''

A seiyuu with a deep, [[BadassBaritone baritone]] voice, he is famous for being the Narrator from ''{{Anime/Pokemon}}''.

Also very good for 'good' father figures, though like Creator/FumihikoTachiki, he can subvert it into 'bad' (or at least just 'strict') father, or straight up villains.

Also known for his remarkable singing prowess where his deep voice becomes extremely sensual.

!!Notable Roles by Unsho Ishizuka:
* Adray Lasbard in ''VideoGame/StarOceanTillTheEndOfTime''
* Alex Rosewater in ''Anime/TheBigO''
* Augus in ''VideoGame/AsurasWrath''
* Barrel Barlow in ''VideoGame/GranadoEspada''
* Brad Wong in ''[[VideoGame/DeadOrAlive Dead or Alive Dimensions]]'' and ''Dead or Alive 5'' (replacing Yukimasa Kishino)
* Bryan Roses in ''VideoGame/KillerIsDead''
* Bunta Fujiwara in ''Manga/InitialD''
* Carnage Kabuto/ Asura Rhino in Webcomic/OnePunchMan
* Desmond Rutaganda in ''Anime/PsychoPassTheMovie''
* Capt. Ernest Johnson in ''Anime/MacrossDelta''
* Eugene Gallardo in ''VideoGame/TalesOfRebirth''
* Gantu in the Japanese dub of ''Disney/LiloAndStitch''
* Gen Fudou in ''Anime/GenesisOfAquarion''
* Gene Smilas in ''Anime/CodeGeassAkitoTheExiled''
* Gozaburo Kaiba in ''Anime/YuGiOh''
* Gustav in ''[[Manga/ZatchBell Gash Bell]]''
* Guld Goa Bowman in ''Anime/MacrossPlus''
* Heihachi Mishima as of ''VideoGame/{{Tekken}} Tag Tournament 2'' (replacing the late Creator/DaisukeGori), as well as ''VideoGame/StreetFighterXTekken'', ''VideoGame/PlayStationAllStarsBattleRoyale'' and ''VideoGame/ProjectXZone''
* Horatio Caine in the Japanese dub of ''Series/CSIMiami''
* Jet Black in ''Anime/CowboyBebop''
* Cpt. John Price in the Japanese dub of ''VideoGame/ModernWarfare 3''
* Jonny K in the Japanese dub of ''WesternAnimation/SWATKats''
* Old Joseph Joestar in ''[[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure JoJo's Bizarre Adventure]]''
* Kagraba in ''Anime/ChaosDragon''
* Kei Munakata in ''Anime/ExDriver''
* Admiral Kizaru and Commander in Chief Kong in ''Manga/OnePiece''
* Larri in ''Series/DoubutsuSentaiZyuohger''
* Lex Luthor in the Japanese dub of ''Film/SupermanReturns''
* Luxzaal in ''VideoGame/XenobladeChroniclesX''
* [=McMurdo=] Barristan in ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamIronBloodedOrphans''
* Moichi Taoka in ''Manga/SlamDunk''
* Mister Satan in ''Anime/DragonballKai'' and ''Anime/DragonBallZBattleOfGods'' (another Gouri replacement)
* Patrick in ''Manga/BloodBlockadeBattlefront''
* Dr. Okido/Professor Oak, the Narrator, Alder, various Pokemon in ''{{Anime/Pokemon}}''
* Ryotaro Dojima in ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}''
* Sergei Smirnov in ''Anime/{{Gundam 00}}''
* Shio Sakaki in ''Manga/KenichiTheMightiestDisciple''
* Silas in the Japanese dub of ''WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime''
* Senator Steven Armstrong in ''VideoGame/MetalGearRisingRevengeance''
* Tetsuo Tamashiro in ''[[VideoGame/{{Yakuza3}} Yakuza 3]]''
* Vajramon in ''Anime/DigimonTamers''
* Van Hohenheim in ''[[Manga/FullmetalAlchemist Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood]]''
* Void/The Narrator in the 1997-98 anime of ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'', and in ''Anime/Berserk2016''.
* Zabuza Momochi in ''Manga/{{Naruto}}''


->''Thus concludes... [[GlassesPull *pulls glasses*]]... my description''
-->'''''[[MemeticMutation YEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!]]'''''
-->'''''[[Film/SupermanReturns WRONG!]] [[Manga/JojosBizarreAdventure OH MY GOOOOOODDDD!!!!]]'''''
->''[[TheComicallySerious I feel like]] [[Manga/InitialD I want to smoke for a bit....]]''