->''"Unless television gets into the hands of the same real estate men and candy butchers who inherited sound film from the movies, it will discharge the obligation that talking film failed to do and will diffuse to the smallest hamlets in the furthest part of the world the treasures of literature and of music."''

Preston Sturges (born Edmund Preston Biden, August 29, 1898 August 6, 1959) was an American playwright, screenwriter, director, producer, inventor, and restaurateur.

First director to use the "written and directed by" credit (for ''The Great [=McGinty=]''), which won the first "Best Original Screenplay" UsefulNotes/AcademyAward.

His mother was very friendly with Isadora Duncan.

He invented kiss-proof lipstick.

An actress whom he was dating in the late 1920s revealed to him that she was only in the relationship for research purposes--she was writing a play, and to her, (said she) he was "as a guinea pig is to a scientist." Not long after that, his first produced play, ''The Guinea Pig'', opened on Broadway in 1929.

Sturges' output at the beginning of TheForties was especially prolific; he wrote ''Remember the Night'', wrote and directed ''[=McGinty=]'', ''Christmas in July'', and ''The Lady Eve'', and opened a restaurant in 1940, then won an Oscar for ''[=McGinty=]'' and wrote and directed ''Sullivan's Travels'' and ''The Palm Beach Story'' in 1941, all before Pearl Harbor was attacked. However, his departure from Paramount proved a setback that his career never recovered from, and after the box-office failure of ''Unfaithfully Yours'' he spent the last decade of his life mostly unemployed.

And, no, he wasn't related to John Sturges, who directed such films as ''Film/BadDayAtBlackRock'' and ''[[Film/TheMagnificentSeven1960 The Magnificent Seven]]''.

!!Works by Preston Sturges with their own trope pages include:

* ''Film/ThePowerAndTheGlory'' (screenplay only)
* ''Film/TheInvisibleMan'' (contributing writer, uncredited)
* ''Film/TwentiethCentury'' (contributing writer, uncredited)
* ''Film/LoveBeforeBreakfast'' (contributing writer, uncredited)
* ''Film/EasyLiving'' (screenplay only)
* ''Film/RememberTheNight'' (screenplay only)
* ''Film/TheGreatMcGinty''
* ''Film/TheLadyEve''
* ''Film/SullivansTravels''
* ''Film/ThePalmBeachStory''
* ''Film/TheMiracleOfMorgansCreek''
* ''Film/HailTheConqueringHero''
* ''Film/UnfaithfullyYours''