Raymond Briggs is an English author and illustrator known for his picture books.

His books for children include ''Father Christmas'' (awarded the Kate Greenaway Medal), ''Father Christmas Goes on Holiday'', ''Fungus the Bogeyman'', ''ComicBook/TheSnowman'' (a magical and completely wordless tale that was adapted into a beloved animated film), and ''The Man''.

His books for older readers -- disconcertingly illustrated in the same cartoony style -- include ''Gentleman Jim'', ''ComicBook/WhenTheWindBlows'' (a darkly comic take on nuclear holocaust from the point-of-view of a simple cheerful middle-aged couple), and ''The Tin-Pot Foreign General and the Old Iron Woman'' (a satire of TheFalklandsWar).
!!Works by Raymond Briggs with their own trope pages include:

* ''ComicBook/TheMan''
* ''ComicBook/TheSnowman''
* ''ComicBook/WhenTheWindBlows''

!!Other works by Raymond Briggs provide examples of:

* BadSanta: Well, not really ''bad'', but less squeaky-clean and relentlessly jolly than most portrayals.
* DelusionsOfEloquence: The protagonist of ''Gentleman Jim''.
* LeavingFoodForSanta: ''Father Christmas'' has Father Christmas getting rather tipsy on all the sherry that the children leave out for him (in Britain, it's traditional to give Santa a mince pie and a sherry to keep him going, and a carrot for his reindeer).
* TheVicar: The "Nice Little Vicar" terrorised by Fungus in ''Literature/FungusTheBogeyman''. A footnote explains that bogeys resent Vicars for conflating them with devils.