->''"Pretty strong meat there from'' [sniff] ''Sam Peckinpah.''"
-->-- Eric Idle, ''Monty Python's Flying Circus''

David Samuel "Sam" Peckinpah (1925-1984) was a director of manly movies. An eccentric drug-abuser and lifelong alcoholic who was notorious for his gruff demeanor and rocky relationships with women, Peckinpah created a number of films that perfectly reflect his own personality: violent, nihilistic and cynical. Some of them stand as modern classics.

His filmography includes:

* ''Film/RideTheHighCountry'': A tale about two aging ex-lawman guarding a shipment of gold in early 20th century California, it had lackluster box office when it was released in 1962 but has since been VindicatedByHistory.
* ''Film/MajorDundee'': A victim of extensive ExecutiveMeddling, it (and ''Film/TheCincinnatiKid'' from which he was fired) set the stage for Peckinpah's contentious relationships with producers and studio heads during the production of his later films.
* ''Film/TheWildBunch'': His most famous film, an infamously violent anti-western.
* ''Film/TheBalladOfCableHogue'': This is a lesser-known [[PlayingAgainstType mostly non-violent change of pace film]] about the proprietor of a water hole during [[TwilightOfTheOldWest the last days of the Old West]].
* ''Film/StrawDogs'': A nebbishy professor gets pushed to the brink and violently reasserts his masculinity. Remade in [[Film/StrawDogs2011 2011]].
* ''Film/JuniorBonner'': Another [[PlayingAgainstType uncharacteristically non-violent film]] starring SteveMcQueen as an aging rodeo bull-rider.
* ''Film/TheGetaway'': A crime caper also starring SteveMcQueen that was remade in 1994.
* ''Film/PatGarrettAndBillyTheKid'': Perhaps best known for being the origin of BobDylan's "Knocking on Heaven's Door."
* ''Film/BringMeTheHeadOfAlfredoGarcia'': A bloody [[NewOldWest modern western]].
* ''TheKillerElite'': A freelance spy seeks his traitorous ex-partner. Remade in 2011.
* ''Film/CrossOfIron'': His only war film, and an inspiration for Tarantino's ''Film/InglouriousBasterds''.
* ''Film/{{Convoy}}'': A trucker film based on the novelty country song.
* ''Film/TheOstermanWeekend'': His final film, based on the Robert Ludlum novel.

!! Sam Peckinpah's life and signature style include:
* AntiHero
* BlackAndGreyMorality
* {{Gorn}}: They are pretty violent even today, so by older standards, they count as this trope.
* KillEmAll
* NoKillLikeOverkill
* NewOldWest: Seen in ''Film/TheWildBunch,'' ''Film/JuniorBonner'', and ''Film/BringMeTheHeadOfAlfredoGarcia''.
* {{Overcrank}}
* ProductionPosse: Creator/WarrenOates, Creator/BenJohnson, Creator/JamesCoburn, Creator/KrisKristofferson, Creator/StrotherMartin, Creator/LQJones, Creator/RGArmstrong, Creator/JohnDavisChandler, Creator/DavidWarner, Creator/CassieYates, Creator/AuroraClavell to name the most frequently occurring. He also frequently worked with cinematographer Creator/LucienBallard and composer Creator/JerryFielding.
* RatedMForManly
* ARealManIsAKiller
* SociopathicHero
* TwilightOfTheOldWest: The end of the WildWest and the beginning of the Modern Age is a common theme in many of his best-known films like ''Film/RideTheHighCountry'', ''Film/TheWildBunch'', and ''Film/TheBalladOfCableHogue''.