[[caption-width-right:300:P.T Anderson will not take your shit. [[KubrickStare His eyes]] and [[TheUnsmile mild smirk]] say so.]]
Paul Thomas Anderson (more commonly known as P.T. Anderson), is an American filmmaker who has written and directed seven films, including ''BoogieNights'', ''{{Magnolia}}'', ''PunchDrunkLove'' and ''Film/ThereWillBeBlood''.

Anderson has been said to belong to the "VCR Generation" of filmmakers, grouped with directors such as Creator/QuentinTarantino, Creator/RichardLinklater and Creator/KevinSmith, and described as filmmakers whose careers were founded not upon film school training, but from an enthusiastic love of movies.

If Creator/RobertAltman and Creator/MartinScorsese had [[CrackPairing made sweet, passionate love]] and Creator/StanleyKubrick was the godfather, P.T. Anderson would have been the fruit of their [[NoYay priapic loins]].

Awful mental pictures aside, his real father was comedian and voiceover artist Ernie Anderson, aka Creator/{{Ghoulardi}}. His life partner is MayaRudolph, and they have four children together.

Also known for working with composers named after some variation of "John".

Not to be confused with Creator/PaulWSAnderson, although both have gone by merely Paul Anderson before, or with science fiction author P'''o'''ul Anderson.

* ''Film/HardEight'' (1996)
* ''BoogieNights'' (1997)
* ''{{Magnolia}}'' (1999)
* ''PunchDrunkLove'' (2002)
* ''Film/ThereWillBeBlood'' (2007)
* ''Film/TheMaster'' (2012)
* ''Literature/InherentVice'' (2014)
!!Him and His movies provide examples of:
* {{Angrish}}: Characters often get so flustered that they resort to inarticulate yelling.
* AuteurLicense: Gained one after ''Film/BoogieNights'' and kept it ever since.
* BlackComedy: We're talking no-light-escaping, blacker-than-death comedy.
* ChurchOfHappyology: His film ''Film/TheMaster'' sounds suspiciously like a Happyology concept: A "charismatic intellectual" starts a religion in the 1950s.
* CreatorBacklash: In the commentary for it, he regards his first movie, ''{{Film/Hard Eight}}'' with a mixture of dread and contempt, calling it by it's original title, [[InsistentTerminology ''Sydney'']] and talking about the ExecutiveMeddling it faced.
* CreatorProvincialism: Tends to set his movies in his childhood home of the San Fernando Valley.
* DysfunctionJunction: The majority of his characters aren't exactly emotionally stable.
* {{Ensembles}}
* EpicTrackingShot
* TheFilmOfTheBook
* HumansAreBastards
* LighterAndSofter: ''Literature/InherentVice'' has a more comedic tone to it than his other movies, and Anderson said in interviews that he was inspired by [[Film/{{Airplane}} Zucker]] [[Film/TopSecret Abrahams]] and [[Film/TheNakedGun Zucker]] movies.
* MoodWhiplash: P.T. Anderson is fond of what he describes as "Gearshift Movies". Similarly his films usually contain breakneck tonal shifts. The ending of ''Film/ThereWillBeBlood'' is a notable example.
* NoEnding / GainaxEnding: All his films from ''{{Film/Magnolia}}'' onwards have had one or both endings.
* PopStarComposer: AimeeMann, Jon Brion and [[Music/{{Radiohead}} Jonny Greenwood]] have provided scores for his films.
* ProductionPosse: Usual suspects include Creator/PhilipSeymourHoffman, Creator/JulianneMoore, Creator/JohnCReilly, Luis Guzman, and Creator/PhilipBakerHall. Hoffman has been in every P.T.A. movie except ''Film/ThereWillBeBlood''. Robert Elswit whas been the cinematographer for all of them except ''Film/TheMaster''.
** As of late, [[Music/{{Radiohead}} Jonny Greenwood]] has been his composer from ''Film/ThereWillBeBlood'' onwards.
* SceneryPorn: Especially ''Film/ThereWillBeBlood'' and ''Film/TheMaster.'' There's a reason that the former won [[AcademyAwards Best Cinematography.]]
* SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism: On the cynical side from the word "go".
* SmashToBlack
* SoundtrackDissonance: A perfect example would be near the end of ''Film/ThereWillBeBlood'' in which, after Daniel [[spoiler: kills Eli and announces that he's "finished"]]. What plays right before we get to the credits? [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EhQd4nugps This]].
* ThrowItIn