Michael Chabon is an American writer of both [[LitFic literary]] and genre fiction. He has achieved the unprecedented goal of appealing to both literary snobs who despise genre fiction, and genre fiction snobs who despise the literati. Sometimes even at the same time. He has won both a Pulitzer Prize for Literature, and a HugoAward for best ScienceFiction Novel of the Year.

Most of his books are, in part, about Judaism or Jewish people. He has written {{Fantasy}}, [[MysteryFiction Mystery]], and AlternateHistory -- and even when he isn't writing genre fiction, he often writes about it.

He also worked on the screenplays for ''Film/SpiderMan2'' and ''Film/JohnCarter''.

!!Works by Michael Chabon with pages on this Wiki:
* ''Literature/TheMysteriesOfPittsburgh'' - A ComingOfAge novel that explored a bisexual LoveTriangle.
* ''Literature/WonderBoys'' - Made into a movie starring MichaelDouglas and Creator/TobeyMaguire. The screenplay was nominated for an UsefulNotes/AcademyAward.
* ''Literature/TheAmazingAdventuresOfKavalierAndClay'' - Winner of the Pulitzer Prize. This was not, technically, a genre novel, but it was about UsefulNotes/TheGoldenAgeOfComicBooks, about as geeky a subject as one could want.
* ''Literature/{{Summerland}}'' - Best-selling YA fantasy novel about kids saving the world by playing baseball.
* ''Literature/TheFinalSolution'' - A mystery novella starring an unnamed elderly detective who might be (read: obviously is) SherlockHolmes.
* ''Literature/TheYiddishPolicemensUnion'' - An AlternateHistory noir novel set in Alaska. Winner of the HugoAward.

!! Other works by Michael Chabon:
* ''Literature/GentlemenOfTheRoad'' - A more traditional adventure novel. Chabon himself dubbed it "Jews with swords".
* ''Manhood for Amateurs'' - A collection of autobiographical essays.
* ''The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man'' - A children's book about the titular superhero (yes, really).
* ''Literature/TelegraphAvenue'' - A novel about record-store owners in north Oakland, threatened by a megastore.
!!Tropes appearing in his works:
* AllJewsAreAshkenazi: Ashkenazi Jews appear in most of his works, although they are not the only ones. In fact, there is a running theme that the non-Ashkenazim characters are usually more faithfully observant:
** He set out to turn this trope on its head with ''Literature/GentlemenOfTheRoad'', which prominently features an Abyssinian Jew and the Khazars, a kingdom of Turkic Jews. It does, however, feature an Ashkenazi Jew who is very far from home.
** ''The Yiddish Policemen's Union'' is a notable straight example, envisioning an alternate universe in which Israel was a non-starter and instead a Jewish free state was formed by Ashkenazi Jews in Alaska. Even they are balanced by Berko Shemets, who is a half-Tligit (Alaskan native) convert and one of the most religious characters in the novel.
** And in ''Literature/WonderBoys'', the Warshaw family has three children adopted from Korea, all of whom are relatively observant Jews.
* AlternateHistory
* AuthorAppeal:
** This is likely the reason he writes so much "low-brow" genre fiction: he likes to write in genres that he genuinely ''enjoys'' reading.
** Aside from that, Chabon (who is Jewish) loves Jewish history and culture. It figures prominently in most of his books.
** Among other things, ''GentlemenOfTheRoad'' is also a homage to Creator/FritzLeiber's Literature/FafhrdAndTheGrayMouser tales.
* BiTheWay
* BigApplesauce
* DisappearedDad / MissingMom: Frequently. Art Bechstein's mom in ''Literature/TheMysteriesOfPittsburgh'', Sammy Clay's dad in ''Literature/TheAmazingAdventuresOfKavalierAndClay'', Ethan Feld's mom in ''Literature/{{Summerland}}'', Meyer Landsman's dad in ''Literature/TheYiddishPolicemensUnion'', etc.
* {{Fanfic}}: ''The Final Solution'' is essentially this for the SherlockHolmes stories
* NoNameGiven: The protagonist of ''The Final Solution'', deliberately done to conceal the fact that he's really SherlockHolmes
* {{Reconstruction}}: He's one of the most respected writers in America, yet many of his books take on subjects usually seen as meaningless pop culture, as if to prove that they ''can'' have literary merit if done right.
** ''Literature/TheAmazingAdventuresOfKavalierAndClay'' - Reconstructs [[UsefulNotes/TheGoldenAgeOfComicBooks Golden Age]] superhero stories by telling a story from the POV of the men who wrote them, showing how important they are to American culture.
** ''Literature/{{Summerland}}'' - Reconstructs adolescent HighFantasy like ''TheChroniclesOfNarnia'' by giving it a fresh setting -- in this case, a fantasy-world based on American culture and folklore.
** ''Gentlemen Of The Road'' - Reconstructs TwoFistedTales and pulp adventure stories.
** ''Literature/TheYiddishPolicemensUnion'' - Reconstructs traditional FilmNoir and HardboiledDetective stories, again, by giving it a fresh setting -- an AlternateHistory version of America where a thriving Yiddish culture exists on the Alaskan frontier.
* GenreThrowback: Frequently does this in literary form (see {{Reconstruction}}).
* PurpleProse: Is known for this. ''Gentlemen of the Road'' is a particularly thick example.
* SoMyKidsCanWatch: Probably the main reason he wrote ''Awesome Man''.
* ShownTheirWork: He does lots of research for every novel he writes. ''And it shows.''
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: According to TheOtherWiki, he was involved in pitching story ideas for the ''Film/{{X-Men}}'' and ''Film/FantasticFour'' movies, but all of his ideas were rejected. And he once pitched an original screenplay that he described as a RomanticComedy "about old Jewish folks on a third-rate cruise ship out of Miami", but the producer that he was working with decided not to take it.
* YiddishAsASecondLanguage: Yiddish creeps into many of his stories fearuring Ashkenazi Jews. ''The Yiddish Policemen's Union'' features Yiddish puns.