Seanan [=McGuire=] is an American fantasy writer and {{filk}}singer. She also writes under the name of Mira Grant, depending on what genre she's working in.

She is the current record holder of the most Hugo Award nominations in a single year, with five in 2013, winning one. Her Toby Daye series has made her a New York Times Bestselling Author as well.

!!Works with their own pages:
* ''Literature/DownAmongTheSticksAndBones''
* ''Literature/EveryHeartADoorway''
* ''Literature/GhostStories''
* ''Literature/InCryptid'' series
* ''Literature/{{Indexing}}''
* ''Literature/{{Newsflesh}}'' series (as Mira Grant)
* ''Literature/OctoberDaye'' series
* ''Literature/{{Parasitology}}'' trilogy (as Mira Grant)
* ''Literature/VelveteenVs''

!!Other Works

* Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day

* Writing as Mira Grant:
** Final Girls
** Rolling in the Deep
** Into the Drowning Deep


!!Tropes in her other works:
* BlackDudeDiesFirst: in her horror novella' ''Final Girls'' the unnamed black technician is the first to die. But this story is very much about the rules by which horror movies operate, so it's almost a low key {{lampshade}} as used.
* CreatorInJoke: There are several that appear in multiple books.
** The poem "Mairzy Doats" appears in both the Literature/OctoberDaye and Literature/{{Newsflesh}} books.
** Being betrayed to the bad guys by a pair of shoes likewise appears in both sets of books.
** The creepy children's book in ''Literature/{{Parasitology}}'' shares several lines with her filk about Silent Hill.
* DeadpanSnarker: Pretty much the protagonist of any of her stories except for Parasite.
** Literature/InCryptid has Verity (Antimony as well. Alexander can bring the snark from time to time but on the whole he's much more prone to dry academic humor).
** Literature/{{Indexing}}'s is Henry.
** Literature/{{Newsflesh}}'s is George, though the entire cast could qualify.
** Literature/GhostStories has Rose.
** Literature/OctoberDaye has Toby, the Luidaeg, and several others
** Literature/VelveteenVs has Velma.
** '' Final Girls'' has Esther.
* GenderBlenderName: A number of her heroines go by masculine-sounding diminutives.
** October "Toby" Daye
** Georgia "George" Mason
** Henrietta "Henry" Marchen
** Jack and Kade from ''Every Heart A Doorway''. Jack is short for Jacqueline. Kade is gender flip of Katie, because he is a trans boy.
* OneOfUs: She's quite familiar with this site, made clear from her intro to the story "The Day the Dead Came to Show and Tell" in the collection ''[[Literature/{{Newsflesh}} Rise]]''. She describes a character as "a manic pixie nightmare girl...part deconstruction of the trope and part broken bird".
* OurGhostsAreDifferent: Ghosts and what they can do vary by the book unless it's a shared 'verse. The ghosts in ''DODODOD'' are different than those from the ''Literature/InCryptid'' books.
* ShoutOut: The author is an unabashed fan of Stephen King, and mentions other pop culture she's fond of as it comes up.
* TeensAreMonsters:
** ''Every Heart A Doorway'': whether the teens are monstrous because they're teens or because they're no longer accustomed to reality as we know it is left to the reader.
** ''Final Girls'': Daphne and her clique of popular kids are bullies who take it to the point of violence. They are also a deliberate invocation of this trope, being part of a horror movie simulation.
* {{Tuckerization}}: The author likes to toss in her good friends, but also has sold Tuckerization appearances in her books for charity.