[[caption-width-right:323:[[Film/{{Batman}} I'm Batman.]]]]
->''"I'm just shocked and thankful that I've gotten away with everything - experimenting here, trying at this, failing at that, being good in some things, not so good in others. It's kind of amazing that people are still sticking by me. When they come up to me in the street, I just want to write them all cheques."''

Michael Keaton (born Michael John Douglas, September 5, 1951) is an American actor, director, producer, singer/songwriter and comedian whose blue eyes will burn into your soul. Nah, he's actually a pretty easy goin' guy.

His real name is Michael John Douglas, but since there was already a [[Creator/MichaelDouglas Michael Douglas]] in the Screen Actors Guild, which doesn't permit doubles on its rolls, he chose to use the last name of Keaton partly due to Creator/BusterKeaton and partly because he heard the name and thought it sounded good (he has never legally changed his name, though).

After cutting his teeth in TV sitcoms, at the start of his film career Keaton was best known for starring in comedies such as ''Film/MrMom'', ''Film/JohnnyDangerously'', and Creator/TimBurton's ''Film/{{Beetlejuice}}'', although he would become notable for his range in both comedy and drama when he was cast again by Burton as the [[{{Franchise/Batman}} eponymous character]] in his then latest gig, ''Film/{{Batman}}'', which was to be [[DarkerAndEdgier a return to the character's roots as a grim avenger of the night]]. Fans did not open up to the casting at first and sent letters to Creator/WarnerBros expressing their disdain by citing that Keaton had only done comedy and was too short and too "ugly" to play Batman. A quick trailer was released by WB, showcasing a glimpse of Keaton's badassery and [[TheStoic seriousness]] in the role, and most fans were won over and bought tickets. Needless to say, the film was a huge commercial success and was the biggest money-maker of 1989, with many of the same fans who were skeptical of Keaton's casting pushing for him to receive an Oscar nomination for his performance.

Keaton and Burton returned to the franchise with ''Film/BatmanReturns''; while it still raked in the dough, it didn't do as well as the first, which could be attributed to the outrage over it being even darker than its predecessor. Keaton was initally attached to ''Film/BatmanForever'' and even did some costume testing, but when Warner Bros. demoted Burton to producer and Keaton looked at the LighterAndSofter screenplay that got the thumbs-up from new director Joel Schumacher, he left the franchise and was [[TheOtherDarrin replaced]] by Val Kilmer. Keaton is still very fondly remembered in the role - even as others have gone to leave their own mark on the character.

He's also dabbled in directing, with his first film ''The Merry Gentleman'' appearing at the Sundance Festival in 2008, and he's done a few small other things since then; including being the executive producer for the films ''Film/TheLastTime'' - in which he also starred - and ''Film/BodyShots'', as well as performing the songs "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hn2SynEdwiY Don't Lose Your Faith]]" (which he also wrote the lyrics to) and "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hY2_jUDQHVc Frosty The Snowman]]" from the soundtrack for ''[[Film/JackFrost1998 Jack Frost]]''.

With no signs of retiring any time soon, Keaton is keeping his roles diverse by alternating between comedy and drama, and he lent his vocal talents to a [[{{Franchise/Barbie}} Ken doll]] in ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory3''. Keaton's appeal is best described in this [[http://www.theonion.com/articles/study-87-percent-of-movies-would-be-better-with-mi,19268/ article]] in Website/TheOnion.

He has said that [[http://movies.yahoo.com/blogs/movie-talk/michael-keaton-more-less-confirms-beetlejuice-2-192008938.html he would be interested in reprising his iconic role of Betelgeuse]], as he maintains it's still his favorite role of all time; unfortunately, [[http://www.nme.com/filmandtv/news/michael-keaton-insists-hes-more-than-interested/333390 nothing more seems to have come of it]], and the film remains trapped in [[DevelopmentHell Development]] [[IncrediblyLamePun Hell]].

He made a '''major''' comeback with the critically acclaimed ''Film/{{Birdman}}'', with many people calling it the best movie of 2014, and saying Keaton should have gotten the Oscar for Best Actor. In fact, it was nominated for ''nine'' Oscars, with Keaton getting a nom for "Best Actor;" the film has won ''over a hundred awards'', including the Best Picture Oscar. He cemented his comeback with a leading role in ''Film/{{Spotlight}}'' the following year, which also won the Best Picture Oscar.

!! Notable roles:
* Bill Blazejowski in ''Night Shift'' (1982)
* Jack in ''Film/MrMom'' (1983)
* Johnny Kelly[=/=]Johnny Dangerously in ''Film/JohnnyDangerously'' (1984)
* Hunt Stevenson in ''Film/GungHo'' (1986)
* Betelgeuse in ''Film/{{Beetlejuice}}'' (1988)
* Daryl Poynter in ''Clean and Sober'' (1988)
* Billy Caufield in ''The Dream Team'' (1989)
* Bruce Wayne[=/=]Batman in ''Film/{{Batman}}'' (1989) and ''Film/BatmanReturns'' (1992)
* Carter Hayes in ''Film/PacificHeights'' (1990)
* Artie Lewis in ''One Good Cop'' (1991)
* Porco in Disney's English-language dub of ''Anime/PorcoRosso'' (Original released in 1992, although not dubbed until later)
* Bob Jones in ''My Life'' (1993)
* Dogberry in ''Film/MuchAdoAboutNothing1993''
* Henry Hackett in ''Film/ThePaper'' (1994)
* Kevin Vallick in ''Speechless'' (1994)
* Doug Kinney and his clones in ''Film/{{Multiplicity}}'' (1996)
* Ray Nicolette in ''Film/JackieBrown'' (1997) and ''Film/OutOfSight'' (1998)
* Peter [=McGabe=] in ''Film/DesperateMeasures'' (1998)
* Jack Frost in ''Film/JackFrost1998''
* Blaine Sternin in an episode of ''Series/{{Frasier}}'' in 2002.
* Chick Hicks in ''WesternAnimation/{{Cars}}'' (2006)
* Frank Logan in ''The Merry Gentleman'' (2008)
* Police chief Mauch in ''Film/TheOtherGuys'' (2010)
* Ken in ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory3'' (2010)
* Raymond Sellars in ''[[Film/RoboCop2014 RoboCop]]'' (2014)
* Monarch in ''Film/NeedForSpeed'' (2014)
* Riggan Thomson/Birdman in ''{{Film/Birdman}}'' (2014)
* Walter 'Robby' Robinson in ''{{Film/Spotlight}}'' (2015)
* Ray Kroc in ''Film/TheFounder'' (2016)
* Adrian Toomes/The Vulture in ''Film/SpiderManHomecoming'' (2017)
* CoolOldGuy: Even approaching 70, he's still a versatile actor, and proved to be a credible villain in Film/SpiderManHomecoming.
* OldShame: His [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPZxhk56O_M attempt]] at stand-up comedy, according to him.
* OneOfUs:
** He's a well known Pittsburgh Pirates fan, is a semi regular poster on [[https://twitter.com/MichaelKeaton Twitter]] and [[http://instagram.com/michaelkeatondouglas Instagram]], loves fishing, cooking, riding his horses, and [[http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/lat-keaton-dog_ljyylznc20110512123559,0,1430220.photo playing with his dogs]].
** He also once admitted he's a fan of Music/KatyPerry.
** He's a part of the [[http://outdoorchannel.com/show.aspx?show-id=741 cast]] of the series "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhZpH_8CIWM Buccaneers and Bones]]", and also helped out with an [[http://www.forbes.com/sites/monteburke/2013/04/05/actor-michael-keaton-writer-tom-mcguane-and-flyfishing-legend-stu-apte-come-together-to-help-save-bonefish-and-tarpon/ event]] to help save the bonefish, permit and tarpon.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: According to an interview he gave on The Late Show, before he settled on "Keaton" as his stage surname he considered riffing off a family nickname and becoming "Michael Jackson".