Studiopolis is a voice acting studio known for their anime, video game, and WesternAnimation dubs. Some of their best known works include ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'', ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'', ''Anime/TigerAndBunny'', ''Manga/ZatchBell'', ''Anime/AfroSamurai'', and even some of Creator/HayaoMiyazaki's films. [[ They have a lot of clients]] (Their biggest being Creator/VizMedia), and are best well-known for their [[AllStarCast voice casts consisting of large name voice actors]].

!!Anime that Studiopolis was Involved with:
* ''Anime/AfroSamurai''
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}''
* ''Anime/BloodPlus''
* ''Anime/{{K}}''
* ''Manga/{{Naruto}}''
* ''Manga/SailorMoon'' (2014 Dub)
* ''Anime/TigerAndBunny''
* ''Manga/ZatchBell''

!!Tropes Associated with Studiopolis Entertainment:
* AllStarCast: Most of their projects involving a cast of top name voice actors recognizable by many anime, comic, video game, and cartoon fans alike.
** Mostly [[JustifiedTrope justified]], considering the fact that have many sponsors and clients, they can pull this trope a lot, even in some non-union dubs. It also doesn't help to note that unlike most voice acting studios that specialize in anime, Studiopolis has closer ties to Hollywood.
** Studiopolis has finally broke this trope with the Manga/SailorMoon dub. While the dub has many familiar and large name voice actors like Creator/CristinaVee, Creator/StephanieSheh, Creator/JohnnyYongBosch, Creator/KeithSilverstein, Creator/CindyRobinson, Creator/ToddHaberkorn, Creator/KateHiggins, Creator/CheramiLeigh, and even Creator/VeronicaTaylor; two of their casting choices Creator/AmandaCelineMiller and Creator/EricaMendez, has caught a lot of surprise by many anime fans since the said two voice actresses are known to normally work with Creator/BangZoomEntertainment.
* HeyItsThatVoice: Creator/NolanNorth, TaraStrong, Creator/JamesArnoldTaylor, Creator/SteveBlum, Creator/JohnnyYongBosch, Creator/WendeeLee, Creator/CrispinFreeman, Creator/KariWahlgren, and many others in the list. They even hired Creator/SamuelLJackson as well.
* ProductionPosse: ALWAYS expect an AllStarCast in a Studiopolis anime, WesternAnimation, and video game dub.