->''"I am a strong Ukrainian girl, that is why I work a lot."''
-->--'''Milla Jovovich'''

American actress of [[UsefulNotes/{{Russia}} Russian]]-[[UsefulNotes/{{Serbia}} Serbian]]-[[UsefulNotes/{{Ukraine}} Ukrainian]] descent.[[note]]Born in Kiev as Milica Jovović to a Serbian father and Russian mother.[[/note]] Best known for firing uzis and looking good while doing it.

In the midst of her modeling career, Milla Jovovich (pronounced [[NoPronunciationGuide me-la-yo-vo-witch]]) made waves in Hollywood with her roles as Michelle in ''Film/DazedAndConfused'' and [[MemeticMutation Leeloodallasmultipass]] in ''Film/TheFifthElement''. Today she is best known for playing Alice in the ''Film/ResidentEvil'' movies, to the extent that she's the most recognizable character from the franchise (despite not appearing in any of the games).

Like Creator/HelenaBonhamCarter, she tends to collaborate a ''lot'' with her film director husband, Creator/PaulWSAnderson (though HBC has Milla beat by about two movies). She and Anderson have two children, daughter Ever Gabo and son Dashiel Edan.

She maintains her modeling and fashion designing career, and even had her own clothing line, Jovovich-Hawk, but it went under in 2008. She's also a singer, and although her last official album was released 17 years ago, she continues to release demos, sing [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAl_SE-SOts folk songs]], and contribute to movie soundtracks. However, an as-yet untitled EP is forthcoming according to [[WordOfGod Milla herself]].
!!Notable roles:
* Lilli Hargrave in ''[[TheBlueLagoon Return to the Blue Lagoon]]'' (1991)
* Michelle Burroughs in ''Film/DazedAndConfused'' (1993)
* Leeloo in ''Film/TheFifthElement'' (1997)
* JoanOfArc in ''Film/TheMessengerTheStoryOfJoanOfArc'' (1999)
* Alice in the ''Film/ResidentEvil'' film series (2002-12)
* Violet Song jat Shariff in ''Film/{{Ultraviolet}}'' (2006)
* Milady de Winter in ''Film/TheThreeMusketeers2011''
!!This actress provides examples of:
* ActionGirl: She's been getting a lot of these roles since ''Film/ResidentEvil''.
* DyeingForYourArt: She dyed her hair blonde in the first 3 Resident Evil movies. For ''Film/TheFifthElement'', Milla's hair was to be dyed from its natural brown color to her character's signature orange color. However, due to the fact that her hair had to be re-dyed regularly to maintain the bright color, Milla's hair quickly became too damaged and broken to withstand the dye. Eventually a wig was created to match the color and style of Leeloo's hair, and was used for the remainder of the production.
* FullFrontalAssault: She gets naked a LOT in her movies. Sometimes full frontal.
* LargeHam: She's so hyper, it's incredible. It's especially noticeable when listening to her DVD commentaries.
* MsFanservice: She's often the only reason people go to see her less-than-stellar movies, she knows it, and is a good sport about it. Once when asked why people should see ''Film/ResidentEvil'', she replied, [[FanService "I'm wearing a skimpy dress and holding a machine gun."]] On the film's DVD commentary she's amazed her husband was able to talk about something completely unrelated while her nipple was visible.
* OlderThanTheyLook: She was born in 1975 and can play characters in their 20s.
* PlayingAgainstType: [[spoiler:A VillainProtagonist]] in ''Film/APerfectGetaway''. Also, a punk rocker in ''Dummy'' and a cartoony Russian villainess in ''Zoolander''.
* RomanceOnTheSet:
** Married director Creator/PaulWSAnderson after meeting him on the set of ''Resident Evil'' (having previously been in a relationship with Luc Besson, who worked with her on ''Joan of Arc'' and ''The Fifth Element'').
** Prior to her relationship with Luc Besson, she married her ''Film/DazedAndConfused'' co-star Shawn Andrews at the age of 16, although her mother had the marriage annulled.
* TypeCasting: Following the ''Resident Evil'' movies, she's been getting a lot of ActionGirl roles, although she has played plenty of other types of characters. If she's not the action heroine, she's usually the seductress who gets naked a lot and does sex scenes. It's hard to find her in a movie where she does not take her clothes off (''Film/TheFourthKind'' is a rare movie where she isn't in ActionGirl or MsFanservice mode).