[[http://www.stormwolf.com Michael A. Stackpole]] is a ScienceFiction and {{Fantasy}} author probably best known for his contributions to the StarWarsExpandedUniverse and the Franchise/BattleTechExpandedUniverse, but who has a number of original novels to his credit, mostly LowFantasy with the occasional HighFantasy for good measure.

Stackpole got his start designing [[TabletopRPG Tabletop RPGs]]; in 1990, he wrote a report called the [[http://www.rpgstudies.net/stackpole/pulling_report.html Pulling Report]], to respond to Patricia Pulling and others who claimed that such games were gateways to [[{{Cult}} Satanic cults]].

Around then, he started writing in the TabletopGame/BattleTech universe, contributing a number of novels and two distinct trilogies.

In the mid-1990s, Stackpole was tapped to join the StarWarsExpandedUniverse, in both novels and comics. In contrast to most authors working in the universe at the time, who focused on Luke, Leia, Han, and epic galaxy-spanning plots, Stackpole pulled back, and told stories that were smaller in scale: the XWingSeries, focusing on AscendedExtra Wedge Antilles and the elite Rogue Squadron. After trading off with Creator/AaronAllston for a couple of novels and contributing a few short stories, Stackpole turned to the JediAcademyTrilogy, writing the standalone novel ''I, Jedi'' starring his original character Corran Horn, devoting the first half of the book to [[FixFic repairing perceived flaws]] in that series. He would later write a duology (cut down from a trilogy, which meant several ideas [[WhatCouldHaveBeen were scrapped]]) for the NewJediOrder, but hasn't returned to the universe since. Unless you count ''[[DevelopmentHell The Reenlistment of Baron Fel]]''...

During and after that, Stackpole has continued to write original-setting fantasy novels, including ''Literature/TalionRevenant'', the "[=DragonCrown=] War" series, and most recently, the "Age of Discovery" series, notable for containing [[FantasyCounterpartCulture Fantasy Counterpart Cultures]] of Chinese and Aztec civilizations pre-Columbus instead of the standard Medieval Europe. He's also written a short story and [[Literature/InHeroYearsImDead a novel]] about a superhero named Coyote or Revenant who acts outside the rules of traditional superheros. Revenant also appears as a character in ''ComicBook/{{PS238}}''.

Stackpole is known to be friendly with TimothyZahn, which shows in the interplay between their novels; Zahn is on record that someday--''someday''--he'll beat Stackpole at ''StarWars'' Trivial Pursuit. Likewise, he and Creator/AaronAllston are on good terms, which developed when Allston continued the XWingSeries and needed to ask Stackpole questions. Generally speaking, all Stackpole's ''StarWars'' books include lots of [[ContinuityNod Continuity Nods]], [[CallBack Call Backs]] and [[CallForward Call Forwards]] to pretty much every other StarWarsExpandedUniverse book that was in existence at the time each book was written.

In addition to writing novels, Stackpole is involved in [[{{Podcast}} Podcasting]], and has appeared at conventions on podcasting discussion panels.

There is an optional rule in [=BattleTech=] to occasionally have a mech's fusion engine explode if it takes damage. This rule is unofficially known as "The Stackpole rule", and the act of exploding as "Stackpoling", after his predilection for having this happen in his books.