''This page details both the [=TeenNick=] channel and former programming block.''

'''[=TeenNick=]''' is a sister channel of Creator/{{Nickelodeon}} launched in 2001, primarily aimed at teenagers. It was formerly known as ''The-N.'' The-N was originally a night time network that shared space with Noggin (a pre-school network) and aired from 6 PM to 6 AM EST. In 2007, The-N finally split from Noggin (now known as Creator/NickJr) and in 2009, the channel was re-branded [=TeenNick=] in order to emphasize the Nickelodeon connection. Currently, there is a [[NetworkDecay shift in programming]] from dramatic series with older teens to more light hearted shows showcasing younger kids. The network is primarily known for being the American broadcaster of ''Series/DegrassiTheNextGeneration,'' as well as for off network Nickelodeon live action repeats, though they have recently been beefing up their original programming. It aired several Canadian shows like the aforementioned ''Degrassi,'' ''Series/InstantStar,'' and ''Series/TheBestYears.'' It also aired a few Australian shows, like ''Series/H2OJustAddWater'' and ''Series/DanceAcademy.''

[[caption-width-right:158: Old name and logo.]]
Despite the focus on teenagers, [=TeenNick=] used to be notorious for its zealous {{Media Watchdog}}s. The most infamous example of censorship was when they [[MissingEpisode completely excised two episodes]] of ''Degrassi'' revolving around [[GoodGirlsAvoidAbortion a character getting an abortion]], only showing them years later. Reruns of ''WesternAnimation/{{Daria}}'' also suffered from [[EditedForSyndication syndication cuts]], as did an entire season of ''Series/SouthOfNowhere'' due to [[ButNotTooGay its lesbian content and romantic scenes.]] This censorship has softened in recent years, as ''Degrassi'' has been shown without any editing. [[Series/AllThat Nick Cannon]] is the honorary chairman of [=TeenNick=] and apparently has some authority over programming, as he conceived and hosted the first annual [=TeenNick=] HALO Awards, an awards show awarding teens making a difference. The channel has recently launched a new block on July 25th called 'Series/The90sAreAllThat', showing [[NostalgiaFilter Nickelodeon's 90s output.]] Oh, and on a thankful note, this block instantly became a huge ratings success, [[http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2011/07/nicks_new_90s_nostalgia_block.html multiplying the ratings for it's time slot by 850%.]]
The block is now named as ''The Splat''.

Also, it's "[=TeenNick=]" and [[SpellMyNameWithAnS not "Teenick."]]

The '''[=TEENick=]''' programming block was born in 2000 and aired Sunday nights from 6pm to 9pm EST. It later became the SpiritualSuccessor of the Creator/{{SNICK}} block when [=TEENick=] Saturday Night took over SNICK's timeslot in 2004. It wasn't very notable or different than SNICK, except the programming was a bit more girl-orientated with occasional promos with fashion tips and such ([=TEENick=] Saturday Night was more boy-orientated). The block was hosted by J Boogie and lasted until 2009, when Nickelodeon phased out all their programming blocks and later used the name to re-brand The-N, albeit with a different spelling.

!! Notable programming on the [=TeenNick=] channel include:

* ''About a Girl''
* ''Series/AllThat''
* ''Series/TheAmandaShow''
* ''The Assistants''
* ''Series/TheBestYears''
* ''Beyond the Break'' (Original program)
* ''Series/BigTimeRush''
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer''
* ''Film/{{Clueless}}''
* ''Series/DanceAcademy''
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Daria}}'' ({{Bowdlerized}} repeats)
* ''Series/{{Degrassi}}''
* ''Series/DrakeAndJosh''
* ''Series/TheFreshPrinceOfBelAir''
* ''Series/FullHouse''
* ''Series/{{Gigantic}}'' (Original program)
* ''Girls vs. Boys''
* ''Series/H2OJustAddWater''
* ''Series/HouseofAnubis''
* ''Series/{{iCarly}}''
* ''Series/InstantStar''
* ''Series/LifeWithBoys''
* ''Lightning Point (Series/AlienSurfGirls)''
* ''Series/{{Moesha}}''
* ''Series/MySoCalledLife''
* ''Series/NedsDeclassifiedSchoolSurvivalGuide''
* ''WesternAnimation/OGrady''
* ''Series/OneOnOne''
* ''Series/RadioFreeRoscoe''
* ''Series/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch''
* ''Series/SavedByTheBell''
* ''Series/SouthOfNowhere'' (Original program)
* ''Series/TheTroop''
* ''Series/TrueJackson''
* ''Series/{{Victorious}}''
* ''Series/{{Zoey 101}}''