->''(On creativity) "I see things happen in my mind before they happen. I thought everybody did."''

Comedian, actor and author '''Michael Bentine''' CBE (born Michael James Bentin, January 26th 1922 -- November 26th 1996) led a truly extraordinary life. Born in Watford to an English mother and [[Usefulnotes/{{Peru}} Peruvian]] father, and brought up in Folkestone, Kent, he attended Eton alongside contemporaries such as [[Series/TheAvengers Patrick Macnee]]. He attempted to enlist in the Royal Air Force in 1939 but was refused because of his "alien" parentage. [[note]]Nobody knew which way the South American countries were likely to go and Peru was thought too sympathetic to Germany[[/note]]. But nobody told the recruiting authority this, and Bentine went on tour with a theatre company, thinking his services were not required, only to discover he had been listed as a deserter by another part of the military bureaucracy. In his own words, during a [[Creator/WilliamShakespeare Shakespeare]] performance he became the first deserter for four hundred years to be arrested by military police whilst wearing tights, codpiece and doublet.

This hiccup sorted out, a defective inoculation left him near dead and destroyed his eyesight, rendering him ineligible for pilot or aircrew service. The subsequent NDE awakened an interest in paranormal investigation which would be part of his life until death. He was an occasional contributor to ''Magazine/ForteanTimes'' and wrote a series of books on his involvement with the paranormal.

Serving in the RAF as an intelligence officer, he cheated death several more times, leading to a conviction that he was being kept alive to achieve ''something''. After the war, he drifted into showbusiness, following the well-worn path to the Windmill Theatre, London, where he met Creator/SpikeMilligan, Creator/PeterSellers, and Creator/HarrySecombe, among many others. Four men who all had their tales to tell about the inanities of the military bureaucracy hit it off, and ''Radio/TheGoonShow'' was born. Bentine did not remain with the Goons for very long, and accounts vary as to the manner of his leaving. He went on to forge an independent career in TV, with visual comedy series such as ''It's A Square World'' and ''Series/MichaelBentinesPottyTime'', shows claimed to have influenced the visual aspects of ''Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus'' and ''Series/TheGoodies''.

He starred in several films and had a career as novelist, writer and stand-up comedian and raconteur. His lifelong interest in the paranormal generated two best-selling biographical books ''Doors of the Mind'' and ''The Door Marked Summer''. On a slightly darker side, he was also connected to British Intelligence notables, and had strongly right-wing libertarian views. He feuded with Creator/TheBBC which he considered dangerously left-wing, and [[UnPerson claimed they destroyed his TV series out of pique and to punish him by cutting off overseas sales and residuals]].