'''Robert Schumann''' (8 June 1810 –- 29 July 1856) was a German composer and music critic of Romantic Era. Having to give up his dream to be pianist due to a hand injury (some say it was syphilis medication, others say it was caused by an ill-considered hand strengthening machine of his own design), he concentrated on composing and writing commentaries on music. He was married to ClaraWieck, one of the most famous pianists of his time, after a long battle against [[ParentalMarriageVeto the opposition of her father]] (who was his piano teacher). Besides his music, Schumann was known to be an enthusiastic promoter of FryderykChopin in Germany and it was he who pronounced Creator/JohannesBrahms a genius.

Unfortunately, Schumann suffered from what today would be diagnosed as manic-depressive disorder. He tried to kill himself in 1854 by jumping into the Rhine river, but was saved by a passing fishing boat. Thereafter, he had himself committed to an insane asylum and never emerged.

He wrote mostly for piano. Many people will know ''Träumerei'' (Dreaming) from ''Kinderszenen'' (Scenes from Childhood).

Remember, his name is spelled with two "n"s. One "n" makes it [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Schuman Robert Schuman]], who is from the wrong country and the wrong century: (one "n" was a French/German statesman and "father" of the European institutions).