Until the 1990s, Channel Ten has been the least-watched commercial network in Australia. Of course, it still is, but it has just changed tactics. Before the 1990s, it tried to play the commercial networks at their own game by producing general entertainment shows...although in many cases they were a bit raunchy, such as the soap opera ''Number 96'' when "Australian TV lost its innocence". After a few rebrands during the 1980s, it finally settled on the ideal they still hold -- appealing to the 16-29 demographic.

Since then, the network has been pulling a vast amount of its programming from Creator/{{FOX}} (much like how Nine and Seven are linked with ABC and NBC, Ten briefly copied some of FOX's promo campaigns in the early 90s) and Creator/TheCW (and its predecessor, Creator/TheWB) and producing a wide range of shows, especially reality TV, to appeal to young viewers. They have been successful, becoming the most popular network for the 16-29 demographic, but since 2012 they have also dropped from the third to the fourth most popular network (out of five) in Australia. The network shares news content with Creator/{{CBS}} in UsefulNotes/TheUnitedStates and vice-versa, along with airing plenty of CBS entertainment programming. Thanks to poor ratings and revenue, Ten was bought out by CBS in 2017.

Network Ten currently broadcasts three channels altogether, all of which have a certain ThemeNaming thing going on:
* '''Ten''', the original channel.
* '''One''', launched March 2009: originally a 24-hour sports channel, but was re-branded in April 2011 to be a generic male-oriented channel like [=7mate=].
* '''Eleven''', launched January 2011: strongly aimed towards the 16-29 demographic, so that parent channel Ten can compete for a broader audience. One-third owned by the American network Creator/{{CBS}}.

Australian shows on the network have been largely successful, with comedies such as ''Skithouse'' and the occasional drama such as ''Series/TheSecretLifeOfUs'', but most of its output is reality TV ranging from the controversial Australian ''Series/BigBrother'' (involving "[[UnusualEuphemism turkey slapping]]") to the surprisingly-popular ''Series/MasterChefAustralia''. It has also been the home of the successful soap ''Series/{{Neighbours}}'', as well as an international tween fave, ''Series/H2OJustAddWater:'' In 2011 ''Neighbours'' was bumped over to their new digital channel Eleven to give that network a quick jumpstart.

After it had a falling out with the Nine Network over streaming rights, the major regional chain WIN re-affiliated most of its stations with Ten in July 2016. Time will tell if this deal gives Ten an advantage.

It is also, arguably, [[DesignStudentsOrgasm the prettiest commercial network]] thanks to its nice branding.