Neil Cicierega (pronounced, roughly, ''si-ser-EE-ga''; born 1986) has described himself at varying times and degrees of seriousity as a comedian, actor, filmmaker, musician, and animator, while TheOtherWiki labels him an "Internet artist". It is probably safe to say that his creative output is quite diverse and spans across more than a few mediums.

He is probably best known for being the creator of ''WebVideo/PotterPuppetPals'' and the {{WebAnimation/Animutation}} genre of Flash videos. He is also the one-man (with other members joining in live performances) band Music/LemonDemon. [[HeAlsoDid He also makes]] the occasional episode of WebVideo/NewKidsOnTheRock, an AffectionateParody of early 90s {{Kid Com}}s. In 2014, he gained some media buzz for two albums of mashups entitled ''Mouth Sounds'' and ''Mouth Silence'', comprised of many disoriented and epic mashups of popular songs, mostly "All Star" by Smash Mouth. A third album, entitled ''Mouth Moods'', came out in 2017.

His website can be found [[ here]]. He also has a Website/YouTube channel [[ here]], where he posts assorted comedy videos and Music/LemonDemon/''WebVideo/PotterPuppetPals''-related material.
!!Neil Cicierega provides examples of:
* ArcWords: The word "Mouth" comes up a lot in Neil's mashup albums, both in the album titles and the titles of songs mashing [[Music/SmashMouth All Star]] with something else.
* BreadEggsBreadedEggs: In ''Bustin'':
--> '''Ray Parker Jr.''': Freaky ghost baby! / Freaky ghost man! / Freaky man baby!
* BrickJoke: Track 6 on Mouth Sounds, "Full Mouth", is a mashup between [[Music/SmashMouth All Star]] and the FullHouse theme. Once you think it's over, the next track "Alanis" starts up with the vocals from AlanisMorissette's "You Oughta Know"...only for the Full House music to kick back in. THEN, once you've completely finished with that album and are 45 minutes into Mouth Silence, "Wndrwll" starts out as a chopped up remix of {{Music/Oasis}}' "Wonderwall", and then 2 minutes into it, when you least expect it, the Full House music comes back one more time.
** On the album ''Mouth Moods'', Neil uses a short sample of the song "One Week" in the opening song, "The Starting Line". Later in the album, Neil pairs "One Week" with "Smooth Criminal" on the track, "Smooth". Then, for the sole purpose of tormenting the listener, Neil pairs "One Week" with "Stand By Me" on the very next track.
* ChooseYourOwnAdventure: "Haircut"
* TheCoverChangesTheMeaning: Several of his remixes edit the vocal tracks enough to wildly change the subject of the song. He turns the ''Ghostbusters'' theme into a celebration of [[UnusualEuphemism "bustin'"]] on a "freaky ghost bed"; turns "The Eye of the Tiger" into a song about a literal tiger; edits both "Men in Black" and "Wild Wild West" to give Will Smith a weird obsession with bees; and twists "Fly Away" until Lenny Kravitz transforms into a dragonfly and has sex with a candy bar.
* DarkerAndEdgier: [[ Bleed with Me Harry]]
* DistinctDoubleAlbum: ''Mouth Silence'' and ''Mouth Sounds'', his first two mashup albums.
* EasterEgg: ''Mouth Silence'' is full of [[ carefully hidden "All-Star" references]], including an album cover, backwards messages, and even some text in [=ID3=] tags. Really though, the whole ''Mouth'' trilogy has an encyclopedia full of its own lore and inside jokes.
* EntertaininglyWrong: Everything from [[ the Races of Star Trek]].
** The trend continues with [[ Guide to the Races of Star Wars]]
** And seemingly concludes with [[ Guide to the Lord of the Rings]]
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[Music/SmashMouth "All-Star"]], [[Music/{{Santana}} "Smooth"]], the ''Series/FullHouse'' theme, [[Music/BarenakedLadies "One Week"]] this point, almost no song is sacred from being used in a lot of his mashups.
* LimitedAnimation: The first three minutes of [[ BRODYQUEST]], before Adrien Brody becomes a rock star and then becomes the universe (possibly).
* LimitedLyricsSong: Sometimes to the point of OverlyLongGag levels. [[ "Don't need no credit card to ride this train..."]]
* LyricalDissonance: Embraced to absurd degrees in his mashup songs, either with silly sounding instrumentals with serious lyrics ("Mullet with Butterfly Wings", "Rollercloser", "Crocodile Chop", "Floor Corn", and "The End"), or serious sounding instrumentals with silly lyrics ("Love Psych", "Like Tears in Chocolate Rain", "T.I.M.E.").
* MindScrew: Goes without saying.
* OrangeBlueContrast: Used strongly on the album cover of ''Mouth Moods''.
* PrecisionFStrike: Done a lot lately. See "Knock Knock Knock", "Computer Fighters", "It's the World Wide Web". Inverted with "Rollercloser" from ''Mouth Silence'', where the F Strikes from the chorus of [[Music/NineInchNails "Closer"]] are replaced with funk vocals.
%%* PromotedFanboy
* RuleOfThree: On ''Mouth Moods'', "All Star" is one of the songs used on "The Starting Line", but only in the same context as every other vocal sample in that track, by repeating its starting line. After that theme is over, there are two isolated "SOME"s to fake out the listener (the end of "The Starting Line" and the beginning of "Wow Wow") before the song gets its proper mashup treatment in "Mouth Pressure".
* SequelEscalation: ''Mouth Moods'' to ''Sounds'' and ''Silence'', as many of the songs on ''Moods'' are sequels or inverses of songs on the preceding albums taken UpToEleven. A particular example is "Annoyed Grunt" which is simultaneously a sequel to "D'oh" from ''Sounds'' and "Friends" from ''Silence''.
* ShoutOut:
** As a fan of ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000'', he has several shout-outs in his works. The most obvious is his first ''LemonDemon'' album, which features a cover of [[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S03E03PodPeople "Idiot Control Now"]].
** Some of his videos mention ''Literature/{{Animorphs}}'', including one about two investigators [[ who crack a confession out of a thug by just recapping the entire Animorphs storyline.]]
* SpokenWordInMusic: Happens a lot in ''Mouth Silence'' and ''Mouth Moods'' by using a spoken word sample to segue into or introduce another song.
* StylisticSuck: [[ Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away (lyrics)]] resembles the poorly made lyrics videos that used to frequent Youtube in its early days, and until Neil's trademark MindScrew kicks in, no one giving it a passing glance would probably be the wiser.
* TakeThat:
** [[ "Tribute to ShaneDawsonTV and RayWilliamJohnson"]] is a giant Take That towards WebVideo/ShaneDawson and WebVideo/RayWilliamJohnson.
** [[ "Never Go on Reddit"]] is a short song telling people to [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin never go on Reddit]].
* TheSlenderManMythos: Parodied in [[ Splendourman]].
* TotallyRadical: Often PlayedForLaughs in many of his works; see for instance [[ "It's the World Wide Web"]].