Takeshi Kitano (born 18 January 1947) is a Japanese actor, director, and comedian who has starred in many cult films, in particular ''Film/HanaBi'' and ''Film/BattleRoyale.''

In his native country he is famous as a comedian and talk show host, but has achieved international success with ''Series/TakeshisCastle'', which was given a GagDub as ''Series/{{MXC}}'' in the US, as well as forays into more serious film work, such as ''Film/{{Sonatine}}'' and ''Film/{{Ghost in the Shell|2017}}''. Nowadays he is most famous for portraying the titular blind samurai in ''[[Film/{{Zatoichi2003}} Zatoichi]]''.

Also the creator of ''[[VideoGame/TakeshisChallenge Takeshi's Challenge]]''.

As an actor, he is usually credited [[SameFaceDifferentName "Beat" Takeshi]].

!!Partial Filmography:

[[folder: Directed (Acting roles marked with an *): ]]

* ''[[index]]Film/{{Sonatine}}*[[/index]]''
* ''[[index]]Film/HanaBi*[[/index]]''
* ''[[index]]Film/Zatoichi2003*[[/index]]''
* ''[[index]]Film/{{Outrage}}*[[/index]]''


[[folder: Actor Only: ]]

* ''Film/MerryChristmasMrLawrence''
* ''Film/JohnnyMnemonic''
* ''Literature/BattleRoyale''
* ''Film/GhostInTheShell2017''
* ''VideoGame/Yakuza6''