-->''"...and it is developed by one third of Music/ThePolice"''
--> --'''{{LetsPlay/Chuggaaconroy}}''' in the intro of LetsPlay/TheRunawayGuys Lets Play of VideoGame/DokaponKingdom.

'''Sting Entertainment''' 『株式会社スティング』 is a relatively small Japanese company that provides phone services and enjoys making games with unusual systems or concepts. Shinichi Ito is one of their head designers. They've gained notoriety for remaking some of their more successful games ''over and over and over'', but recently they've been branching out and have been producing more new games. Their company name is sometimes stylized as ''[=ST!NG=]''.

Many of their games have cellphone minigame spinoffs that [[NoExportForYou no one outside of Japan gets to play]], as our cellphones just can't handle them yet.

Most of Sting's recent games have been published by Creator/{{Atlus}}, and in Atlus of Japan has signed a deal with them to be their exclusive publisher. Despite this, a lot of Sting's recent games have been suffering from NoExportForYou, as Atlus USA has chosen not to localize them.

Sting formed a partnership with fellow company Creator/IdeaFactory in 2012, and some games they make together have been released under the joint company name of Super Sting.

They are particularly known for their absolute love of GratuitousEnglish.

!!Sting's titles include the following:

* ''VideoGame/TreasureHunterG'', for the Super Famicom (1996)
* ''VideoGame/{{Baroque}}'' and its many spinoffs and remakes, originally for the Sega Saturn (1998)
* The ''Evolution'' series:
** ''VideoGame/EvolutionTheWorldOfSacredDevice'', for the Sega Dreamcast (1999)
** ''Evolution 2: Far-Off Promise'', for the Sega Dreamcast (1999)
** ''VideoGame/EvolutionWorlds'', for the Gamecube (2002)
* The ''VideoGame/DeptHeaven'' series, which will eventually include nine games (plus spinoffs):
** ''VideoGame/RivieraThePromisedLand'', made for the WSC (2002) and remade for the GBA (2004) and PSP (2006)
** ''VideoGame/YggdraUnion'', made for the GBA (2006) and remade for the PSP (2008)
*** ''VideoGame/YggdraUnison'', an AlternateUniverse [[GaidenGame spinoff]] made for the cellphone (2007), which was then ported to the DS (2009)
*** ''VideoGame/BlazeUnion'', a direct prequel to ''VideoGame/YggdraUnion'', which was released in May for the PSP (2010)
*** ''VideoGame/GloriaUnion'', a newly-announced {{pirate}}-centric PSP game (June 2011)
** ''VideoGame/KnightsInTheNightmare'', made for the DS (2008) and remade for the PSP (2010)
** ''VideoGame/{{Gungnir}}'', made for the PSP (May 2011)
* ''VideoGame/DokaponKingdom'' and its many spinoffs and remakes, originally for the [=PS2=] (2007)
* ''VideoGame/HexyzForce'', a new game developed for the PSP (2009) and released by Creator/{{Atlus}} in English May 2010.
* ''Generation of Chaos VI'' (''Generation of Chaos: Pandora's Reflection'' in North America), the latest fantasy RPG in one of Idea Factory's long-running series (PSP, June 2012; localized by NISA in February 2013)
* ''VisualNovel/DateALiveRinneUtopia'', a game [[LicensedGame based on]] the [[LightNovel/DateALive light novel series]]; co-developed with Creator/CompileHeart ([=PS3=], Summer 2013)
* ''VideoGame/HyperdevotionNoireGoddessBlackHeart'', a TurnBasedStrategy spinoff in the ''Franchise/{{Neptunia}}'' series; co-developed with Creator/CompileHeart (UsefulNotes/PlayStationVita, Spring 2014; published by Creator/IdeaFactory in all territories)