Robin Hobb, alias Megan Lindholm, is a writer of LowFantasy novels, usually grouped in trilogies and revolving around an elaborate MythArc with political themes. She started out writing as Megan Lindholm, writing mostly SwordAndSorcery fare, although slightly more down to earth than usual, and occasionaly dabbling in ScienceFiction. She has also contributed to the ''Literature/{{Liavek}}'' SharedUniverse. When writing ''Assassin's Apprentice'', the first book of the ''Farseer'' trilogy, she recognized that she was writing in a different slice of the genre, and changed her pen name to reflect this.

Rather infamously [[FanworkBan not keen on]] FanFic, as expressed in her well-known [[http://web.archive.org/web/20051124223715/www.robinhobb.com/rant.html fan fiction rant]], although she's okay with FanArt.

Written as Robin Hobb:

* ''Realm of the Elderlings''
** ''Farseer'' trilogy
** ''Liveship Traders'' trilogy
** ''Tawny Man'' trilogy
** ''Rain Wild Chronicles'' quartet
** ''Fitz and the Fool'' trilogy
* ''The Soldier Son'' trilogy

Written as Megan Lindholm:

* The Ki and Vandien Quartet (And two related short stories that were actually published first)
** "Bones for Dulath"
** "The Small One" -- Not to be confused with the [[Disney/TheSmallOne Disney film]].
** ''Harpy's Flight''
** ''The Windsingers''
** ''The Limbreth Gate''
** ''Luck of the Wheels''
* A Saga of the Reindeer People
** ''The Reindeer People''
** ''Wolf's Brother''
* ''Wizard of the Pigeons''
* ''Cloven Hooves''
* ''Alien Earth''
* ''The Gypsy'' (With Creator/StevenBrust)
!!Works by this author with their own pages on this wiki:

* ''Literature/RealmOfTheElderlings''
* ''Literature/TheSoldierSon''
* ''Literature/WizardOfThePigeons''

!!Other works by this author contain examples of:

* ChildByRape: In ''The Reindeer People'', Tillu was captured and continuously raped by four men, after which she gave birth to Kerlew.
* TheScrooge: In ''Wolf's Brother'', the wedding gifts from the richer members of the tribe were far less generous than the poorer members.