[[caption-width-right:303:"Dress cute wherever you go, life is too short to blend in."]]
->''"Like Kansas, flat, white and easy to enter."''

Paris Whitney Hilton is... well, that's the thing. ''How'' did she become famous? Hell, ''what'' is it precisely that she's famous for in the first place? Seeing as how she served as [[TropeCodifier the model]] for the modern ideal of the "[[{{Socialite}} celebutante]]", those are questions that beg to be answered.

Paris was born on February 17, 1981 into the multi-billionaire Hilton family, owners of the hotel chain bearing their name. She was, by all accounts, [[RebelliousPrincess fairly troublesome in her youth]], spending a year at a residential school for "troubled teens" in Utah and getting kicked out of a Connecticut boarding school before dropping out of high school altogether and getting a GED. Afterwards, she became a fairly standard model/socialite/"it girl", serving as a regular fixture of tabloids and the New York nightclub scene. In 2003, Creator/{{Fox}} approached her to star on a reality show called ''The Simple Life'', in which [[CityMouse she and another big-city socialite]] (they eventually decided on Nicole Richie, adopted daughter of Music/{{Lionel|Richie}}) would be sent to [[TheCityVsTheCountry live on a farm in Arkansas]] where [[HilarityEnsues hijinks would presumably ensue]]. The two accepted.

And then came [[HomePornMovie the tape]]. You know which one.

The scandal that erupted from Paris' sex tape (retroactively known as ''1 Night in Paris'') [[NoSuchThingAsBadPublicity turned her into an overnight celebrity]] and ''The Simple Life'' into a smash hit for Fox. She leveraged that fame to appear in a whole slew of films and TV shows, many of which either went DirectToVideo or were small cameos (apart from ''Film/HouseOfWax2005'', ''Film/RepoTheGeneticOpera'', and ''Film/TheHottieAndTheNottie''), as well as record an album, create several reality shows, and write a bestselling, tongue-in-cheek autobiography. When she wasn't working, she was frequently running afoul of the law, most often for reckless driving of very expensive cars (often while [[HardDrinkingPartyGirl inebriated]]) and for carrying and using drugs. Her list of arrests and fines is too long to list here, so go check Wiki/TheOtherWiki if you care about that.

Between her behavior and the auspicious beginnings of her career as a celebrity, Paris earned a substantial {{hatedom}}, frequently topping lists of the most disliked celebrities in America for much of the mid-late '00s. Most people wondered just ''how'' it was possible for a person to become a media fixture as big as Paris merely by appearing on a single reality show and making a single sex tape, and the fact that Paris was seemingly only the first of many such celebutantes to take this route to fame made them fear for the future of popular culture. Of course, the phenomenon of being "famous for being famous" is [[OlderThanTheyThink a bit older than people realize]] -- the term "celebutante" was [[TropeNamer coined]] as far back as 1939, and many of the "[[Creator/AndyWarhol Warhol]] Superstars" of TheSeventies fit the bill as well as any [[Creator/KimKardashian Kardashian]]. Plus, at the very least she seems to be fully aware of how she got famous. But then again, none of the celebutantes of days past ever reached anything close to the level of media saturation as Paris Hilton and those who followed in her footsteps. Does her success say something about the state of our society? If so, what?

Needless to say, Paris Hilton is a ''very'' controversial figure. The RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgment is in full effect on this page.

As far as what she has actually done and ventured into, includes everything from perfumery, music, acting, authoring, to RealityTV.

* ''Paris Hilton'' (2006)

* ''Film/{{House of Wax|2005}}'' (2005)
* ''Bottoms Up'' (2006)
* ''Pledge This!'' (2006)
* ''Film/TheHottieAndTheNottie'' (2008)
* ''Film/RepoTheGeneticOpera'' (2008)

* Paris Hilton (2004)
* Just Me (2005)
* Heiress (2006)
* Can Can (2007)
* Fairy Dust (2008)
* Siren (2008)
* Dazzle (2012)

* ''Confessions of A Heiress'' (2004)

'''TV Shows'''
* ''The Simple Life'' (2003-2007)
* ''Paris Hilton's My New BFF'' (2008-2009)
* ''Paris Hilton's British Best Friend'' (2009)
* ''Paris Hiltonís Dubai BFF'' (2009)
* ''The World According to Paris'' (2011)

* AdamWesting: Many, and perhaps most, of her acting roles played off of her public image.
** On ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'', she played an ancient goddess whose personality is that of a spoiled celebrity.
** Her character in ''Film/RepoTheGeneticOpera'', a famous socialite and heiress who is literally addicted to plastic surgery.
** Also in a FunnyOrDie video where she announced she would be running for president in 2008.
* AffectionateParody: Her video for "Nothing In This World" is one of ''Film/{{The Girl Next Door|2004}}''.
* BreakUpSong: Jealousy is one between friends.
* CityMouse: On ''The Simple Life''.
* ClarkKenting: While filming ''House of Wax'' in Australia, she had to wear a brown wig whenever she wanted to do her exercise outside her apartment.
* CoverVersion: "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy"
* DumbBlonde: Adopted this persona for ''The Simple Life''
* EveryoneLovesBlondes: Inverted. She fits the all the requirements, but has a massive {{Hatedom}}. Though to her fans, she's a straight example.
** The marketing for ''House of Wax'' played on this, with a promotional T-shirt that read [[http://www.freddyinspace.com/2012/02/cool-promotional-shit-woman-stress.html "See Paris Die May 6"]]. What better way to promote a film than by casting an actress with a substantial Hatedom just so that Hatedom can see her get killed off onscreen?
* HardDrinkingPartyGirl: To the degree where she has a nightclub room in her house.
* HiddenDepths: On her reality series ''Paris Hilton's British Best Friend'', one of the girls burst into tears when all of the clothes laid out for the contestants were too small for her. Paris pulls the girl into a hug and assures her she's beautiful, and then goes to get her clothes in her size. Granted it's what anyone would do but it was surprising to see Paris do it all the same.
* HomePornMovie
* HoodOrnamentHottie: Her car-washing ad for the Carl's Jr./Hardee's fast food chain.
* IdenticalStranger: Invoked for her part on the hidden camera series ''I Get That A Lot''. She pretended to be a gas station attendant who simply had a resemblance to herself.
* InDaClub: Some tracks of her album and of course, she gets paid to go to them!
** Since the early 2010s, she has begun [[ElectronicMusic DJing EDM]], which is this trope from a slightly different perspective.
* IntercourseWithYou: The basic theme of the "Paris" album.
* JailBait: Seduces a 15-year-old in the video for "Nothing In This World" and goes into school with him pretending to be his girlfriend.
* MisterMuffykins: Her little chihuahua Tinkerbell is almost as famous as she is.
* MsFanservice: Her sex tape aside, many of her tv and film appearances have her as eye candy.
* {{Narcissist}}: It's hard to tell if she really is one or simply putting on an act, but constantly wearing shirts with your own face on them and admiring your own pictures in public really makes one wonder.
* ObfuscatingStupidity: The number of people who claim otherwise shows how good she is at it.
** British TV presenter Fearne Cotton interviewed her for a new series. One question essentially boiled down to "When are you going to get a clue?" Paris pointed out that, by living up to her public image and generally acting like a stupid, spoiled party animal, she would earn vast amounts of money that she could never have by (for example) working at the family firm.
* ObsessionSong: "I Want You" "Nothing In This World" "Screwed"
* PinkMeansFeminine: Loves pink and has many pink items and accessories in her home.
* PreciousPuppy: Well duh.
* PrettyInMink: Has worn loads of furs in real life, and some in media. In an ad for Carls Jr, she struts into a room wearing [[GoingFurASwim a leather swimsuit and white fox wrap]], the wrap she drops in a manner like DressHitsFloor, before washing a car in a seductive manner.
* RealityTV: Most of her work has been in this field.
* ReallyGetsAround: How many people view her, probably due to her sex tape. She was also portrayed this way in ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark''.
* SelfDeprecation: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-tovNJ5hz4 Her role]] in ''{{Series/Supernatural}}'' as a forest deity.
* SelfTitledAlbum: "Debut"
* SheReallyCanAct: Critics have praised her performances in ''Film/RepoTheGeneticOpera'' and as a villain in an episode of ''Series/{{Supernatural}}''.
* SillyLoveSongs: "Heartbeat"
* {{Socialite}}: While actually being one, she willingly went along with that image for the press.
* UnusualEuphemism: Her pet expression 'Hungry Tiger' - for someone who is obviously desperate for fame and attention.
* WolverinePublicity
* YouCanLeaveYourHatOn: Provides a striptease for her boyfriend in ''House Of Wax''.