Salman Rushdie is an [[CultureChopSuey Indian-British novelist of Muslim descent who has since settled in New York City]]. No scratch that, [[KudzuPlot let's start from the beginning, or should it be before the beginning...or before that]].

Rushdie was born in [[UsefulNotes/{{Mumbai}} Bombay]] since renamed Mumbai, [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks a name he doesn't care for]]. He was born in a liberal Muslim family, but in his own words, his father wasn't very religious and Rushdie very early started identifying himself as an atheist. He studied in England at Rugby College (which he chose because it was Creator/LewisCarroll's school) and later majored in history at Cambridge University. He published his thesis on the origins and development of Islam, and found the material interesting, [[ItSeemedLikeAGoodIdeaAtTheTime hoping one day to write a book on it]].

After a stint in advertising, he started writing fiction. The first book was a ScienceFiction novel called ''Grimus''. His second book was the BreakthroughHit and generally regarded as his MagnumOpus, ''Literature/MidnightsChildren''. After that, he published a little-known novel called ''Shame'' and ''The Jaguar Smile'', a non-fiction memoir of his time in Nicaragua. In 1988, he published ''Literature/TheSatanicVerses'', which resulted in an immediate fatwa by Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran, massive protests in other countries, and the book being [[BannedInChina banned in India]] (despite being a secular democracy with a Hindu majority). Things got crazy when Iran-backed hitmen and assassins started attacking people close to the book, killing the Japanese translator and stabbing the Norwegian publisher. Rushdie had to go underground and live under an assumed name for nearly fifteen years of his life.

Despite this, Rushdie continued to be a public figure, often publishing non-fiction and several more books later on. He also became a TV personality, giving interviews on chat-shows on religion, culture and freedom-of-speech. As a writer, Rushdie's books are highly inspired by Creator/ThomasPynchon, Creator/JamesJoyce, Creator/LuisBunuel and fall in the vein of {{Deconstruction}} and {{Postmodernism}}. They are filled with LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters, KudzuPlot, MindScrew and MagicalRealism. They are strongly satirical, are filled with {{Pastiche}}, and feature loads of puns and InterplayOfSexAndViolence.

! Bibliography
!! Fiction
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!! Non-Fiction
* ''Imaginary Homelands''
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* ''Step Across The Line''
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!! Children's Books
* ''Haroun and the Sea of Stories''
* ''Luka and the Fire of Life''