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Olivia Tennet (b. January 4, 1991) is a UsefulNotes/NewZealand actress, mostly known in her home country for her role as Tuesday Warner on the nightly medical drama ''Series/ShortlandStreet'' between 2007 and 2008. Outside of her homeland, she is best known for playing the role of TeenGenius Dr. K on ''Series/PowerRangersRPM'', the seventeenth season of the [[LongRunner long-running]] ''Franchise/PowerRangers'' franchise which premiered in 2009.

Before her two most notable roles, Tennet gained exposure at a young age, first appearing on an episode of ''Series/XenaWarriorPrincess'' during its fourth season (1999) as a runaway princess named Alesia. Since then, she gained roles in movies like ''Kids World'' and ''Film/TheLordOfTheRings: The Two Towers''. She would make her first major television appearance on the [[AfterTheEnd post-apocalyptic]] circus fantasy ''Series/MaddigansQuest'' in 2006, playing the role of [[CircusBrat Lilith]]. A year later, she would gain the role of Tuesday Warner on ''Shortland Street'' which would give her the most exposure in her home country. She would appear on the soap opera in 2007 and in 2008. Her stint on ''Series/PowerRangersRPM'' soon followed.

Outside of television and movie appearances, Tennet is also an up-and-coming stage performer, having participated in school plays in UsefulNotes/{{Auckland}}, as well as in major productions like ''Stepping Out'' with the Auckland Theatre Company. She is also a dancer and has [[http://www.youtube.com/OliviaTennet her own YouTube channel]] which has videos of her choreographed jazz, tap, hip hop, and lyrical dance performances.

More recently, Olivia has been making inroads into the horror scene, appearing in the indie horror feature ''Film/BloodPunch'', which she filmed with several of the ''Power Rangers RPM'' cast and crew. She's now back in New Zealand, making her own web series titled ''[[http://vimeo.com/channels/737694 Dancing in Small Spaces]]'' in which, as the name suggests, has her perform her own choreography in small spaces.
!!Notable On-Screen Roles:
* ''Kids World''--Nicole Mitchell (2000). (Winner, Best Juvenile Performer, 2000 Nokia New Zealand Film and Television Awards.)
* ''Watermark''--Megan (2001). (Winner, Best Actress, 2003 New Zealand Drifting Clouds International Short Film Festival.)
* ''Film/TheLordOfTheRings: The Two Towers''--Freda (2002)
* ''Series/MaddigansQuest''--Lilith (2006).
* ''Series/ShortlandStreet''--Tuesday Warner (2007, 2008).
* ''Series/PowerRangersRPM''--Dr. K (2009).
* ''Blood Punch''--Skyler (2013).
!!Notable Stage Roles:
* ''Stepping Out''--Lynne. Production with the Auckland Theatre Company (2010).
* ''Theatre/{{Othello}}''--Emilia. Production with the Peach Theatre Company (2011).
* ''TheWizardOfOz''--Dorothy Gale. Production with the Peach Theatre Company (2011).
!!Tropes Associated with Olivia Tennet:
* TheCastShowoff: Olivia demonstrates her dancing and singing talents while playing Lilith on ''Maddigan's Quest''. One episode in particular ("Tunnellers") has her perform her character's two songs to a grateful audience of underground creatures.
* DaddysGirl: Some of her characters, namely Lilith, Tuesday Warner, and Delphine.
* DanceBattler: Averted. In a case of WhatCouldHaveBeen, Olivia's dance talents could have been used to choreograph more fight scenes on ''RPM''.
* TheDanza: Averted ''twice''.
** ''Shortland Street'' had a character named Olivia Jeffries (though everyone called her Libby), played by Fleur Saville, who had shared a few scenes with Olivia Tennet's character Tuesday Warner.
** Although she participated in a production of William Shakespeare's ''Twelfth Night'', which has a character named Olivia, she plays the lead role of Viola.
** Much more recently, in the short film ''Home'', her character's name is revealed as Olive, which is short for Olivia. However, this was done before Olivia (the actress) was cast in that role.
* DawsonCasting: And ''how''. Just take a look through these examples.
** Olivia was 14 when she played 11-year-old Lilith on ''Maddigan's Quest''.
** She was 17 years old when production began on ''Power Rangers RPM'', but she portrayed her character at ages 14, 15, and 18 during flashbacks in the episode [[DayInTheLimelight "Doctor K"]]. It can be safely assumed that Dr. K turns 20 during the episode "If Venjix Won" as her character is 19 before then.
** She was 19 years old when she filmed scenes for ''Series/TheAlmightyJohnsons''. Her character Delphine turned 21 six weeks prior to her meeting [[TheHero Axl Johnson]].
** She played Dorothy in ''TheWizardOfOz'', who is typically around eleven years old or so in most productions--even though Olivia is 20 years old as of 2011. It's justified as she looks a lot younger.
** Lampshaded brilliantly during the Q&A for ''Blood Punch'' following the film's premiere when she tells the audience that she normally gets cast as "a lot of thirteen year old girls."
* FakeAmerican: Some of her roles, most notably Dr. K and ''especially'' Dorothy. (She is from Kansas, after all.)
* GenkiGirl: When she's not on stage or filming on set. Can exhibit some CloudCuckoolander tendencies.
* [[OohMeAccentsSlipping Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping]]: Although she could hold down a FakeAmerican accent on ''RPM'' quite nicely, it slips from time to time, as with the most of the rest of the cast as they are from either New Zealand or Australia, as with many past Disney-produced ''Power Rangers'' seasons. It becomes particularly hilarious during the behind-the-scenes episode [[SomethingCompletelyDifferent "And . . . Action!"]] in which the cast must [[AnimatedActors remain in character]]. During the episode's blooper reel, she flubs some lines for her character, muttering "So close!" when she flubs the line again--''in her ridiculously thick Kiwi accent''.
* HappilyMarried: To her Series/PowerRangersRPM co-star Milo Cawthorne.
* [[ShakespeareanActors Shakespearean Actress]]: Olivia and a classmate competed in a national Shakespeare competition in 2008, winning several awards, and also earning them a trip to the Globe Theatre in London to participate in workshops with the Young Shakespeare Company in 2009 after production on ''RPM'' ended, being trained by tutors from both the Globe Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company. She has also participated in productions of ''AMidsummerNightsDream'', ''RomeoAndJuliet'', ''Theatre/TwelfthNight'', and ''Theatre/{{Othello}}''.
* SoapOperaRapidAgingSyndrome: Her character on ''Shortland Street'', Tuesday Warner, was born in 1995. She comes back at age 14 in 2007.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Her last name is TENNET (hey, it's a palindrome!), but misspellings occur quite frequently (Tennett, Tennent, Tennant). She was credited as "Olivia Tennent as Dr. K" during her first on-screen credits appearance in the ''RPM'' episode "Ranger Green". Oops.
* StylisticSuck: Although Olivia sings pretty well as Lilith on ''Maddigan's Quest'', the other members of Maddigan's Fantasia would rather ''not'' hear her sing. Also, in the play ''Stepping Out'', she plays a young nurse named Lynne who takes tap-dancing lessons--even though Olivia has been tap-dancing since she was four years old, and has won several awards for her dancing talents.
* TeenIdol: Her time on ''Shortland Street'' as Tuesday Warner, arguably.
* TeensAreShort: Probably the biggest reason for her constant DawsonCasting
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: She has a phobia of berries. Anything berries. Ironic, given that she's very sweet.
* YoungestChildWins: Olivia isn't the only member of her family to be a performer. Her older sister Emma is also a dancer, and her older brother Anton is also an actor. She just happens to be the one who has had the most exposure amongst the three.