Timothy Leonard Spall (born 27 February 1957) is an English actor. He first came to prominence playing boring electrician Barry in the successful 1980s comedy-drama series ''Series/AufWiedersehenPet''. He has since appeared in numerous films, and is perhaps best known for playing [[TheGrotesque what most consider repulsive characters]], or otherwise, a {{Gonk}}. These include Peter Pettigrew from the ''Film/HarryPotter'' films, Beadle Bamford in ''Film/SweeneyToddTheDemonBarberOfFleetStreet'', Mr. Poe in ''Film/{{A Series of Unfortunate Events|2004}}'' and Nathaniel from Disney's ''{{Film/Enchanted}}''. In ''Film/ShootingThePast'', he played Oswald Bates, a bizarre genius who is more like BunnyEarsLawyer. He played UsefulNotes/WinstonChurchill in ''Film/TheKingsSpeech'', and Simon Graham in ''Film/TheLastSamurai''. In the film adaptation of ''Theatre/JourneysEnd'', he played Lt. Trotter.

He won Best Actor at Cannes for his portrayal of [=JMW=] Turner in the biopic ''Film/MrTurner''.

As for his personal life, Spall has been married since 1981 and has three children, the youngest of whom, Rafe, is also an actor; they appeared together [[RealLifeRelative as father and son]] in the 2007 television adaptation of ''Literature/ARoomWithAView''.