Natalia Kills is an English singer and songwriter. She has also performed under the names Verse and Verbalicious. She started out as a child actress, but after running away from a difficult home at age 14, she started writing songs instead. After building an audience on MySpace and having her songs featured in several films and television shows. After moving to Los Angeles without any money, she got signed to's record label.

!!! This Artist Exemplifies the Following Tropes:

* DomesticAbuse: The video for Saturday Night depicts her father as being violent towards her mother, and then showering her and Natalia with gifts to be forgiven.
* GoodBadGirl: Self describes her youth as "degenerate".
* PerkyGoth: Strangely not. While many describe her style as goth, she thinks it stopped being cool years ago.
* SpoiledSweet: Up until her father was arrested and her family was plunged into sudden poverty.

!!! Her Music Exemplifies the Following Tropes: