->''I'm not sure if acting is a fit occupation for an adult.''

Best known for work such as [[DueSouth due South]], Wilby Wonderful, {{Passchendaele}}, and [[SlingsAndArrows Slings and Arrows]], Paul Gross is a Canadian actor/writer/singer/director/producer. Many of his works feature heavily in the [[[SixDegreesOfCanada Six Degrees of due South/Six Degrees of Canada (C6D) fandom]]--a sprawling fandom that made the transition from print to internet in the 90s and early 2000s, which uses due South (and later things such as Wilby Wonderful and [[Film/MenWithBrooms Men With Brooms]]) and its associated actors as a jumping-off point to create something akin to the Jossverse--as he is perhaps the primary creator the fandom revolves around.

He also delights in [[ChewingTheScenery chewing on the scenery]] and is a [[RealLife real life]] [[LargeHam Large Ham]], as can be seen in [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_d-t0959C3A this music video]]. Married to actress Martha Burns. And seems to be anti-American, based on his behavior toward American actors in his series. Also seems to have no clue that he ruined [[DueSouth due South]] for many fans when he started writing episodes,and when he fueled the Ray Wars by changing the original scripted version of the series finale because he wanted to please the Fraser/Kowalski fangirls, and didn't care about any other fans of the show. He also thought he could write for [[DueSouth due South]], but he ignored much about the earlier seasons, which resulted in his scripts being not consistent with the earlier seasons and shoddy.