->"''How can you not like cats?''"
-->-- '''Michael Clarke Duncan'''

'''Michael Clarke Duncan''' (December 10, 1957 -- September 3, 2012) was the quintessential (Large) ScaryBlackMan, despite the fact that he was actually a [[MeanCharacterNiceActor nice guy]]. Had a [[BadassBaritone voice]] deep enough to rival Creator/JamesEarlJones in badassery.

While starting out as an actor, he served as a bodyguard for celebrities like Creator/WillSmith, Creator/JamieFoxx, Music/LLCoolJ and Music/TheNotoriousBIG. He quit this line of work after B.I.G.'s death, shifting his entire focus to acting.

Probably his most famous role was John Coffey in ''Film/TheGreenMile'', but it should be noted that he was the [[AbilityOverAppearance most suitable actor]] (at the time at least) to play [[Film/{{Daredevil}} The Kingpin]], despite the character being [[RaceLift white]] in the comics. he reprised the role in ''WesternAnimation/SpiderManTheNewAnimatedSeries''. He was also one of the few actors to play a major character in films based on both DC & Marvel properties, with his role as Kilowog in 2011's ''Film/GreenLantern'' film.

In July of 2012, Duncan suffered a heart attack and remained hospitalized for 7 weeks. On September 3rd, he succumbed to and died from the damage caused by said heart attack, which never fully healed. He was 54.


* AbilityOverAppearance: How Duncan got cast as the Kingpin in the ''Film/{{Daredevil}}'' film. While appearance was a factor, he was the only person BIG enough and good enough to play the part of what was supposed to be a white character.
* {{Badass}}: His characters tended to be this.
** BadassAdorable: Though he rarely got to play this kind of character, the big fella was pretty much a huge, cuddly muscular teddy bear in RealLife. The opening quote of this page only emphasizes this further.
** BadassBaritone
* BaldOfAwesome
* BoisterousBruiser: His more heroic roles usually fell somewhere under this.
* EvilSoundsDeep: In his villain roles.
* GentleGiant: In RealLife.
* KindheartedCatLover
* MeanCharacterNiceActor
* NiceGuy
* PlayingAgainstType: Several roles played against his usual villainous casting. Most notable is [[Film/TheGreenMile John Coffey]] who has all the attributes of the ScaryBlackMan and is also convicted for murder but is then revealed to a GentleGiant.
** Not to mention being the voice of Future Wade in ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible: A Sitch In Time''.
** Or his wonderfully-goofy role as Ricky Bobby's crew chief in ''Film/TalladegaNightsTheBalladOfRickyBobby''.
** In the short-lived {{FOX}} crime drama ''The Finder'', he played the intimidating yet [[StraightMan rationally-driven]] partner to the main character, a private detective. This also happened to have been Duncan's very last role (wrapping up what turned out to be the series finale occurred just weeks before his heart attack; the actual episode aired just shortly before he ultimately died)
* RaceLift: When he played the caucasian Kingpin in ''Film/{{Daredevil}}''. Though he fit the role so well, most people didn't care.
** Interestingly, Creator/StanLee ''had'' originally conceived Kingpin as a black character, but he made him white to avoid accusations about racism.
* RealMenEatMeat: Averted. Duncan was a vegetarian but ''no one'' will dispute his manliness.
* RuleOfSeanConnery: Even if the films weren't great, he always delivered.
* ScaryBlackMan: Had quite a few of these roles under his belt. Unsurprising considering his badass voice and physique are quite imposing attributes for any villain to have from the outset. Though he did [[PlayingAgainstType play against type]] quite often.
* ScullyBox: At 6'5" (196 cm), he was already huge, but some movies used this and/or HitlerCam to make him look downright superhuman.
** In ''Film/TheGreenMile'', they had to make him tower over co-stars David Morse and James Cromwell. Morse is about the same height and Cromwell is actually a few inches taller in real life.