[[caption-width-right:238:Still the One... except not for the last few years.]]

The Nine Network was the most popular [[UsefulNotes/AustralianMedia commercial network in Australia]] from its beginnings in the 1950s to the early 2000s, and has been responsible for some of the most popular shows in Australian history (such as ''Series/HeyHeyItsSaturday'' and ''Series/SaleOfTheCentury''). As such, some see it as a beloved Australian icon.

Up until about 2000, Nine had always been the clear ratings winner in both domestic and imported shows. However, since then, all of its good programmes started finishing, leaving it without any quality shows. Only a handful of shows it has made since then (such as reality show ''The Block'' or drama ''Series/{{Underbelly}}'') have been successful, and any quality American show had been bought up by the Creator/SevenNetwork or Creator/NetworkTen -- in particular, Seven securing the rights to both ''Series/{{Lost}}'' and ''Series/DesperateHousewives'' in 2005 is generally considered to be one of the main reasons Seven overtook Nine as the most popular network. With nowhere near the output of Aussie soaps and dramas that comes from rivals Creator/SevenNetwork, Creator/NetworkTen and Creator/TheABC individually, it has been mostly coasting on sports, US imports and generic reality TV.

Nine is currently treading water, thanks mostly to the rights it holds on a wide range of sports such as UsefulNotes/{{cricket}}, UsefulNotes/RugbyLeague and the Olympics as of 2010. It's still somehow coming second in TV ratings (possibly thanks to ''Series/TwoAndAHalfMen'' and ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'', [[AdoredByTheNetwork given how much they're showing them]]). They also currently have the Australian rights for ''Series/TopGear'', which underwent a ChannelHop from Creator/{{SBS}}; in addition to running the original, they've also done a far less successful Australian version. Also, for some reason Nine picked up the rights for an Australian version of ''Top Design'' in 2011... ''three years after the US version was cancelled''. In 2012 they hosted the Season 9 revival of ''Series/BigBrother'' after Network Ten cancelled it in 2008.

Nine also owns and operates four free-to-air television channels, three of which are designed to complement the primary Nine channel:
* '''Nine''': the original channel, obviously.
* '''9GO!''', launched August 2009: oriented at a teen/young-adult audience.
* '''9GEM''', launched September 2010: covers a wide range of entertainment but generally favours female-oriented programming.
* '''9Life''', launched November 2015: contains lifestyle and reality shows.

In many parts across Australia's east coast, Nine's regional affiliate is WIN Television, which also manages the regional distribution of GO! and GEM; for the most part, the only difference between the programming is half an hour more news and half an hour less ''Two and a Half Men'' or whatever else Nine is [[AdoredByTheNetwork adoring]] at the time.

For news, Nine partners with Creator/{{ABC}} from the United States. This is best reflected in their choice of news theme, a remix of the famous Tar Sequence theme from ''Film/CoolHandLuke'', which was the news-theme mainstay of many an ABC affiliate until the early 90's. Their longtime slogan, ''Still the One!'', was also adopted from ABC's 1977-78 promotional campaign (Seven has a similar relationship with NBC). Somewhat ironically, Nine also airs an Australian edition of Creator/{{CBS}}'s ''60 Minutes''.