Sarah Ellen Polley is a [[CanadaEh Canadian]] actress and director, born January 8, 1979. Beginning her career at the age of 4, she first came to national prominence in ''Series/RoadToAvonlea'' as the lead character Sara Stanley, and starred as the title girl in the miniseries version of ''[[KeepCirculatingTheTapes Ramona]]'' (as in Literature/RamonaQuimby). She later became acclaimed for her roles in indie films, winning a Genie Award for ''My Life Without Me''. Her first mainstream role was as Ana Clark in the ''Film/DawnOfTheDead2004'' remake, with other notable media including ''Film/{{Go}}'', ''Film/{{eXistenZ}}'', ''Film/{{Splice}}'', and the mini-series ''Series/JohnAdams''.

She made her directorial debut with the film ''Away from Her'', adapted from Creator/AliceMunro's short story ''The Bear Came Over the Mountain'' about a married couple, Grant and Fiona, whose relationship is strained when Fiona develops Alzheimer's Disease. It was an astounding critical success, winning seven of the eight Genie Awards it was nominated for. She claims that she enjoys both acting and directing as it uses different parts of her brain separately.

She is also known for her political activism, being a prominent member of Canada's [[UsefulNotes/CanadianPolitics New Democratic Party]]. The impetus was her refusing to take off a peace sign that she wore to a 1991 award ceremony in protest against UsefulNotes/TheGulfWar
, much to Disney's chagrin. Their relationship soured and she left ''Series/RoadToAvonlea'' as a result. Another notable incident was when she directed a two-minute film, The Heart, supporting the Heart and Stroke Foundation for the UsefulNotes/{{Academy Award}}s. When she found out that it was used to promote Becel margarine, she took her name off the film.