[[caption-width-right:300:[[Film/HistoryOfTheWorldPartI It's good to be the king!]]]]

->''"Tragedy is when '''I''' cut my finger. {{Comedy}} is when '''you''' fall into an open sewer and die."''

Melvin James "Mel" Brooks (born June 28, 1926) is probably one of the funniest men in Hollywood, and Broadway, and life in general.

Co-creator of the ''Film/JamesBond'' parody series ''Series/GetSmart'' (with Buck Henry), and producer and director of many fine films -- most of them [[Main/AffectionateParody affectionate parodies]] -- such as ''Film/BlazingSaddles'', ''Film/YoungFrankenstein'', ''Film/TheProducers'', ''Literature/TheTwelveChairs'', ''Film/SilentMovie'', ''Film/HighAnxiety'', ''Film/HistoryOfTheWorldPartI'', ''Film/ToBeOrNotToBe'', ''{{Film/Spaceballs}}'', ''Film/DraculaDeadAndLovingIt'', and ''Film/RobinHoodMenInTights''.

Notably, ''Film/BlazingSaddles'', ''Film/TheProducers'' and ''Film/YoungFrankenstein'' occupy spots 6, 11 and 13 on the AFI's list of the 100 best comedies of the last 100 years. Did we mention that he's ''really'' funny?

[[HeAlsoDid He also produced]] Creator/DavidLynch's drama ''Film/TheElephantMan'' and Creator/DavidCronenberg's ''Film/TheFly1986'' but removed his name because he didn't want people to think they were comedies.

His record as writer, producer and comedian has resulted in him being one of the fourteen people to be an [[TheEGOTs EGOT (An Emmy (4 of them), a Grammy (3 of them), an Oscar, and a Tony (3 of them)), the top awards of television, music, film, and theater, respectively)]], as well as receiving a lifetime achievement award from the AFI.

In the new millennium, he co-wrote and produced successful musical versions of ''The Producers'' and ''Young Frankenstein'' for Broadway. Following the success of ''The Producers'', he and Anne Bancroft appeared as themselves on ''Series/CurbYourEnthusiasm'', intent on casting Creator/LarryDavid and David Schwimmer in the show in the hope that they'll kill the show and they won't have to bother with it. In other words, it's a SpringtimeForHitler. Of course, like all SpringtimeForHitler schemes, it fails.

Brooks is responsible for launching and boosting the careers of many comedians. It was he who gave Creator/DaveChappelle his first credited role.

He also [[PissTakeRap rapped]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zpYQJkBQp0 as Hitler once]]. In an interview for ''Series/SixtyMinutes'', he stated that his life's goal was to [[AdolfHitlarious reduce Hitler to a figure of such ridiculousness]] that no-one would ever take his ideas seriously again. (If the numerous Tonys that ''Film/TheProducers'' won are any indication, it's working.) Being both Jewish and a UsefulNotes/WorldWarII veteran, if anyone has NWordPrivileges to joke about UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler it's him.

He met Anne Bancroft on a talk show and then bribed a woman in order to create a MeetCute with her. Proving that being GenreSavvy has its perks, he was somehow able to convince MrsRobinson to become [[UglyGuyHotWife Mrs.]] [[HappilyMarried Brooks]]. Their union resulted in [[Literature/WorldWarZ Max Brooks]], probably one of the foremost experts on how to repel and survive the oncoming ZombieApocalypse. He has three other children from his first marriage to Florence Baum, which only lasted a few years. He attributes this to both of them being too young to know what they were getting into, and they've remained on good terms in all the decades since.

If you were a kid at The TurnOfTheMillennium, you probably know him best as the voice of Wiley the Sheep on ''WesternAnimation/JakersTheAdventuresOfPiggleyWinks''.

And lastly, he is a [[RetiredBadass retired badass]] World War II vet who used to defuse Nazi landmines for the Allied Forces. Then at the Battle of the Bulge, when the Nazis set up loud speakers to play Fascist Propaganda at the Allies, Brooks set up his own loud speakers and played the works of Jewish musical artist Al Jolson right back at them. He was making fun of Nazis back when they were still relevant [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome ...and lived.]] [[SoCoolItsAwesome It's good to be the king, indeed.]]
!!Films of note:

* ''Film/TheProducers'' (1968)
* ''Literature/TheTwelveChairs'' (1970)
* ''Film/BlazingSaddles'' (1974)
* ''Film/YoungFrankenstein'' (1974)
* ''Film/SilentMovie'' (1976)
* ''Film/HighAnxiety'' (1977)
* ''Film/HistoryOfTheWorldPartI'' (1981)
* ''Film/ToBeOrNotToBe'' (1983)
* ''Film/{{Spaceballs}}'' (1987)
* ''Film/LifeStinks'' (1991)
* ''Film/RobinHoodMenInTights'' (1993)
* ''Film/DraculaDeadAndLovingIt'' (1995)
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Robots}}'' (2005)
* ''Film/TheProducers'' (2005)
* ''WesternAnimation/HotelTransylvania2'' (2015)
!! Tropes named by his works:

* BadNewsInAGoodWay
* GoodIsDumb
* JustAStupidAccent
* JustYouAndMeAndMyGuards
* LudicrousSpeed
* TheMelBrooksNumber
* SpringtimeForHitler
* WhereDaWhiteWomenAt
!! Tropes associated with his works:
* ActorAllusion: Several of his movies make references to Mel, both as the actor and the director. Most notably, Adolf Hitler in ''To Be Or Not To Be'' is introduced in Bronski's play by saying [[Film/TheProducers "Heil Myself!".]]
** Though that was also a joke in the original film. Its being used again in the Broadway production is a definite allusion, though.
* AdolfHitlarious
* AffectionateParody
* AnachronismStew
* ArchEnemy: Hitler. Brooks' drive in life is to mock Hitler and the Nazis so much that their ideas can't be taken seriously ever again. It's fair to say it's working.
* BigBad: A supervillain who makes a fool out of himself is usually present.
* BlackComedy
* BreakingTheFourthWall
* CastingGag: Famous mime [[EveryoneHatesMimes Marcel Marceau]] in ''Film/SilentMovie'' is ironically the only character to ever speak a word.
* CreatorCameo: Brooks has a cameo in most of his movies.
* DoubleEntendre
* DumbBlonde
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: His first two films, ''Film/TheProducers'' and ''Literature/TheTwelveChairs'', are much more low key and are closer to BlackComedy than the parodies he'd later be famous for.
* FunnyBackgroundEvent
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar
* GratuitousGerman: Usually spoken by large women.
* HurricaneOfEuphemisms
* IncrediblyLamePun
* LyricalDissonance: Expect a cheery sing-and-dance number to show up in less-than-cheery circumstances.
* NWordPrivileges: Jokes about Jews and the Nazis that would probably be offensive coming from non-Jews are common in his work. On the other hand, there's ''Film/BlazingSaddles'', in which he ''deliberately'' overused the N-word (which was always either used in a friendly manner by black characters or in a racist manner by stupid, racist white characters) so much in an attempt to make it less offensive. (Note that while a lot of people assume Creator/RichardPryor wrote those parts of the film, Brooks himself claims he wrote most of them).
* OverusedRunningGag
* ProductionPosse: A vast majority of his movies had starred not only Mel himself, but Madeline Khan, Creator/GeneWilder (who came up for the original idea of ''Film/YoungFrankenstein''), Harvey Korman, and Creator/DomDeLuise.
* RealPersonCameo
* ReferenceOverdosed
* RuleOfThree
* RunningGag: All over the place, but a notable one is making some sort of reference to a previous film (such as the Mr. Rental in ''Film/{{Spaceballs}}'' having copies of ''every'' Mel Brooks film released up to that point). Another, particularly in later films, is [[SequelSnark plugging fake sequels to the movie currently being watched.]]
** "Walk this way" is particularly popular, thanks to the numerous spins that can be put on it.
* SirNotAppearingInThisTrailer: A variation. Mel Brooks was the executive producer of ''Film/TheElephantMan'' and deliberately kept his name off the film, for fear people would expect it to be a comedy. He did the same with ''Film/TheFly1986''. However, in the latter case when it failed, he attended the premiere and handed out toy antennae.
* {{Slapstick}}
* SoulBrotha
* SpaceJews: Near the end of ''Film/HistoryOfTheWorldPartI''.
* ThoseWackyNazis
* UnexplainedAccent
* VisualPun: My goodness! A shameless user. [[Film/{{Spaceballs}} Radar]], [[CrowningMomentOfFunny about to be JAMMED]]!
->''[[Film/RobinHoodMenInTights LEAVE US ALONE, MEL BROOKS!]]''