Poppy Z. Brite (1967-) is an American author. Early in his career, he wrote several homoerotic horror novels, but then found himself bored with the genre and began writing the ''LIQUOR'' series. Long known as a non-op FTM {{Transsexual}}, he later began his public transition process and officially prefers male pronouns. In mid-2012, he began using the name "Billy Martin" in place of Poppy Brite.
* ''Literature/LostSouls''
* ''Literature/{{Wormwood}}'' -- short story collection
* ''Literature/DrawingBlood''
* ''Literature/ExquisiteCorpse''
* ''[[Literature/TheCrowTheLazarusHeart The Crow: The Lazarus Heart]]''
* ''Literature/AreYouLoathsomeTonight''
* ''Literature/PlasticJesus''
* ''Literature/WrongThings'' -- with CaitlinRKiernan
* ''Literature/TheValueOfX''
* ''Literature/TheDevilYouKnow'' -- short story collection
* ''Literature/{{Liquor}}''
* ''Literature/{{Triads}}'' -- with ChristaFaust
* ''Literature/{{Prime}}''
* ''Literature/SoulKitchen''
* ''[[Literature/{{DUCK}} D*U*C*K]]''
* ''Literature/AntediluvianTales''
!!This author's work provides examples of:
* TheBigEasy
* CastFullOfGay
* EveryoneIsBi
* FoodPorn
* GenderBlenderName: Zillah is a Biblical, female name, used for a male vampire.
* PurpleProse